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What is the dream of a drunk dead in dream books and basic values?

What does a drunk dead person mean in a dream and what troubles he can save you

Try to figure out what it means to be a drunk dead person in a dream. Double or even triple mystery, because the dead person usually dreams of a secret, the opening of closed topics and truths, the awakening of forgotten emotions.

A dead person in a dream is often the key to the secret world of a person and reveals longing, fear, anxiety for loved ones, a thirst for knowledge about the future. A drunk person is also a kind of mystery.

Frankness drunk entered the sayings, but how drunk can you believe? Words of drunks are usually not taken into account, expressive emotions, instant transitions from love to hate and back, threats and promises — all this makes us turn away from drunken revelations.

A drunk dead man is an absolutely unpredictable phenomenon, a look into an unpredictable future. Consider why a drunken dead man dream about dreams.

What is the dream of a drunk dead in dream books and basic values?

Basic Values

  • A stranger drunk dead is a sign of restless secrets, perhaps someone else’s secret, who longs to be heard. In real life, we turn away from strangers drunk, because it promises serious problems. A stranger drunk dead man can dump a mountain of strangers and unnecessary secrets, take you for his relative, collapse with abuse. But the stories about hidden treasures most often occur in this category. If you do not take into account someone else’s dead, you can avoid the risk, although to understand some of the danger from the outside in real life is also worth it. You may get someone else’s trouble. In addition, there is a minimal chance to grab someone else’s luck.
  • A drunk deceased acquaintance who talks like a good friend in a fit of candor means an unequivocal hint of fate. You deceive yourself for too long with a convenient half-truth and do not move forward. Such a dream is a direct appeal to seriously change something in your life, since the current situation cannot have positive dynamics and positive development.
  • False danger sign. A drunk dead man in a dream can look very dangerous and scary. In fact, he is not dangerous, terrible prophecies have no more power than the cries of a drunken party under the window. If you do not try to understand, understand, come up and talk, then there is no danger. Rather, a drunk is a danger to himself, can fall, hurt, freeze. Perhaps the dead man will try to tell the terrible circumstances of his death. All this means that your most terrible fears are contrived and do not represent a real danger. Do not be afraid. You add strength to your fears by a nightmare. Without fear, they are not a threat.
  • Pugnacious dead man. Perhaps you have done something that you cannot forgive yourself for, although in fact your fault is completely insignificant. A drunk dead person in a dream commits an act of retaliation, beating you for your real or imaginary transgressions. Forgive you too. Most importantly, forgive me, finally.
  • A dead person who bothers you with drunken kisses — to quick and unexpected wealth. You may receive an inheritance.
  • If the dead man is drunk, cheerful, good-natured — this is a good sign for you. To good luck in new affairs. Naked drunk dead — a hint of improper passion, rapid excitement of blood. Do as you see fit, but it’s better to keep from developing relationships.
  • If a drunk dead falls into a ditch, falls into the hatch, falls from the roof or falls under the transport — do not forget to thank him. He delivered you he had some major trouble.

What is the dream of a drunk dead in dream books and basic values?

Interpretations of authorities

  • Dream Miller assures that a drunk dead person is not a very good joke of fate. You will have to suffer the mocking jokes of the universe. No one wishes you evil. Drunk antics are needed in order to push you to fresh thoughts, to help get out of the impasse, even if it is cozy and comfortable for you.
  • The female dream book pays special attention to the late drinking mother. Perhaps you blame yourself for her ailments, regret not paying enough attention. Anything can happen, but in most cases children should not be responsible for the choice of parents. It still remains your matter and probably did what it could according to its own understanding.
  • Dream Interpretation Longo predicts that a dead drunk husband means that you have not been able to find understanding between each other. If possible, present the ex-husband forgiveness and release him in peace. He has his own road, you have your own.

What is the dream of a drunk dead in dream books and basic values?


Sleep is hard. To get rid of the negative value completely, pay all the debts, consider whether you have accidentally grabbed other people’s things — books, tools, other things that need to be returned.

Also return to yourself what you borrowed. An outsider does not necessarily wish you well, he does not know what he wants.

Definitely a good sign can only be deceased relatives or friends whom you knew well.

Sleeping with a drunk dead man, even with the most positive meaning, cannot but bewilder and will definitely not leave indifferent. Your main task is to overcome the confusion of feelings, to throw out the excess of emotions in the shortest possible time, to step over complex memories, and move on.

It is quite possible that you will get crazy luck, do not rush to catch her by the tail, wait until she throws herself on your neck and stuffs your pockets with bills. Chasing drunk luck can be extremely dangerous.

But the carefree expectation of great luck will come true with the maximum probability.

To see a drunk dead person in a dream is a sign of necessary changes. You may have a hard time, but you can agree with fate.

Changes will be for the better, the overall value is favorable, despite all the tricks.

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