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What is the dream of a bag according to Hasse, Smirnov’s dream book, erotic

I had a dream bag — features decryption for different dream books

There are so many bags — do you consider red, blue, black, leather and rag “bags” a dream book a good sign? How to understand, why dream that you lost, packed it, carried a puppy in it?

What is the dream of a bag according to Hasse, Smirnov’s dream book, erotic

Total Sleep with Hand Luggage

As any dream book will tell you, a bag is the personification of life experience and “baggage”.

She was female

  • Accessory color. Black: you are a humble person. Brown: you are a business man, your life goes as you planned. Red: you are a passionate nature, and soon you will have a hot night of love. White: you are a romantic. Bright, colorful: your love relationship is boring, and you want them to «shake up».
  • What was she like? New, but full of holes: money is coming soon in your wallet. Very small: you can change the style, as the current bow does not quite suit you.
  • You have lost it: you remember the old feelings of the heart. If you later found the “reticule”, it means that you will soon meet your ex.
  • It was stolen: you will find something worthwhile. They returned it to you: the beloved will give you an expensive piece.
  • She was stuffed with different little things: a dream promises communication in the company of guys or men. Long to rummage inside, trying to find something: you can not choose a gentleman from the boyfriends.
  • On the contrary, there was an exemplary order inside the bag: you are a very educated, decent person.

She was male

  • Which one? Leather: get ready for crucial business negotiations. Denim: you are a little infantile person. It was an old briefcase: you communicate with the sage.
  • What was in it? Ladies lipstick, eye shadow, other cosmetics: you can not choose with whom to meet. Toys: you are irresistible and know about it.
  • See the bag on the desk: you will be given a serious task and you can handle it.
  • You have lost it: beloved (beloved) will be jealous, although you will not give a reason.
  • You found a purse, a portfolio, and inside were important documents: you will again cross over with old colleagues and partners.
  • It was presented to you: an amorous connection with your (your) colleague is possible.
  • She was hard: serious troubles in life would be resolved almost on their own. On the contrary, a light, empty bag means: you lack the attention of girls (guys).
  • In whose hands did you see her? With a grandfather (that is, an old man): you dream of children. In a guy, he is also handsome: you are 100% sure of yourself. In a movie or stage star: the subconscious says you crave fame. In the homeless: you noticeably rewarded at work, or give something valuable.

What is the dream of a bag according to Hasse, Smirnov’s dream book, erotic

She was a traveler (big sportswear, mini-suitcase)

  • With things. Half empty: wait for strangers who will come to visit you. Full, standing on the threshold: the guest will be an old friend.
  • What was she like? Dirty: you are a defenseless person. Why dream of a bag that you washed, then hung on the balcony or in the courtyard to dry: soon you will take a walk on a major holiday.
  • Pack her up. Go on a date with your loved one.
  • Lose her. Your life will change, and for the better.
  • She was stolen. At the station: your life will finally get rid of old troubles.
  • The bag was full of money: you will find another option to earn.
  • Carry a dog of room breed in this carry-on baggage: to meet a man who will become a good friend to you.
  • You walked around the city with this “bag” on your shoulder: in real life you will go on an interesting tourist trip. Perhaps the trip will be business.
  • The bag was held by your boss: a dream promises wealth and a high salary.
  • Did someone give it to you? Stranger: you will be invited to a party. Your friend (relative): interpretation also promises a holiday.
  • You were with her at the station. While waiting for the train, you used a big bag as a shop: you are worried about your future, plan it.
  • To hand it over to the waiting room: to travel to a faraway city, or even to a country.

Other bags and handbags

  • It was a string bag, also with eggs, meat: you are good at pop in the glorious company.
  • The bag in the dream was with garbage: you have to have a serious «coward» in the house — you will be cleaned all day.
  • She was with working tools: to housework.
  • It was a handbag filled with jewels: the beloved treats you like a goddess. Among other things, there was a wedding ring: a dream promises a lot of happiness to your couple.

Your actions in a dream

  • Lost bag. In an unfamiliar city: to leave. In your apartment (house): you hope that your relatives will help you financially. It was your friend’s bag: a dream promises that you make peace with the person you were at war with.
  • Dropped her to the floor: your friends will be shocked by your deed.
  • Went with a bag (eco bag, shopping bag, shopper) on the market: you expect news from your colleague or partner.
  • You hang it on a coat hanger: you gather with your schoolmates and shake the old days.
  • To peel someone with hand luggage: you will argue with someone, defending your opinion.
  • You threw a bag in the air: friends will be reliable, do not let you down.
  • Buy a bag in a dream can a person who knows how to «spin» in life and achieve their goals. You chose it: to profit and numerous offers to earn extra money.
  • Get a gift bag: to wealth.

And what will the books say «with character»?

What is the dream of a bag according to Hasse, Smirnov’s dream book, erotic

At the end of the offer to learn a few individual, alternative interpretations of your sleep. Perhaps they more fully decode the sign sent by your subconscious?

Erotic dream book

  1. If you are hurrying, throwing things into your bag as you like, it means: you make jealous scenes, and from scratch.
  2. You were holding a handbag in your hands, and then her pen fell off: one of your relatives let you down without supporting you at the right moment. However, it is you who will be to blame for this, because the problems of a relative or friend cannot become your back!
  3. The loss of a carry-on bag in a woman’s dream: the dreamer is lonely and feels useless to no one.

Dream interpretation of Smirnov (Wanderer)

  1. Bag means your future purchases (or maybe it will be mental “acquisitions”).
  2. In women’s dreams, this is a sign of future household chores.

Dream interpretation Hasse

  1. A bag is a sign of some mystery.
  2. Losing this accessory means: you will be dealing with debtors.
  3. It was a briefcase: your life is dull and dull.
  4. It was empty: you can get an inheritance. Full: on the inheritance can not count.

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