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What is the dream of a baby boy according to dream books and basic meanings?

The baby boy dreamed: interpretation features

A boy is a baby in a dream for most countries — a sign of special blessing of family, wealth, abundance, happiness. This is especially true of countries with a pronounced religious advantage of boys, in patriarchal cultures.

In Japan, China, India, a newborn boy is a great happiness and triumph, a newborn girl can be neglected or even destroyed a female infant, since it turned out to be unprofitable for the family.

Now such an attitude towards boys and girls is possible only in radical Muslim countries, when a baby boy is a sign of happiness and joy, a girl means “the gods have forgotten about us.” As a result, girls are slowly being rejected from the population, so as not to dishonor the family and not go bankrupt, and prestigious boys grow up without a particular perspective on their own family happiness.

To see a baby boy in a dream — to count on the blessings of heaven, material and spiritual benefits, honor and respect.

What is the dream of a baby boy according to dream books and basic meanings?

What is a baby boy dreaming of

  • For a young and lover boy, a baby in a dream can be a visualization of the thought of children. No, this does not mean that the charming little tot asks for our world and sends a dream. Just at some point, the hormonal breeding program works, you are really in love and the thought of the children seems attractive.
  • A plump and pink-cheeked baby boy promises maximum well-being for the whole year. A successful baby should be large, with a meaningful look, the same skin color as you. To realize success, it is not enough to catch the bird of happiness, you certainly have to do something yourself. No one will come and solve your problems, will not find the best solutions. You have opportunities, sleep shows that now they are maximum. Take action.
  • Baby with blue eyes means shyness, indecision. Brown-eyed child — willingness to action. Pensive child — perhaps you should calculate all possible options and choose the best one.
  • An infant may be a sign of a newborn stunning idea that will bring good profits. If you dreamed baby — do not rush to be touched. Try to remember your dream in detail. Maybe you, like Mendeleev, dreamed of some amazing idea. She must be restored to memory before she dreamed of someone else.
  • If you dream of childbirth in which you give birth to a boy, you will have to work hard to implement the idea. This dream can be a dream for both men and women, you should not be surprised. For men, a dream with childbirth means some kind of fantastic idea. On the other hand, the biblical meaning of «begat» has not been canceled. If you are a man and you dream that you are giving birth — this does not mean that something is very wrong with you. You have an idea, a goal, you can handle it.
  • The baby in the hands — the fulfillment of desires. You are lucky, expect pleasant surprises.
  • Gemini dreams of success, but there will be twice as many problems in fulfilling a dream.
  • If the baby is yourself, sleep means infantilism, the need for love and care, preferably in unrequited love, because the baby is not able to respond adequately either to feelings or to spending. What can a baby? Smile especially touching, waving his legs — that’s all. You do not have clear requirements for yourself, but rather serious claims to this world. Perhaps you suffer from helplessness and feel some inadequacy compared to other people.

What is the dream of a baby boy according to dream books and basic meanings?

What does a baby boy mean by dream books

Gypsy dream book promises a long period of happiness and luck. Especially good to kiss the baby in his dream.

A child who holds hands — you can count on support.

Dream Vanga claims that a completely naked baby — to a difficult financial situation. If you also hold the baby with dirty hands — failures await you.

A successful baby should be at least in a diaper, hands should be clean. The baby should smile and show signs of sympathy or sleep soundly.

A female dream book believes that a baby in a dream gives hope. Perhaps you will have a new love.

The dream book of the Wanderer assures that a baby means purity of thoughts and symbolizes hope, the fulfillment of the most cherished desires, if they are pure.

Dream Miller treats the baby boy in a dream as a sign of pleasant troubles, joyful excitement. Miller’s childcare means a tangible and intangible investment in a business.

A baby that you care about means a dead relationship. This is not a child, but only a projection of unfulfilled expectations.

Dead, disappearing babies — you will manage to part with addiction or get out of your relationship.

What is the dream of a baby boy according to dream books and basic meanings?

Actual sleep value

The baby boy can dream of young parents, as a reflection of experiences, worries in real life. A dream can reflect current information or be a projection of past unrest.

For a pregnant woman, sleeping with a boy can be an indication of the sex of the child. better rely on ultrasound results, but the boy in a dream reflects your own aspirations.

A child in the arms of a pregnant woman means a safe birth. For a mother, a boy means a boy; a male child in the hands of a husband means a girl.

What is the dream of a baby boy according to dream books and basic meanings?


To see a baby boy in a dream is definitely a good sign. Everything will improve, finances, health, relationships. Use luck to the maximum.

If there are no other options, play roulette once in your life or buy a lottery ticket. If the sex of the baby is not obvious — by default, it is considered that it is a boy.

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