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What is the dream of a dream-shop of Miller, Longo, Dillon

What does the shop in a dream mean — interpretations of dreams of a different nature

A shop is a strong and ambiguous symbol, especially when it appears in our dreams. In the store we get something — new things, products and other items, but dreams with this place foreshadow not only new events in the life of the dreamer.

To figure out what the store is dreaming about, you should open the dream book and compare your dream with it in all the available details.

General interpretation

In fact, more often than not, a person buys food in stores rather than household appliances or interior items. Therefore, in the dreams often appears exactly the grocery store.

It symbolizes the dreamer’s excellent ability to take care of his finances, to rationally spend them, avoiding thoughtless waste.

If in a dream store a sleeping person turned his attention to the products, the interpretation of the dream will depend on what they looked like and how they were laid out. Appetizing products, neatly placed on the shelves, personify material well-being in reality, and repulsive and unsightly — dissatisfaction with the quality of life.

What is the dream of a dream-shop of Miller, Longo, Dillon

The interpretation will depend on the type of store:

  • A good omen is a dream in which a bread stall or counter appeared. And the purchase of bread itself foreshadows profit making, useful connections, promotion along the career ladder.
  • No less a good sign — the fish shop. He promises to receive unexpected and pleasant news. The news will be all the more positive, the more fresh and attractive the fish looked on the shelves.
  • A candy store predicts a lot of entertainment for a person who has a dream about it. They can lead to not rational expenditure of money, but the dreamer is unlikely to be worried about this circumstance.
  • If a shop in a dream sells cookies, and even more so if the dreamer bought it, some of his desire will soon be fulfilled.

Dreams with a clothing store

A spacious clothing store, featuring large spaces, speaks of the original dreamer style in real life. If the store you dreamed was miniature, you should consult with familiar designers.

If costly things are arranged on hangers or mannequins, this dream encourages the dreamer to learn how to spend money rationally, avoiding thoughtless waste. Second hand promises the emergence of a new source of good income.

A state-of-the-art Soviet store with clothes dreams that in the near future they will have to save money for a valuable acquisition. Foreign boutique foreshadows the completion of the wardrobe in reality.

If there was no seller in the dreaming establishment, the dream foreshadows freedom of action in the workplace. If the dreamer in his dream is watched by security guards during a trip to the store, in real life, the management will entrust him with a responsible assignment.

Night vision, in which the sleeping man had a chance not only to see the store, but also to steal something from it, symbolizes the victory over the complexes in reality. Buying an unnecessary thing in his dream suggests that the dreamer does not spare money for his appearance in real life either.

What is the dream of a dream-shop of Miller, Longo, Dillon

Interpretation on other details

A dream in which a person happened to try on things and tear them at random is not the kindest sign. He foreshadows gossip and rumors in the work team.

If the store has changed the old things of the dreamer to new things — soon there will be a successful cooperation with a business partner.

The dream in which the dreamer looked at his reflection in the store personifies self-confidence. The dispute with the seller foreshadows a serious conversation with a marriage partner.

If a sleeping person in his dream asked for a discount — in reality he saves even the most basic needs.

Go to the store and see a lot of familiar people there — a dream foreshadowing a quick meeting with old friends. If the dreamer went into the store only then to look at things, it means that in reality he lives in the present day and does not think much about the future.

A dream in which a person acquired dirty things symbolizes concern for his own reputation. The spot put on the newly purchased clothes foreshadows a new stage of life.

The jewelry store has a less positive interpretation — it foreshadows many minor matters that will not bring profit or other benefits. Auspicious — the dreamed flower shop.

It foreshadows a series of exciting events that will cause many different emotions. It is in any case keep yourself under control.

What is the dream of a dream-shop of Miller, Longo, Dillon

Dream Miller

According to the interpretation given by this dream book, a store filled with goods foreshadows success and prosperity. The empty store, on the contrary, warns the dreamer of vain efforts and forthcoming quarrels.

A dream in which its own store is engulfed in a fire symbolizes a second wind, thanks to which the dreamer will be much more active in his business.

To be in a department store — to the pleasures that can be obtained through various sources of income. Acquire goods there — to improve affairs.

See yourself in the grocery — to a comfortable and enjoyable life.

Dreamy longo

Going to the store for shopping — to change in life, in the sphere of material well-being. If, in a dream, among a multitude of goods, it was possible to select and purchase exactly what you need — you should expect to receive a large amount as a gift or as a bonus.

If the desired product could not be found — it is necessary to prepare for the deterioration of the financial situation.

If in a dream a person sees himself as an employee or owner of a store, in real life he will be offered to take part in a risky, dubious and adventurous event. Since the dreamer is not accustomed to such matters, he will long rush to make a decision.

Dream dillon

By itself, the store foreshadows cash costs. If the shelves in it were empty — it is necessary to fear deception in financial matters.

To walk around the multi-storey store and not to decide on the choice of purchase in any way — to have doubts in reality. To see oneself as the owner of such a trade institution is to not really want to improve the financial situation in the most correct way.

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