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What is the dream of a fur coat according to the dream books of Smirnov, Tsvetkov, Freud

Warm, fluffy, desired: why did you see a fur coat in a dream

Most women (and even the defender of animal rights, somewhere very deep in the soul) dream of an expensive natural fur coat. This is a sign of status and a comfortable life.

Does this dream winter dream look like a dream? Why dream of a fur coat made of a mink or fox?

What is the dream of a fur coat according to the dream books of Smirnov, Tsvetkov, Freud

The overall interpretation of this «fur» sleep

  • Often, interpreters say: to see a fur coat in a dream — to a prosperous life. True, in some contexts this soft and fluffy object heralds entertainment at the risk of danger. Therefore, let’s sort out your dream «on a cog»!
  • If the dreamer is a young girl, the dream says: soon she will have a rich “sponsor”. Do you agree to his proposal? This decision will be very difficult, because on the one hand a man will be able to offer a fat wallet, and on the other hand a “rotten” soul or a bad temper.

Was she a stranger or on display?

  • Fur beauty, hanging in the window of an expensive store, says: you really hope for fate. And for good reason! Soon you will be extraordinarily lucky — but only if you, too, will not lie down, but run or at least go towards your goal.
  • You looked at the window in the winter, standing in the cold in one T-shirt, or even no clothes? In your life will enter a black stripe, which will entail a depression.
  • Was there another person in the coat? This means: someone strong, whose support you hope will not refuse you help.
  • Was it a child in an adult coat? Or maybe an adult wore a thing that was too big for him? This means that a “naked king” will enter your life — a person who will consider himself a very “important bump”, while actually he will be a “dummy”.

Did you try it on?

  • Yes, it was in the store: you spun in front of a mirror, chose a cut, made up a lot of fur coats to buy yourself a new dress: this is a very good dream that promises you wealth. It is quite possible that he is also “in hand”, because the future prosperous life also includes visiting expensive fur salons.
  • If you only wore a coat, but did not buy it, a dream means: fate wants to give you a chance to climb the career ladder. Be careful not to miss it!
  • You could not move in it? The subconscious mind warns: you lead a life that is too lacking initiative.
  • In a fur coat was very stuffy, hot? You are passionately dreaming of getting rich — true, nothing but neurosis, these dreams have not brought.

Was she yours?

  • Wearing these clothes in a dream — to increase your financial situation. At work, they will appreciate you, and it may well be that they will issue a generous award.
  • A fur coat in a dream that was presented to you (who exactly is irrelevant) means: there may be a generous sponsor near you. And to ensure you a beautiful life, he will, sincerely loving!
  • Did you yourself give someone a coat? You and in the «real» generous man. You can apply this quality in practice, for example, by becoming a volunteer.
  • Did you sell it? You finally cleanse the soul of the complexes that tormented you for many years.
  • Fur coat did you find? And while she was very sweet, new? You are very lucky in life.
  • If you sewed, repaired or sewed a fur coat in a dream — this means that you will also have to “sew up” relationships with relatives. It will be difficult, but you will take the first step, and thanks to this, restore peace and harmony in the family.

The appearance of the coat is also important!

What is the dream of a fur coat according to the dream books of Smirnov, Tsvetkov, Freud

  • Why dream of a black coat? Sleep promises you good (entertainment, solid cash receipts). True, they will be acquired by you not quite honest way. Caution! Having played and having lost the measure, you can “hack” your good name at the root.
  • A snow-white fur coat (and even with a long nap, natural) is a sign of a future prosperous and even luxurious life. And this wealth will come to you in a good way, so that even envy of others will not cause. Generosity, hospitality, friendliness — that’s what you will see in the future.
  • If the product was made of mink, it means: you will soon be lazy. Maybe fate wanted to “lay” you on the sand of an expensive resort, where you will while away the days in idle bliss? By the way, have time to stop in time — we all know from childhood that it is not good to constantly be a dragonfly jumping.
  • Was she a fox? You can win a certain amount of money (and if you do not win, then earn dishonestly or illegally).
  • She was ugly: wet and dirty, or shabby and old? Your working life enters a period of stagnation — and this is at best. Suffer, if necessary — turn on the economy mode. Soon this band will stop and you will be able to improve your financial situation.
  • A torn coat can warn you about the disease.

What is written in famous books?

The general interpretation of sleep is good, but it is also impossible not to mention the author’s books in which the fur coat was mentioned. Is she seen as the best or the worst sign by the most talented interpreters?

Dream interpretation of Smirnov (Wanderer)

What is the dream of a fur coat according to the dream books of Smirnov, Tsvetkov, Freud

  1. Most often, a fur coat in a dream indicates the wealth you tried, as well as the authority in society. However, sometimes (if the context of sleep is bad), it acts as a symbol of quarrels and (or) poverty.
  2. If she was expensive, in a man’s dream she meant future losses, and in a woman’s dream, the appearance of a rich fiance.

Esoteric dream book Tsvetkova

This interpreter, unlike his other colleagues, is sure: you should not rejoice when you see these fur clothes in a dream. Yes, as his dream book says, a fur coat is a sign of a great quarrel or journey, in which you will be forced to go.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

  1. Did you buy it for yourself? This means: in reality, you are “clamped” internally, all the time you are afraid to say something wrong with strangers. Relax, because your private life in general and thoughts in particular really few people care.
  2. You wore it (in a dream saw yourself in a fur coat): you, again, are squeezed. Perhaps you are not allowed to open old complexes, deep-seated in your soul.

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