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What is the dream of a child a boy on Miller’s dream books, Longo

A little boy in a dream came to you: what did he say with this sign

What dreams of a male child, that is, a boy — a baby, a kindergarden, a schoolboy? What sign does a dream book consider such a dream — good or disturbing, or maybe neutral?

What is the dream of a child a boy on Miller’s dream books, Longo

General interpretation of this dream

  • Most of these dreams are successful. After them, the dreamer literally begins to chase success, both in his personal life and in business (at work).
  • The little stranger says: you are waiting for mental turmoil.
  • The familiar boy (the son of a girlfriend or neighbor) is a sign that you will soon have fun in pleasant company.
  • Have you seen a lot of boys? And this is not so rosy. A dream says that you are destined to have a difficult and protracted job from which you cannot get away.
  • Kids played among themselves: people will find you better than you really are, but this “flattery” will leave you sideways.

What was he like?

  • Calm, beautiful: life will soon greatly delight you.
  • Golenky: someone gathers gossip about you.
  • Played fun: you can be promoted at work.
  • The boy was crying bitterly: the subconscious hints that his relatives (close friends) do not have enough communication with you.
  • Angry, he attacked your own child: get ready for problems and “tripping” from your so-called “friends”.
  • Crawled: you decide too long. Learn to make decisions quickly.
  • Learned to walk: do not seek help (including advice) from other people. Solve your own affairs, and only then get a positive result.

Was he a newborn?

What is the dream of a child a boy on Miller’s dream books, Longo

  • What dreams of a child (boy) whom you gave birth in a dream? And for the dreamer — a woman, and for a man (since such a strange dream dreamed of him), the interpretation is one: your life will improve qualitatively. Maybe you can even restart it. But it is only under the condition that the baby is healthy and beautiful.
  • Childbirth was very difficult? In business (at work) there will be difficulties.
  • Did you give birth to several booties at once? Soon you will cross with someone you know for a hundred years. True, this meeting will bring you some trouble.
  • If the dreamer is an unmarried young girl who just saw a newborn in a dream, this sign says: soon you will meet a lot of love, and this feeling will be decorated with the appearance of a first-born child.
  • If the dreamer is a bride who is about to go to the registry office, the dream warns: there are girlfriends who envy you to death and twitch with bad tongues behind your back with bad things.
  • If a woman sees in a dream only the head of a newborn (for example, the rest of the body was wrapped with a thick blanket), this may indicate a new fan, who will soon have many signs of attention.
  • For the dreamer — men this image embodies his inner immaturity. See the child — the boy can «big uncle», part of the soul of which still does not want to part with his childhood.
  • If the dreamer is a guy, the dream may warn: you will soon fall seriously in love.
  • If the male faces dream that they themselves have appeared in the form of a baby, this indicates a rampant into which they will soon start.
  • If you have seen the boy give birth to a familiar woman, expect positive news. In addition, the dreams in which you were at the birth of a stranger (or not quite a stranger) person say: you are very actively involved in the lives of other people.
  • Was your daughter a mother? Sleep prophesies much happiness in her destiny.

What did you do in your dream?

  • They tried to adopt a boy, but you did not succeed: competitors will manage to get around you. You yourself have seen a peanut who was adopted: you will soon have a “roof” in the form of a strong, authoritative person.
  • Looking for a child: in real life you are looking for the meaning of your own existence. If the evil has been running away from you all the time, this is a sign: you spend so much energy on empty cases.
  • Looking for your own child: fear the loss of credibility.
  • You have found the baby: a dream to receive something good in your life. You or the guy (girl) will lead, or jump in your career, or earn money. If you were unhappy with the “discovery”, it means that a bunch of other people’s problems will fall on you.
  • A baby that you breastfed dreams of good luck (or a big “load” at work, after which they will be given a solid premium).
  • If you walked, carrying a toddler in your arms, get ready for a trip (maybe it will be a simple business trip, and maybe a rest alone with your loved one).

Is the dreamer pregnant?

  • The boy in her dream means: the dream will come true soon.
  • You played with him: this is fortunately.
  • You kissed, hugged bututu: this sign foreshadows many successes.
  • You scolded him, slapped him: get ready for “nerves” and troubles.
  • He was unfamiliar to you: the subconscious hints that you are afraid of childbirth, or of responsibility after the birth of a baby.

Opinion authoritative dream books

What is the dream of a child a boy on Miller’s dream books, Longo

By the end, we traditionally offer to compare how two eminent interpreters regard this sign of fate. Whose decoding of a dream will be more relevant for you — a psychoanalyst or a magician?

Dream Miller (psychologist)

  1. If a child boy was crying in a dream, this is a bad sign: you can get sick or “get stuck” in trouble.
  2. He laughed: you can fall in love very much.
  3. He was a real handsome: you will live prosperously and happily.
  4. Are you a representative of the creative profession? After a dream like this, inspiration will surely drop by.
  5. If the dreamer is a childless girl swinging on the hands of a baby, the dream warns: someone from the family can betray her.
  6. In general, the girls dreams in which the boy appears, hint: it’s time to take care of their own reputation.
  7. If the dreamer — a woman saw the death of her baby, her fears (including uncertainty about the future) are transformed into such a dream. If she shook in the arms of her son, who is ill — through this dream, the subconscious shows her spiritual pain, anguish.
  8. You saw an unfamiliar toddler, but in a dream called him a son: a loved one can betray you by killing the trust in men.
  9. If the dreamer is pregnant and sees that she has given birth to a boy, this is a good sign: her childbirth will be easy and fast.
  10. Did you see yourself as a little boy? For men, this means: you are winding up and need rest. For women: kinsfolk zadolbal you, all the time asking why you did not get married.

Dream of Yuri Longo (modern white magician)

  1. According to this dream book, a baby boy is a sign of future wealth.
  2. He was cute and clever: you will live happily.
  3. He wept bitterly: urgently get busy, otherwise you will lose a lot of money.
  4. A small hooligan, throwing himself into a fight, means: you may have problems, and this is the fault of friends, which you consider to be your comrades.
  5. You punished the boy: if in real life you throw out your “nerves” over the edge, you will soon regret it.

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