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What is the dream of a child girl: interpretation of the dream book

Dreams of children often foreshadow positive events in the life of the dreamer. To understand what the girl dreamed about, you need to pay attention to the following details: age, clothes, hair color, mood of the child, his behavior and emotions, as well as the actions of a sleeping person, setting, sleep plot.

If a woman dreamed of a little girl in whom she recognized herself, then such dreams testify to internal discontent with the present state of affairs. The dreamer regrets the lost opportunities and wants to go back in time to correct her mistakes.

What does a girl dream about in various dream books:

Dream interpretationDecryption
ChildTo new acquaintances and the emergence of true friends
OrientalTo the unexpected news
FemaleTo the appearance of a child in real life
Small VelesovFate has prepared serious trials, and if a sleeping person manages to overcome them, he will feel truly happy.
ModernTo the household chores and empty feelings
  • A girl dreams about a baby — the dreamer does not want to grow up.
  • For a woman, dreams of a newborn girl foreshadow changes for the better and unexpected gifts of fate.
FreudThe Dreamer wants her partner to treat her like a little girl.
AstromeridianIf a woman dreams of her own child, then you should spend more time with your loved ones and pay attention to your children, not only in the form of gifts and new toys. Need to be their best friend.
FrenchTo the emergence of serious and dangerous detractors
TsvetkovaTo pleasant surprises

What is the dream of a child girl: interpretation of the dream book

The interpretation of the dream of a girl depending on the actions of a sleeping person is presented in the table.

To adoptA person who seemed to be a stranger would soon be near and dear
HugHave to work hard to achieve the desired
PlayFor games with younger family members in real life
Give birthSomething amazing will happen. For mother, such a dream foreshadows joy, which will be associated with her child. For a young unmarried girl, this is a sign of future cardinal changes in life.
  • To dream of a drowning girl and pull her out of the water — the dreamer tries to assert herself at the expense of others.
  • A girl burning in fire testifies to the unrealizability of dreams and the complete failure in business relations. However, if you managed to save her, your plans will be fulfilled.
To findTo the long-awaited event
Lose and seekThe dreamer is confused in personal relationships and she does not know what she wants
Wash babyThe dreamer tries to keep everything under control, but she fails
TreatDreams of a sick child — to health problems
  • To feed the baby — to get a profitable offer and the emergence of a stable source of income.
  • Giving breasts to an adult girl — to misunderstandings at work
SpeakSleeping man needs a friendly shoulder
To scoldTo clarify relationships with households in real life
To hold on hands, to nurseHold a smiling baby in your arms — happy events await your dreamer. For a man to nurse a newborn at home — there will be an addition in the family. Perhaps the spouse will report on pregnancy soon.
Watch from the side as someone plays with the childConceived will not come true

What is the dream of a child girl: interpretation of the dream book

If you dreamed of a beautiful smiling baby, then this is a good sign, foreshadowing success in all endeavors and patronage of higher powers.

Crying girl — hopes will be in vain; to problems in the family. Capricious or evil — to unpleasant meetings and conversations.

A pregnant woman dreaming about a little joyful girl promises easy childbirth.

Sleeping girl foreshadows major trouble. If the child was asleep and suddenly woke up — to sudden difficulties that would be taken by surprise.

If a mother has a little daughter and she dreams of being an adult, then such a dream indicates the feelings of the parent and the unwillingness to let her child go into adulthood.

The birth of a daughter dreams of events that will change the usual way of life. The child cries a lot and cannot calm down in any way — some circumstances will prevent the dreamer’s plans.

The birth of someone else’s female baby — someone uses the kindness of a sleeper, and he does not even know about it.

For a man to see two twins in a dream — to treachery and deception of a loved one. He will feel lonely and miserable, will long be away from betrayal and will not be able to trust women.

If such a dream has dreamed of a girl, then she will soon learn about something very important that will radically change her life.

To see a homeless girl who cries and asks for help — a person from close surroundings needs help, but the dreamer ignores this.

Seeing someone else’s deceased child sick, unhappy, and wearing dirty clothes — misfortune will happen in the family. Baby in black clothes — to the chagrin.

A blind girl — a sleeping person is hiding something very important from his family. But the secret will soon become apparent, and close people will be very disappointed in him.

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