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What is the dream of a black cat in the dream of Miller and Freud

Why dreamed of a black cat — a detailed interpretation of the image

To meet a black cat on the road is a bad omen. And what if you meet a fluffy in your dreams? Many dream books give different interpretations to this image so that you can answer your question: “What is the dream of a black cat?”

Black cat — a common interpretation

Black cat — the image is rather ambiguous. Some dream books explain that this is a symbol of the dark essence of the dreamer, while others say that you need to change your attitude towards others.

To give a more accurate prediction, it is worth remembering all the details of the dream, to collect them in one image, and only then look for help in the dream books.

What is the dream of a black cat in the dream of Miller and Freud

Black cat in a dream — appearance

  • A clean and healthy cat is an unfavorable symbol. You will soon have to face the betrayal of close friends who will side with your enemies and foes;
  • Sick or wounded animal warns that you need to take care of your health, because in the near future you may face a serious illness. Dream books recommend eating right, observing the daily regimen and visiting a doctor. But also this image marks success in financial affairs. You will receive a well-deserved promotion and recognition of the authorities, and businessmen will be able to completely destroy their competitors;
  • See a big black cat. For businessmen, such an image will not bring anything good. Serious problems in business will begin, and more powerful people will become interested in you. Ordinary people will have problems at work. It is also a symbol of the fact that the authorities do not fully appreciate your work. This fact worries you greatly;
  • Black cat with small white spots. You will find yourself in a very difficult situation, from which it will not be so easy to get out. Problems and conflicts with close friends will also begin. And the current enemies and enemies may take your side;
  • Wet cat. This image suggests that you are engaged in a long struggle with some unpleasant person. Soon you will get into the hands of the material that will end this war and will be able to “dampen” the reputation of your opponent. You can both take advantage of this opportunity and feel the feelings of your competitor and not do it;
  • Dead cat This image does not carry anything good. People to whom you could trust your life will betray you, and with them a long struggle for a place under the sun will begin.

Interpretation for women

  • Free from the relationship of young ladies for a long time will not be able to find a soul mate. There will be a short romantic relationship, but they will bring only disappointment and time spent;
  • Married ladies who have seen a black cat in their nightly dreams suspect their chosen one of treason. Perhaps these suspicions were caused by the gossip of detractors. Dream books are advised not to arrange “interrogation with passion”, but calmly sort out the situation and draw some conclusions.

Interactions with cat

  • Non-aggressive fluffy, who managed to stroke, says that you are surrounded by hypocritical people. They may communicate with you for their own benefit and once they will take advantage of your kindness to realize their dirty plans. Hyperclavors recommend carefully look at your surroundings;
  • An aggressive animal is an unfavorable symbol. If the cat somehow hurt you, then you should prepare for a long war with your enemies and enemies. If you managed to get rid of the cat before it caused you injury, then you will cope with all the difficulties of life, but for this you will need to put a lot of effort;
  • But to kill a black cat is an auspicious sign. Such a dream marks the dreamer luck in all matters. If you have not yet found your soul mate, it means that in the near future you will meet a person with whom you will have long and strong romantic relationships with big plans for the future. Business people will be able to defeat all their competitors and detractors;
  • Keep in your hands a fluffy creature. Dream books say that you are surrounded by people who at any moment can harm your reputation. Also do not forget that behind beautiful words dirty intentions are always hidden.

Bite place

If you see in your nightly dreams that the black cat has bitten you, then you should remember the place of the bite. Many snolokovateli pay much attention to this.

  • If the animal has bitten your hand, then in the near future you will encounter an unpleasant person who wants to destroy everything that you have been building for a long time. He will succeed if you remain inactive;
  • The cat bit in the leg — you will get the wrong information. Dream books recommend carefully filtering all that they say to you and not believing the rumors;
  • If the place of the bite was a stomach, then in reality you are waiting for problems and conflicts in the family. Perhaps your children will bring small chores into the house;
  • Neck — to the betrayal of a loved one;
  • The back is a betrayal of close friends.

What is the dream of a black cat in the dream of Miller and Freud

Interpretation of a dream by a famous dream book

Interpretation of the Miller’s Interpreter

  • Seeing a dirty and thin kitty. This symbol warns that close friends have been plotting behind your back for a long time;
  • To kill a black cat is an auspicious symbol. Such a dream marks the dreamer the successful completion of works and the end of the black strip of life;
  • If the animal has attacked you, then people whom you trust will prepare something very bad for you. Perhaps they wish you death.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

  • If a young lady saw in her nightly dreams of a black cat, then she is hiding something from her young man. She may have feelings for another person;
  • But a man this image says that you should gain confidence when dealing with women of the opposite sex. You are too insecure person, so you have problems with girls.

What is the dream of a black cat in the dream of Miller and Freud

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