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What is the dream mom in a dream — Sonya Vanga, G

Dreamed mom — causes of sleep and interpretation

Mom … How many tender feelings each of us feels when he hears this word. From birth, she protects her child, gives him care and affection.

Mom is always there and does not allow her to stumble, to make the wrong choice, even if we are separated from her by thousands of kilometers or different worlds.

But why dream of a mother in a dream? Many dream books call this night vision a special meaning.

Knowing all the smallest details of sleep with the participation of the mother, you can find out your future and prevent yourself from wrong steps.

What is the dream mom in a dream - Sonya Vanga, G

Dream «mother» from Vanga

  • The prophetess believed that the dream in which you see the image of the mother is a symbol of your family hearth.
  • Seeing the mother doing the housekeeping means that all family matters are in your hands.
  • If mother sheds bitter tears in night vision, a difficult period is expected in your family. You will have to endure constant quarrels and serious scandals. All this can lead to disintegration of the integrity of the family. However, everything is in your hands, it’s not for nothing that people say: “Forewarned is forearmed”.
  • In a dream with my mother, a quarrel arises or she raises her hand to you — a bad sign. He foreshadows the misfortune that will overtake your family. In this situation, you will look for the cause of this unhappiness in yourself. However, in reality, the culprit does not exist, everyone is a victim here.
  • In dreams, you listen to how the mother is singing a lullaby to you — this suggests that you pay little attention to your family, you are more attracted to events outside. However, at the moment she needs your care and support as much as ever before. Therefore, if you want to keep the warmth of the family hearth, do not miss this moment and begin to act now.

The Dream Dream of the Spouses of Winter

  • I dreamed of how mom cares about you — soon you will need the support of others. Therefore, in reality, do not hesitate and do not be afraid to ask for help and accept it with gratitude.
  • The image of a strict or sad mother appeared in the night vision — this means that in reality you can make the wrong choice, which will lead to serious and major problems.
  • If you see in dreams how your mother dies in agony — probably due to the fussiness in everyday life, you have lost sight of what is for you the meaning of existence.

What is the dream mom in a dream - Sonya Vanga, G

Oriental Dream: Mom in a dream

  • Seeing mom in your home is an auspicious symbol. Now all your affairs will begin to improve, since your mother will always be there.
  • In the night vision you are talking to your mother — this promises you good news.
  • If a mother is a woman in a dream — this dream means that she is waiting for family happiness, which she has been waiting for.
  • In dreams, you hear your mother calling you by name — you probably need to think carefully about what is good and what is bad.
  • Seeing mother in tears or screaming from unbearable pain is the forerunner of an approaching disaster. It is possible that she is threatened with a serious illness.

How does a dream, Mr. Miller’s dream?

  • In a dream, a mother comes to your house — this promises quite good results in commercial activities.
  • In a dream, you are talking to your mother — you will soon have long-awaited pleasant news about the matters that you are so interested in.
  • Mom in a dream to a woman foreshadows her a successful marriage and a happy family.
  • If you see someone else’s mother in night vision, who is dying in the throes of illness, this means that a period of difficult experiences will come in your life.
  • In a dream, mother calls by name to herself — evidence that everyone has left you. This loneliness has formed an emptiness in your soul. Probably in the past you have chosen the wrong road, and now you are overcome by despair. But do not lose heart, this is only a period of your life, everything will be fine.
  • If in dreams you hear how mom cries — you need to pay more attention to her. Perhaps she has a serious illness that you don’t even suspect. It may also herald the danger approaching you. So be on your guard.
  • In a dream, you are watching a woman feeding a child — this means that at the moment there are all the conditions for translating your ideas into reality.

What is the dream mom in a dream - Sonya Vanga, G

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

  • In the dream you see the image of the mother — this is a good sign, which promises you happiness, well-being and good luck.
  • In night vision, mother is sick — this means that in reality you will encounter serious troubles.
  • If mother dreamed of a dead one, it is likely that some of your close friends or relatives will have to suffer a serious illness.
  • In dreams, mother does household chores — it promises you longevity and a promising future.
  • In a dream, you and a mother started a heart-to-heart talk — you will soon be pleasantly surprised.
  • If the mother does not want to talk with you, then in reality you will lose what you value so much.
  • Hearing your mother calling you by name means that you make a serious mistake in your business. However, close friends will give you a helping hand.
  • Hearing in a dream maternal crying — in the near future you will know the plans of your partners regarding cooperation.
  • If you live with your mother in night vision, it promises you a happy marriage.
  • Seeing someone else’s mom dying — this means that sad news will visit your home.
  • If the mother sits in a rocking chair in dreams, you will find happiness that you have never dreamed of.
  • Kissing your mother on the cheek in a dream — you will soon have success in commercial activities, and you can win the love and respect of your partners.
  • Seeing a woman feeding a baby — you probably will have the opportunity to fulfill all your dreams.
  • If the girl sees herself as a nursing mother, then this means that in reality you will face unfounded accusations. You will have to spend a lot of energy to refute them and regain your honor.

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