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What is the dream of a child — a little boy?

What is the dream of a child — a little boy?

What is the dream of a little boy? Children are the flowers of life.

A small child causes affection, attracts with its fragile helplessness and causes a desire to help. The image of a little boy in all dream books is viewed from the positive side.

However, some of the nuances in the dream can change the interpretation — consider the details.

What is the dream of a child - a little boy?

General interpretation

The exact interpretation of the image seen in a dream will depend on many details. Remember what you specifically saw and felt:

  • birth of a child;
  • your emotions in a dream;
  • amount of children;
  • what did the child do?
  • your actions in a dream.

The general meaning of the birth of a child — you expect a change. To see a newborn boy — to successful changes in career, business and finance.

If a woman is in a dream gave birth to a baby in her own house — It foreshadows prosperity and stability in the family. To see the birth of an unfamiliar woman — to the joyful news and events.

If a woman was planning a pregnancy, sleep foreshadows the safe appearance of a male child. A pregnant woman dreams of a dream to a successful birth.

However, the crying boy promises trouble.

The image of twins or triplets in a dream — to double the favorable events in life. If the children looked sick, small obstacles would arise, however, they would not hinder the benefits of the case.

What is the dream of a child - a little boy?

Other interpretations

Remember the look of a baby in a dream. If dreamed healthy baby in clean diapers, expects financial gain.

For a woman, this image foreshadows familiarity with a new fan.

Calm smiling baby promises well-being, a nice gift, as well as health. Restless crumb foreshadows meeting with reputable people.

Large baby spells wealth and honor. Baby grows literally on the eyes? This foreshadows great success.

Is the kid agukat? Wait for the good news.

Sick kid foreshadows trouble at work. Patients twins indicate the upcoming difficulties that need to be overcome on their own.

Dead boy — all your affairs will go wrong, end in failure. It is better not to attempt to start a big business.

If newborn boy talking in his sleep — you should listen to the wise advice of others.

  • Keep a crying baby in his arms to large cash receipts.
  • The vision of a baby promises a man to take off the career ladder.
  • The unmarried girl dream foretells a meeting with the future spouse.
  • If a child cried in a dream of an unmarried girl, this foreshadows a meeting with a non-free man.
  • The kid pulls the handle — to a new pleasant acquaintance.
  • A stolen child is in trouble.
  • To steal a newborn is a dishonest profit.
  • Bathe the baby — to profit.
  • You can not calm the crying child — to favorable events in life.
  • You can not find diapers for infants — to the betrayal of close friends.
  • Cuddle the child to yourself — to find a way out of a difficult situation.
  • To feed someone else’s baby in a dream — to the disappointment.

What is the dream of a child - a little boy?

Interpretation of dream books

Dream Miller considers a dream with the image of a boy from the positive side. The image of a boy foreshadows success in life, the favor of fortune and material profit.

Fate gives the dreamer a chance to drastically change life and achieve a lot. Seeing a dream on the eve of his own wedding — to the envy of her friends. But for a lonely girl, this image can attract bad events — the loss of reputation and an honest name.

If the boy was urinating in a dream, a son may appear in real life. For a man, this dream foreshadows unexpected financial support if the child has urinated directly on him. Possible and receiving inheritance.

If a pregnant woman sees the boy, her future child will live in prosperity and well-being all his life.

Kissing the baby in a dream — to happy events in life. Two kids in a dream — to the hassle and worries.

A conversation with a baby in a dream has a prophetic meaning — remember every word. For women, a walk with a baby in a dream promises the emergence of a new fan, and for men a meeting with an old friend.

Dream loft considers sleep from the point of view of psychology. If an adult man saw the image of a little boy, this indicates a reluctance to become an adult. The image of a small child — meeting with your own self in a dream.

The vision of the dead boy has a positive meaning — this indicates the stage of formation of an adult person.

Lead the naughty kid by the hand — the man could not cope with age-related contradictions, is in a state of transitional age. The crying boy shows the inner pain of the dreamer: the desire to show weakness, the need for external guidance, unwillingness to take responsibility.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova considers the image of a little boy to be a foreshadowing of happy events in life. However, the red-haired child dreams of deception in hopes. Blond child foreshadows mutual love, sleeping baby — missed opportunities.

If the child is described, the dreamer will receive a much smaller expected amount of money. To save a child from danger — your financial affairs are at risk.

Modern dream book considers the image of a boy as a foreshadowing of great joy in life. If the baby is crying — wait for the implementation of the plan, if the baby is smiling — wait for family quarrels.

Caring for a child in a dream — to receive a reward for their efforts.

Universal Dream prophesies an unmarried girl a quick wedding with a loved one. If there is no loved one yet, it means that the meeting is not far off. If the girl has the desired boy in mind, he will soon reciprocate her feelings.

The newly born baby — you need to achieve goals with cunning and dexterity, and not go ahead.

Psychological dream book considers the plot as the upcoming efforts and ineffective work. Seeing oneself a little boy for a girl is not wanting to marry and listen to relatives talk on this topic.

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