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What is the dream of a guy from Friday to Saturday

What does it mean if a guy dreams from Friday to Saturday?

What does it mean if a guy dreams from Friday to Saturday? Dreams with the presence of men always excite the female heart.

If you constantly think about a particular person and you like him, then the dream may simply reflect your emotional state about him. And if a stranger comes to sleep?

Let’s see.

What is the dream of a guy from Friday to Saturday

General interpretation

Dreams on Saturday night are considered prophetic and foreshadow the coming events. The ruler of the Sabbath is the planet Saturn, the planet of prophetic dreams about the future.

Therefore, it is important to recall in detail all the events of the dream and write them in a notebook.

Dreams of men can be different. In the dream you can see:

  • beloved;
  • a good friend;
  • bosom friend;
  • detractor;
  • former lover.

In accordance with the status of the hero of sleep, it is necessary to interpret what he saw the plot.

Important! If you remember that you saw a dream, but do not remember its plot, it means that the dream was empty.

To see a loved one

If you indulge in a dream with your favorite caresses, it is a reflection of your real feelings. Curl up and argue with a guy — get a pleasant surprise from him.

If a guy offers a glass of water in a dream — This is an auspicious sign for the girl. Get ready for a magnificent wedding!

Soon your loved one will offer a hand with your heart.

A completely different interpretation has a dream in which favorite makes you an offer. Unfortunately, the dream foreshadows a break in relationships.

Take the Saturn clue carefully, you still have time to correct the circumstances.

A dream where a guy calms you down, prophesies success in business. If the stranger calms, it foreshadows a quick business trip.

To dream a cozy forest hut, where you are with your beloved two, talks about the guy’s intention to hide your relationship. Perhaps for security reasons.

See a loved one on the ocean — to great love. This dream tells of his great feeling for you.

Fabulous story where you feel like a Cinderella at the prince’s ball, warns of the appearance of a dangerous rival. A woman has appeared in your life who intends to prevent further relations.

A dream where you and your beloved are on a desert island, in a boat or on a ship, prophesies cloudless happiness. The water around is a symbol of safety and protection.

What is the dream of a guy from Friday to Saturday

See ex-boyfriend

What is the dream of the former? This dream can have several interpretations:

  • or you cannot forget about it;
  • or the guy keeps your image in the heart.

Also dream books interpret the visions of a former suitor as a symbol of renewed relationships (if the girl is alone now). If you see a former loved one, there is reason to think about the current relationship — do they suit you?

If you see the former in trouble, it means he needs your support and help.

If the former asks you to help, it means that in reality a new lover has appeared. This dream demonstrates his desire to boast new relationships.

See the former as an employee or colleague — it means that you are using his respect, and he is not averse to considering you a good friend.

Quarrel with the former in a dream — want to reconnect with him. You still have not forgotten about him, and dream of your meetings.

Dream of a stranger

If the same guy is constantly dreaming on Saturday night, it speaks of his feelings for you. He likes you.

Since Saturday is the day of Saturn, it means that this person is destined for you.

Stranger in a dream on Saturday night foreshadows a pleasant surprise. This may be associated with work, study, finance.

Expect surprises of fate.

The guy in the dream of a married woman foreshadows her early pregnancy. Dream interpretation prophesies: a boy is born.

The dream of an unmarried woman warns of a quick resolution of a difficult situation: you will easily resolve all issues.

Stranger may dream of a new meeting. Soon your life will change: a new man will appear in it.

Do some strangers dream at once? This dream warns of difficult choices.

Soon you have to make a responsible decision.

Kissing a stranger — to treason lover. Subconscious warns: darling does not keep you loyalty.

Be alert, and then a rival can kidnap your love.

Swear in a dream with a colleague at work — he is in love with you and wants mutual feelings. Just because of shyness can not admit.

But to flirt with a colleague is not good: he is plotting intrigue against you.

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