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What is the dream of a horse according to Freud and Miller’s dream books?

Why dreamed a horse — transcript by popular dream books

The horse has long been considered a symbol of beauty, grace and irresistible force. In a dream, an animal can either delight the dreamer with its behavior, or scare it. Why dream of a horse?

Dream Interpretation will help answer this question.

What is the dream of a horse according to Freud and Miller's dream books?

Horse — a general interpretation of the image

  • To see a horse in a dream with a thick and well-groomed mane is an auspicious symbol, marking the dreamer success in business. Do not neglect the help of friends. With them you will be able to achieve your goals much faster;
  • A dirty horse dreams of deceit and betrayal. Take a closer look at your surroundings. Even the closest friends can gossip behind their backs. Also, this image marks the betrayal of a loved one, which will be extremely difficult to survive;
  • If in a dream the mare has managed to bite you, then your path up the career ladder will be extremely thorny. It will take a lot of effort to succeed in their field of activity. This image is enhanced if, after the bite, you see blood;
  • To feed a horse in a dream — to an additional part-time job, which will be very easy for you, but will bring good profits. The money you get for this job will solve a huge number of financial problems. Also, your enemies and enemies will be forced to either conclude a truce with you, or admit defeat;
  • To receive a blow from a horse is a very bad sign, signifying the appearance on the path of life of powerful enemies who will cause a lot of trouble and misery. They will need to seriously fight for their place in the sun. Also, if the animal is kicked in a dream, this can be a warning of serious health problems that will leave the dire consequences of the dreamer;
  • Running away from a horse is a good symbol. Couples will strengthen their relationship by avoiding many quarrels and misunderstandings from scratch in the future. And lonely people will soon begin a romantic relationship. How strong and long this relationship will be depends only on the beloveds themselves;
  • Why dream of stroking a horse? Such a dream symbolizes the inner experiences of man. You feel very lonely and you lack support. It worries you day after day;
  • If you saw an animal in water, then you need to remember: was this water dirty or clean. When a horse swims in a clear reservoir, then in real life you will be pursued by success in all matters, and life barriers can be easily overcome. But if the horse is in muddy or muddy water, then you will be awaited by frustration and disappointment;
  • Horse with a cart — you take a lot on your shoulders and try to solve everything alone. Dream books advise not to forget that you have true friends who will always be happy to help solve all difficult life situations;
  • Looking for a lost stallion in a dream is an extremely negative sign. Your family is on the verge of collapse, you should not further escalate the situation with unnecessary carping. The image is enhanced if at the end of the dream it was possible to find the loss;
  • Ride the stallion. Such a dream means that you are popular and respected in your environment. Also, this image marks the successful completion of affairs and victory over enemies;
  • If in a dream you bought a stallion, then in reality you are waiting for favorable news from distant relatives. It may also mean that you will reconnect with long-forgotten friends;
  • Kissing and stroking a horse in a dream is a very auspicious symbol. You can spend time with your soulmate alone. This time will not be wasted. At this meeting, you can strengthen relationships and make plans for the future;
  • In night dreams, to witness that the horse began to give birth. This image predicts you new useful acquaintances;
  • To see the dead body of a horse in a dream — to adverse news in real life. You can be fired from your job, or you will learn about the death of a distant relative. The image is enhanced if you killed the horse;
  • To see a herd of running horses. Dream interpretation predict the dreamer deserved advancement up the career ladder. It also symbolizes the fact that next to you only the most dedicated people. It is necessary to appreciate.

What is the dream of a horse according to Freud and Miller's dream books?

Freud’s naughty interpreter — why dream of a horse

A beautiful and well-groomed horse in a dream indicates that in real life you are subconsciously very demanding of your partner. You are looking for your ideal life partner, but often it only makes you disappointed not only in people, but also in yourself.

You want to have children if you managed to ride a horse in your night dreams.

But a sick or dead animal is your subconscious fear for the life and health of your loved ones. Sometimes excessive care can only make things worse.

It is worth remembering this.

Horse in a dream — interpretation of the image by Miller’s dream book

If in a dream to see a herd of healthy horses, then in reality you can easily achieve your goals. The same meaning has a dream where on horseback you swim across a river.

To see a dead horse or kill it — to adverse news from distant relatives.

A good image when you take care of animals: wash, give food and more. He predicts life tests that you can easily overcome.

All who stand on your road will be doomed to failure.

What is the dream of a horse according to Freud and Miller's dream books?

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