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What is the dream of a dream wedding for Miller, Freud, Vanga, Longo

Dreamed of a wedding — especially interpretations for different dream books

The marriage ceremony is always exciting event for the newlyweds. By this particular moment it is customary to prepare.

Why dream of a wedding, we learn in proven dream books.

General interpretation

A wedding in a dream personifies some significant event in the life of a dreamer, which will require a lot of strength, patience and time to prepare. This does not necessarily have to be related to the sphere of personal relationships, but it can leave an imprint on all subsequent life.

What is the dream of a dream wedding for Miller, Freud, Vanga, Longo

People engaged in their own careers, after such a vision, should especially focus on work. This foreshadows the imminent growth of profits and influence in business.

Young people from such a dream should expect a favorable continuation of love.

Author’s dream books

Gustov Miller

A wedding in a dream personifies a successful outcome of events and circumstances that greatly disturbed you and brought you a lot of trouble lately. We will succeed in realizing all our plans.

You should not make hasty conclusions if something does not go according to plan. Learn to improvise.

Good luck and success in this period is on your side.

The secret wedding in the dream of a young girl says that in reality she has something to hide. A dreamer is a certain story of her life.

It may be worthwhile to tell the secret secret to a loved one and heartache will let you go.

A young lady to accept an offer is to enter a new stage in her path. It judges big changes that can change not only the quality of life, but also the appearance, character and values ​​of the sleeper.

Trying to get a parental blessing at this moment — in reality you need the support of an influential person.

What is the dream of a dream wedding for Miller, Freud, Vanga, Longo

I dreamed that the beloved chose to marry another — your fears and doubts are groundless. You unnecessarily torment yourself with negative thoughts, being in complete insecurity.

Believe in their own well-being and dispel doubts in their attractiveness will help the one on whom you pin high hopes.

To see someone in dark and dark clothes at a wedding party is a bad omen. The blows of fate can completely upset your plans. New projects will not be promising.

It is likely to overestimate their capabilities and strength, losing health and energy to solve useless issues.

Sigmund Freud

Wedding in a dream is a symbol of harmonious sexual relations between partners. That moment when you try to please each other and take into account the interests and desires of your partner in bed.

But if the marriage dreamed of the bride — this reflects the victory of her selfishness in bed. You are accustomed to please you in sex, without hesitation telling about all the sexual fantasies.

For a young man who has not known carnal pleasures, such a vision can personify the fear of intimacy with a woman. You are not ready for decisive action to eliminate your inexperience. To a mature man, a wedding ceremony in a dream is to try to realize everything that is happening and change the existing reality.

You will have a reason to stop your active and carefree sex life. You will want to settle down, being in love and comfort of the family hearth.

To feel among the guests walking at the wedding is a good dream. This promises warm meetings with relatives, friends and relatives. To dance during a celebration means to lead an active and independent lifestyle.

You can become an example for others, inspiring your optimism and success in business.

What is the dream of a dream wedding for Miller, Freud, Vanga, Longo

To appear at our own marriage ceremony is to make a serious and responsible decision, which will greatly affect the future fate. The holiday ended with a scuffle of guests — an unexpected situation will require complete mobilization of strength and energy.

Do not waste time on empty chores, engage in what will be useful to you in the future.

The wedding dreams of those who are waiting for global change. I dreamed of preparing for this event and experiencing excitement — in reality there would be a lot of work to achieve personal goals.

Your hard work and perseverance will turn into a worthy reward, if in a dream the guests were satisfied with the wedding banquet.

Being a bride or groom at a marriage ceremony is to be the focus of a lot of people. Surrounding you will expect from you something special and interesting.

If this concerns your successful career, it is worth spending more time on new knowledge, skills, and rewarding experience.

Dreamed of being a guest on the part of the bride or groom — to strive to be in the center of events that do not relate directly to your life. You wanted publicity, popularity among those around you.

To make a toast at a holiday — to gain authority and recognition, thanks to its charisma and oratorical talent.

I was supposed to be drunk at my own wedding — a bad sign. You are not able to adequately and prudently assess the seriousness of the situation.

It is likely to take an unwise decision, which you will not be able to correct later.

David loff

Wedding ceremony in the dream of a woman can personify the realization of her desires. Personal expectations fully coincide with the real picture of what is happening.

But if you dreamed of uttering the oath of the spouses — it is likely to take on extra obligations and responsibilities. For business women, this can result in health problems and general fatigue.

A business man dreamed of putting a wedding ring on her lover’s finger and rejoice at this — in reality making large investments in a tempting project. But the successful result of the activity will depend on your sensitive control and competent leadership.

Your role at the wedding is not clear to you and you want to escape from the holiday — you should not make hasty decisions, which you will have to regret. You are light-minded and careless in your duties; this can undoubtedly affect career growth and financial stability.

Yuri Longo

To a single man or woman, a dreamed wedding is the epitome of a real desire to find a family. Thus, you bring the moment of getting rid of the bachelor life.

Bright and distinct events at the celebration — a sign of the soon incarnation of a dream into reality.

For couples, this vision predicts a new stage in the relationship. You have experienced the worst times, have accumulated a lot of grievances and complaints against each other, but still stayed together.

It is necessary to forgive and let go of the unpleasant moments of the past and to think together about a happy future.

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