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What is the dream of a black horse from Vanga, Miller’s dream books?

What does the dream of a black horse mean: correct decoding

The black horse is a controversial symbol, with values ​​such as sexuality, power, energy, movement. And at the same time it means danger, risk, deception.

It is necessary to consider what the black horse dreams about, in more detail, in order to get the opinion of the majority of the most authoritative dream books.

Most often, a black suit steer says that the time has come for adverse changes. You can meet with betrayal, illness of loved ones, loss of money, betrayal.

But a lot depends on the context of the dream itself, as well as on the details of your life.

What do eastern dream books say

The horse is the wealth of the steppe eastern peoples, so it is here that we can meet a lot of interpretations associated with the black stallion. For example, in one of the eastern dream-books it is said that such a dream tells an unmarried girl that a wedding is soon waiting for her, but her husband will not be as rich as she would like.

Also, Eastern wisdom suggests that such a dream foreshadows betrayal by loved ones and relatives.

Gypsies believe that the black stallion is a symbol of power and sexuality. If a man saw such a dream, it means that in his life everything is fine with health.

In addition, his position in society will only be strengthened. A woman such a dream says about the success of her husband.

Opinion modern dream books

Many authors believe that the black horse is indeed a harbinger of unpleasant news, but they will not have a decisive impact on your life. The black bar will end quickly — just as soon as the horse galloped away.

Many experts associate the image of a powerful, beautiful stallion with sexuality. But black color imposes a negative value on the symbol itself: most likely, here we can talk about the fact that a person is fed up with love affairs, or they have acquired a negative connotation.

A whole herd of black horses clearly says that a man is wasting his love power, he has too many lovers or lovers, but no real love.

Another meaning is the appearance of a dangerous enemy on your horizon. If the black horse does not look powerful and healthy, but rather is sick and old, then this portends financial damage or slander about you.

The black foal is a joyous symbol, he talks about pleasures and good health, a childish, enthusiastic attitude towards life.

What is the dream of a black horse from Vanga, Miller's dream books?

Sleep details

Much can be said on the basis of the habits of the dream horse. If you see a gentle black horse in a harness who is carrying a cart safely, then this symbolizes your progress towards happiness — you have been able to tame the powerful natural energy, and now it patronizes you.

Such a dream speaks of improving the material situation.

If the horse is not saddled, then in this case it is possible to talk more about the high probability of negative values, however, much depends on the age and position of the dreamer. If you are afraid of the horse, then it reinforces the negative value of sleep.

If you admire the beauty of a powerful stallion with enthusiasm, then this may portend adventures on the sexual front.

If the horse of a black suit dreamed of a girl, then this may be a sign of a quick marriage. The rearing horse is an unkind sign; it foreshadows quarrels, disagreements, even scandals.

A dream in which you are riding a black horse overcomes some obstacle, for example, skipping over a stream, foreshadows the appearance of troubles in your life, with which you can brilliantly cope.

What is the dream of a black horse from Vanga, Miller's dream books?

Interpretation Vanga

The seer unambiguously believed that a black horse in a dream would not bring good news. This is a black band in business, finance, personal life.

Everything will fall out of hand, any business will be fraught with considerable difficulties.

If the horse kicked you, then immediately run to the doctor, it is a symbol of health troubles. If you saddled a black suit stallion, but fell from it, then in reality you will find a big failure in business, as well as a high probability of an accident.

What is the dream of a black horse from Vanga, Miller's dream books?

Miller’s interpretation

Gustav Miller, a well-known interpreter of dreams, believed that if a person dreams that he is riding a magnificent horse of black color, then in reality he will have to overestimate all his values. Most likely, you will succeed, but it will not bring you joy. You will feel the vanity of your life, think about its meaning.

It is possible that you should change the scope of your activity, in this case your work will bring you more pleasure.

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