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What is the dream of a gun according to Freud’s dream, Miller, Tsvetkov

Why dreamed a gun — interpretation options for dream books

Makarov’s pistol became the first small arms to be in space, as it was included in the installation of the property and equipment of the astronaut on the ship «Vostok». Why dream of a gun, we learn in the famous dream books.

Weapons — the power of a fighter, use it to the end

A pistol dreamed of a dreamer can express his self-confidence, hooligan character, emancipation, indifference and indifference to others, craving for dangers, risk, pacifist views.

For a girl it is a sign of sexuality, audacity and independence. Sometimes this may manifest its psychological desire to possess the power and means of protection from attacks, provocations, insults, delays in conflict and quarrel.

For those who were connected with the army, he spent a lot of time with weapons and has a bitter experience; a pistol in a dream can become a surge of subconscious memory, personifying regret and remorse.

What is the dream of a gun according to Freud's dream, Miller, Tsvetkov

For young, positive people — this symbol carries positive symbolism, most often embodying the desire for personal freedom, liberation from parental care, independence, seriousness and playfulness at the same time. Someone wants to be in the role of a secret agent, and someone likes the role of a fearless cowboy or a hunter.

This is all expressed in dreams, feeding the dreamer with positive, creative energy.

Woman does not fight with her bare hands

A young female student to aim and get aptly hit — in reality, overcome fears and cope with a difficult situation. This may be admission to the school, passing the session, an important exam, employment. You managed to prove yourself by raising your character and will to win.

The next step is to identify long-term goals and prospects for its own implementation.

I saw how a man was shot at — it is a sign of accumulated aggression, hatred and negative attitude towards a certain person. Consciously you try to restrain yourself, but bad thoughts do not let go.

It is worth understanding how objectively your opinion is in relation to this person. Perhaps the reasons would be false and unjustified.

Married women threaten with a gun to a stranger — to show signs of attention to a colleague. You want to distance yourself from family everyday life, the desire to diversify sex life can lead to adultery and subsequent conflicts with her spouse.

What is the dream of a gun according to Freud's dream, Miller, Tsvetkov

What else dreams of a gun:

  • Russian roulette — the thrill will bring communication with young and risky people;
  • duel — a sign of attention and caution, chances of robbery or attack of criminals are high;
  • to see how a colleague missed — a sign of the project’s hopelessness and hopelessness. A project that you have been working on for a long time will be unprofitable for you and for the company as a whole;
  • you were trying to shoot someone in front of you — you had to correct someone’s mistakes or fulfill other’s credit obligations;

Bullet is a fool if the shooter is a fool

A business man to see how they are instructed on a weapon — in reality he will have to take a blow from strong and influential competitors. Because, how much you have the strength and desire to resist, depends on the duration of the conflict and the outcome of events. In your power to stop all, agreeing to the conditions of enemies.

It will be possible to stay with one’s own interests only if one loses something dear in life.

What is the dream of a gun according to Freud's dream, Miller, Tsvetkov

They tried to shoot, but there was a misfire — in reality, change the initial opinion about the person due to the absurd coincidence of circumstances. You will thank fate for the fact that she did not allow to do something stupid and offend someone badly.

A woman is aiming at you — a certain young person will show interest and initiative to your person. You will be interested in these tokens of attention, as it will cause you genuine delight and admiration.

What else can predict this cold weapon:

  • instruct on someone, forcing to obey — to influence the situation, which will be difficult for you;
  • shoot — to achieve the desired goal;
  • hold in your hands and admire the size and beauty — to feel strength, confidence and show hidden potential;
  • the muzzle directed at you — to the threat, attack, application of sanctions;
  • Shoot at the targets — you are seized by vengefulness and obsession. Showing unrestrained aggression, the dreamer can do much harm to himself.

Disarming people is the best way to enslave them, author dream books

Sigmund Freud

The interpreter believed that the fear of a weapon in a dream was a sign of incomplete mental and emotional development. If a man threatens someone with a pistol, then in reality he is prone to violence.

For the dreamer, this is a way to indulge yourself, because you are bored with classic vanilla sex. His excites dominance over a partner in intimate intimacy. He is prone to sudden outbursts of passion, which usually end with a speedy ejaculation.

All this repels most women who are disappointed in him, as in a potential lover.

A woman to shoot in a dream — it means to take decisive action to maintain an alliance with a loved one. Sometimes the rashness and courage of actions can surprise not only others, but also the dreamer herself.

In a state of love euphoria, she is capable of much.

Gustov Miller

See cold weapons — a bad omen. If you find yourself in the hands — you will fall into the power of bad habits, base desires and inclinations. Usually such a dream says about addiction: drug or alcohol.

For a dreamer, this can be a warning of a serious health hazard and even death.

I was fond of shooting — in reality someone was very jealous. This negative trait can lead to bad thoughts.

Deeds in this case will not be justified and the punishment for them can break a lifetime.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

A woman in someone to aim in a dream and get — in reality have a valuable weapon of seduction: beauty, intelligence and sexuality. The dreamer is ready to unleash any fan who looks in her direction.

But if you had a misfire or blunder, then in reality there is a man who is not subject to your charms. It irritates you infinitely and at the same time causes genuine interest.

A man — firing a pistol, not knowing where the target — to exist without a definite life goal. You live in one day, not getting hung up on your own self-realization and not adhering to spiritual principles.

The road ahead is very foggy and full of unexpected surprises, be prepared for trouble and trials. Difficulties will benefit and determine the true path.

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