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What is the dream of a fish according to Freud’s dream report, Tsvetkov, Hasse

Dreamed a fish — how to interpret according to dream books

The dream options in which the fish appeared are numerous. Someone may dream of fishing, someone — a fish swimming in the pond or just cooked for dinner.

Each of these dreams has its own interpretation. To understand why a fish dreams in a particular case, you just need to open the dream book and remember the plot of the dream.

General interpretation

A fish swimming in a reservoir dreams of family replenishment. If two individuals swim in the same watering pool, twins are born, possibly twins.

The mother, who had such a dream, will give birth easy, and the children will be in good health.

If a dangerous, predatory fish appears in a dream, and the dreamer is wary of it or even afraid of it, this is a warning that says that in reality it also lurks danger. It is necessary to refuse to communicate with dubious friends, so as not to be drawn into an unpleasant situation and not to lose property.

What is the dream of a fish according to Freud’s dream report, Tsvetkov, Hasse

If the fish in the dream was in the bank — the dream symbolizes the secret desires experienced by the dreamer in reality. It is worth spending some time on introspection to sort out your emotions and needs.

Further suppression of feelings can lead to nervous breakdowns.

Bizarre night vision, in which the inhabitant of the water depths flew in the air, foreshadows spiritual development, growth. A personal lift will ensure happiness later in life.

However, there is another interpretation of such a dream — it advises to consult a doctor in order to detect at an early stage a disease that has recently appeared.

The dream, which featured dying fish, eaten by worms, foreshadows a serious illness, recovery after which will not be easy. However, an immediate visit to the doctor and the treatment started on time will help to alleviate the situation considerably.

If you had to fish

They have their own interpretation and symbolic meaning, and those dreams in which the dreamer had the opportunity to fish from a reservoir.

  • A bad omen is to try in your dream to catch a fish with your bare hands and fail in this. Such a dream foreshadows failure in reality. The efforts put in any business, will be vain. Also, a dream can symbolize the wrong approach to business — it is worth looking for other tools to achieve the goal.
  • If, in the same dream, the fish was nevertheless managed to be caught without using gear, then the dreamer predicts a concomitant of luck, well-being, favor of higher powers.
  • If in a dream it was necessary to fish in the traditional way, using a fishing rod, and the dreamer did not just sit by the pond waiting, but pulled the fish out of the water, this is an extremely positive omen. Fishing in itself symbolizes anticipation, difficulties, diligence and patience. The longer the dream had to wait for a bite — the more obstacles you have to overcome in real life. But fate will generously reward the dreamer for the victory over difficulties.
  • If there was no catch in the dream, in real life the business and undertakings also will not bear fruit. Perhaps the fact is that the dreamer has set goals unattainable at this stage. Lowering the bar will help correct the situation.
  • A dream, in which a newly caught fish suddenly slips out of his hands and falls back into the reservoir, foreshadows the escape of success, to which the dreamer has long gone, in real life. For a young girl, such a dream foreshadows the end of a romantic relationship.

What is the dream of a fish according to Freud’s dream report, Tsvetkov, Hasse

Eat or cook

Fishermen are few, and from time to time everyone cooks and eats fish. A dream of this nature is more common and also has its own sacred significance.

  • Eat boiled fish — to the disease, weakness, malaise. Also, dream foreshadows minor troubles, stress.
  • The dream, in which one had to eat salted, dried, red fish and other similar products, indicates a lack of thrills and vivid impressions in reality. The dreamer limits himself in some way. This restriction adversely affects the enjoyment of life.
  • Fried fish foretells a long journey. Long, hard and diligently fry it in a dream — the charges will take a lot of time, effort and money. If you had to eat fried fish — the tastier it was, the better the trip would be (and vice versa).
  • Not auspicious symbol — smoked inhabitant of the depths. Sleep with such a symbol foreshadows weakening of the immune system, disease, illness. The meaning of sleep does not depend on whether the dreamer prepared such fish or eaten it.
  • Frozen fish in a dream speaks of waiting in real life.
  • A bad omen is a rotten fish. Having seen the dream in which this symbol was present, it is worth looking at your surroundings — you may be able to track down the envious person, the malicious person. It is necessary to beware of betrayal, gossip.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

According to this dream book, the fish is a dream as a symbol of the fact that the dreamer in reality cannot distract from thoughts about things while having sex. This leads to a general dissatisfaction — both for him and for the partner.

It is necessary to learn to relax in an intimate setting.

For a man, the dream in which he ate fish speaks of his unwillingness to care about his partner’s feelings. For him, the main thing is to satisfy his own instinctive need.

Unsuccessful fishing without catch in a dream symbolizes the fear of bed failures in real life. Perhaps it is based on the failure of the first experience — it is worth letting go of fear and enjoying intimate life.

What is the dream of a fish according to Freud’s dream report, Tsvetkov, Hasse

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

Touching a dead individual — to the disease. Eat fish — to the concerns, experiences.

A dream in which a living individual dreamed, swimming in a reservoir, foreshadows success in business, hope.

To fish from a reservoir is a great achievement. If the fish in the dream caught someone else — to the family replenishment.

Rotten fish dream of increasing profits.

Dream interpretation Hasse

Eat fish in your night vision — to win the lottery. If she had to catch her barehanded — to the appearance of enemies.

A small fish dreams of illness and fear, a big one — of a big business. Fishing with a fishing rod — to deception, unwarranted expectations.

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