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What is the dream of a baby: boy, girl, feed a baby in a dream

Depending on the details, the baby seen in a dream has very ambiguous interpretations. First of all, it is necessary to understand whether these were echoes of real impressions, and only then proceed to the interpretation of the dream.

So why the baby?

Gustav Miller treats what he saw as a prosperous period. If the dreamer sees himself in an irresponsible age, this may symbolize his indulgence in unworthy entertainment.

Bathing a child means adequately cope with a difficult situation.

According to the dream Wang the baby in the dream foreshadows the lady that she may be in an interesting position in reality. Men and people of not of childbearing age dream calls to solve a minor problem, until it grew.

What is the dream of a baby: boy, girl, feed a baby in a dream

Gypsy dream book interprets the cry of a baby as regret of stupidity. Feeding the baby foreshadows significant work.

Prematurely grown teeth in a baby mean friendship with a very young man. It is also a sign that not all good intentions end well.

Favorable if the teeth are smooth and clean.

Female dream book suggests that the baby in the stroller dreams before visiting guests. It is necessary to patrol, but the meeting will please the soul.

The baby to the pregnant woman prompts the sex of her future crumbs. Men can count on success in business.

Dreams of childbirth and a baby are a sign of good news.

French dream book treats the death of the baby very favorably. This is a precursor to improving financial condition.

Sigmund Freud interprets tiny children as a symbolic representation of intimate parts of the body. Games with babies indicate a tendency to masturbation and masturbation.

A baby in a coffin indicates infertility and the need to consult reproductive physicians to solve a delicate problem.

For men, having a dream of the same sex with him means the appearance of an original and promising idea. For women little child boy foreshadows pleasant chores.

Excitement in anticipation of something good will bring joyful emotions, if the child is cheerful and healthy.

Sick baby boy on hands means trouble and troubled period. If the baby is joyful, good luck is in everything. Success awaits both in the workplace and in the personal field.

A baby sitting on a girl’s lap is a sad omen. Beloved will not be too true.

Clean and legible speaking baby boy means positive news. Incomprehensible babbling warns of gossip around the sleeper.

The reflection of anxiety in reality is crying baby boy The dream suggests that there is no special reason for this.

Own baby a son often dreaming caring parents. A dream with his participation means joy in reality.

If he described, any event will take by surprise. It can also be an invitation to a grand celebration.

Well-groomed small baby girl means joyful surprise. Dirty baby foreshadows troubles in reality.

To the obstacle in the affairs of dreams baby girl on hands. However, it is worth considering that if it is fun, all problems will be easily resolved.

The symbol of an amazing acquaintance with a nice person is speaking baby girl. In the future, a lot of affairs and important events will be connected with the new personality.

Crying the baby girl is a warning sign. It is advisable to pay attention to the state of health.

A little baby whimpering in pain or because of a bruise reflects strong excitement in reality.

Dreamed baby daughter calls for more time for her in reality. Caution will help prevent unpleasant situations.

What is the dream of a baby: boy, girl, feed a baby in a dream

To understand what I dreamed to feed breast milk baby, you need to pay attention to whose it was. The stranger warns that the aid of the sleeper is perceived by others.

Feed breastfeeding his baby is an echo of real activities, a symbol of the need for care and tenderness.

About complexes testifies, if a man dreamed that he was breastfeeding a baby. Perhaps he is too unsure of his sexual power.

Close people will help you with problems if you had to feed a baby in a dream from a spoon. Giving a bottle-mix for women means an amendment of financial status, and men foreshadows increased career opportunities.

Keep a baby in her arms that glows with temperature or cries, a sad warning. Ahead of waiting for trouble.

A happy child foreshadows success.

When the baby in her arms dreams a woman pregnant, you should pay attention to his gender. This is a hint about who to expect.

Other ladies dream promises success through labor.

If you had a baby in your arms a man, financial position will be strengthened. You can implement new projects.

Naked alien baby in her arms in a dream means adversity. Alone to cope with it is unlikely to succeed, you need to ask for help.

To harmony in reality babies appear in the dream Twins. It will be possible to find a balance between the spiritual and material aspects of life.

Infants foretell the need for duality of character boy and girl. You have to be strong at the same time, and on the other hand, smooth the sharp corners with tenderness and optimism.

Family Dreamers triple babies promises a solution to all issues with the second half. Single and unmarried such a plot is a symbol of choice.

Soon it will be possible to create a family of calculations, but you will have to forget about feelings.

Parents even one crumbs lot babies in a dream appear as a reflection of real feelings for the offspring.

If you were born in a dream pectoral twin babies in a pregnant woman is an excellent sign. In reality, the process will be almost painless and quick.

For a man to become the father of two kids at once — a symbol to think about his greed and trying to get everything at once.

What is the dream of a baby: boy, girl, feed a baby in a dream

Seen in a dream dead the baby is likely to cause negative emotions after waking up. Fortunately, this story has a positive interpretation. Alien dead baby foretells the ladies who dream of pregnancy, the speedy fulfillment of this desire.

His dead baby foreshadows that it is necessary to weaken control over the crumbs, and not to stifle him with excessive care. If he is actually dead, this is how the desperate longing of the parents is expressed.

It is undesirable to quarrel if you dream naked baby. It is also a sign of deterioration of well-being.

Neat and contented alien baby in a dream is an auspicious symbol. A sick baby predicts an unfavorable climate in the family and minor troubles at work.

Newborn baby soiled in blood and mucus is an excellent omen. Native people will support in endeavors.

For pregnant women premature baby in a dream does not matter. This is how the daily experiences and natural fear of the upcoming birth process are manifested.

A reflection of real anxiety is crying baby in a dream. Sadness will pass quickly if you can calm him down.

About the credulity and naivety dreamer reports sleeping baby. Such a plot suggests that due to excessive modesty in relation to their abilities, you can miss a good chance to advance in the service.

If dreamed smiling baby, you can safely take on all matters. It is a symbol of wealth growth.

Many interpreters believe that not well age speaking the dreaming baby is the personification of the sleeper’s subconscious. It is also a meeting with a man who will have a significant impact on fate.

The sign of large profits for businessmen is popping baby in a dream. Other dreamers are expected to improve their material well-being.

If dreamed abandoned baby, in reality, to be in the spotlight. Representatives of the opposite sex will clearly express sympathy.

By happy circumstances baby dream breast sucking. Unmarried girls to see such a picture from the outside is a great sign.

Soon the beloved will meet.

The sign of purification from the negative is bathe baby in a dream. It symbolizes forgiveness.

However, it should be noted that in the case of an extremely cramped bath, it is advisable to closely monitor the wallet and things. Possible theft in public places.

Search for crumbs in a dream means a symbolic search for the essence of one’s own existence.

If succeeded to find baby, the dream value is favorable. Looking for your baby is a reflection of real anxiety for him.

Career growth through hard work foreshadows a dream in which to nurse baby If the parents see this plot, then the dream impressions, in addition to the daytime impressions, means good news and participation in the celebration.

Sway baby in dirty hands — a warning about the difficult period of life. Failures will happen because of their own sluggishness.

Clean hands promise success.

Swaddle baby — a symbol of caring attention from loved ones. If the pet is very small, you should think about the correctness of the chosen path of life.

A carefree existence ahead when dreaming kiss baby Joy will bring communication with friends.

A tiny baby in a dream is an ambiguous symbol, and by listening to the advice of dream books, you can avoid negative events in life. Good dreams, healthy and obedient offspring in reality!

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