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What is the dream of a dog from the dream of Vanga, Nostradamus

A dream in which a person’s best friend visits us — for good or not

A dog is considered one of the best animals in the world, and even if in a dream you saw that it snagged your leg, such a dream does not seem too scary. Or still …?

How does a dream book look at a good or evil dog, what is the dream of this cutest animal?

What is the dream of a dog from the dream of Vanga, Nostradamus

The overall interpretation of this «canine» dream

  • As a rule, a dog in a dream personifies a person whom you consider to be your good friend. Therefore, many interpreters say: the way this animal behaved in a dream, the person close to you will behave. That is, affectionate, cute little animal dreams of good, and evil — to the problems.
  • A dog with puppies dreams of happiness in his personal life. To a young girl or boyfriend, such a dream promises a meeting with his fate, a childless couple — two stripes on the test, and a lonely man of mature age — a delicate affair with a younger partner (or partner).

What did the dog do?

  • She barked. This is not a good sign: a barking dog warns about the dishonesty of friends. If she barked very evil, this is a warning about future difficulties at work.
  • Swam in the water. This is a very good dream. He says that you are starting a white line, so you can start things you were afraid to start.
  • Cried like a man. Your competitors are “weeping”: the more they put sticks in your wheels, the more they hurt themselves.
  • Slept peacefully. The dream says: you are confused and do not know what to do, and in general, in which direction to move.

What did you do?

  • You picked up the animal on the street (especially if it was a puppy): soon you will have to make a choice between your own comfort and selfless help to a friend or relative.
  • What is the dream of a dog who asks to your house and which you let in there? You really miss close friends.
  • You helped the animal to give birth: to problems in the family. However, you quickly solve them.
  • You played with a dog: you did not do well with a close friend. Before it is too late, correct everything that has been done, otherwise the meanness will come back to you as a boomerang.
  • You decided to discover Korean cuisine and cooked food from a dog, and then you ate it. You will defeat a strong enemy, and the experience gained in this “war” will help you in your future career.
  • Did you have to protect this animal? In real life, you are considered to be an excellent friend and companion, selflessly helping your loved ones.
  • Have you poisoned a dog? The interpretation of this dream is completely opposite to the previous one. You think only about yourself, and you are pushing people into evil deeds without a twinge of conscience.

What was she like?

What is the dream of a dog from the dream of Vanga, Nostradamus

  • Colour. Black: you are waiting for problems. White: to wealth, well-being. Red: soon you have fun, and refers to the joy of the sexual plan.
  • The size. To see a large dog: soon you will have a big and strong comrade, behind whom you will be like a stone wall. Perhaps this will be a business partner — the patron, and maybe your future spouse (if you are not married).
  • A small dog (say, a Pekingese, or a puppy of any breed) foreshadows a gift with which you will have to tinker pretty.
  • She was a fighting breed. This is a reflection of your working skills. You will achieve the desired, even if the team someone against you.
  • The dog was wet. And this is your friend who has fallen into trouble. And the problems (including family) he had because of your own misstep.
  • She was hungry: this is a complex disease. If something starts to hurt you, do not expect that “it will resolve itself”, immediately go to the hospital.
  • The dog was crippled. A paw-less animal means gossipers who will finally stop talking nasty things about you.
  • The blind dog says: you can’t feel subtle, and you need a friend who will take on the role of spiritual guide. It is possible that there is already such a person near you.

Was she good or evil?

What is the dream of a dog from the dream of Vanga, Nostradamus

  • Angry, and she rushed at you. Near you hid a friend who prepares you for meanness. Why? Remember, it was you who “started first”, seriously offended him.
  • You fought off a pack of animals: you are strong enough to personally solve your problems and deal with the tricks of enemies.
  • Did she bite you? Dream warns about betrayal. And the most annoying thing is that the person you used to rely on will betray you — beloved, some of your parents, your child.
  • She was the kindest, even smiled at you. The dog — «smile» dreams of a good change in your life. During the joyous events with you will be close, with whom it will be possible to share this joy.
  • The dog licked your hand: to career growth.

Opinion author’s dream books

At the end, we offer you interpretations of dream books, according to which people have deciphered their dreams for decades. Maybe they will complement the classic interpretation of your dream?

Dream Vanga

  1. Homeless dog: your friend has problems, but he does not ask for money (support, patronage) because of his modesty. Give a helping hand yourself!
  2. Snow-white animal dreams of meeting with a friend whom you know almost from kindergarten. Black — to the meanness that your friend will do about you.
  3. As this dream book says, a dog the size of a horse dreams to meet a person who will become your best friend. Or maybe you will again establish contacts with your former comrade, with whom not one pound of salt was eaten, but forced to leave?
  4. A dead (wounded, crippled) dog: your friend will get sick, and maybe he will die.
  5. You were attacked by an enemy or a rabid animal, and the dog protected you: in real life, an angel protects you. Do not be afraid of anything with such a “guard”!
  6. Is the dog attacked? Prepare the nervous system: on the approach is a black stripe. Did you get out? So, life will improve, but only with God’s help. So do not be lazy to go to church.

Dreaming nostradamus

  1. The dog is devotion.
  2. Was she homeless? Carefully, you can easily lose everything «acquired by overwork.»

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