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What is the dream in the dream of dreams of Miller, Freud

Dreamed a clock, the correct interpretation of different dream books

Why dream hours in a dream? To learn about this in detail, you need to read the dream book.

General interpretation of sleep

At the subconscious level, the clock is connected with the passage of time, years of life. There is an established sign. Stopping the clock in the house is not a good sign.

The explanations of dreams with clocks in different dream books differ markedly. For a better understanding of the meaning of dreams, it is necessary to take into account many nuances.

The type of watch, their condition and the circumstances in which you saw them.

Interpretation of various dream books

What is the dream in the dream of dreams of Miller, Freud

Autumn dream

To see a clock in a dream — all adversity will pass you by.

Spring dream book

Broken watches predict death.

Summer dream

You clean the clock with a cloth — at the end of your life you will be forced to leave your homeland and live in a certain country.

Children’s dream book

Hear the ticking of the clock — a disease is possible or you have to overcome difficult circumstances.

Sensible dream book

  • Good hours — a symbol of good health.
  • Broken — possible injury, ear pain.

Female dream book

  • In the dream, they wanted to know the time, but the watch does not have a clock face — predicts grief.
  • The ticking of hours in a dream — troubles in life will continue.

Modern dream book

  • Hours go normally — the fortune in affairs, fine state of health.
  • The clock is broken — the collapse of hope, failure in business.
  • The clock on the wall — predict a funeral.

Russian people’s dream book

  • In fear of missing something important, you are constantly glancing at the hands of the clock. Nayawa, you are afraid of losing the opportunity to do something meaningful.
  • The clock broke in your sleep. You are in a difficult position.
  • We have acquired for ourselves a new watch — it indicates your levity, inability to make the necessary decisions in unusual conditions.

Gypsy dream book

  • Your watch in a dream is in a hurry — the symbol of death.
  • If they lag behind — herald a long life.

Dream book writer Aesop

  • Hours rose in a dream — promises sad news, feeling of a dissatisfaction.
  • Hearing the chimes of a stopped watch indicates future problems, a serious illness.
  • You set up an alarm clock in a dream — you will experience undeserved reproaches from people.
  • Saw an hourglass. Watched the movement of sand in them. This indicates that you do not need to postpone your current business for tomorrow.
  • Attempting to repair watches in a dream speaks of your useless attempts to change the inevitable situation.

Erotic dream book

  • Hours in a dream signal to you that not all plans are realized.
  • Fight hours in a dream says that you are a thin-walled person.
  • The clock ran away in a dream ahead — a sign of discontent with the present life.
  • They are behind in time — you will find a passionate love affair.
  • Good health is indicated by observing the viscera of working hours in a dream.
  • Breaking and stopping hours in a dream indicates sexual problems.

The dream of psychologist Z. Freud

  • Did the translation of the arrows on the wristwatch. This promises a premium on service.
  • To see a clock of impressive size on the wall or on the floor is a surprise in an intimate relationship from someone who seemed to you insensitive.
  • The clock on the tower dreams of receiving the long-awaited news.
  • Wicked hours — a sign of unsatisfactory sex.

What is the dream in the dream of dreams of Miller, Freud

Ukrainian dream book

  • Hours are dreaming of positive life changes, new connections, dates.
  • Watches that do not work symbolize demise, death.

Dream interpretation of the Wanderer (T. Smirnova)

  • Watch watches broadcast a business date, anticipation.
  • The find of hours speaks about slow progress of affairs.
  • See a costly watch predicts a successful marriage.
  • Hours — to change.
  • The cuckoo clock symbolizes the long years of life.

French dream book

Tower clock dreams of the destruction of your home, broadcast ruin. Bad vision.

The dream of the witch Medea

  • Hours in a dream report that life does not stand still. Appreciate the time. Back it will not return.
  • To see the clock, which is worth — in your life it was a deaf time.
  • Lack of hands on the clock or they are broken — the society and native people will refuse from you.
  • To wind up a clock in a dream is a herald of good changes in life.

Dreaming tarot

Dreams of delusions and omissions.

The dream of psychologist G. Miller

  • The successful outcome of stock trading predicts a vision of hours in a dream.
  • Smashed them in a dream — broadcasting grief and loss.
  • The glass on the watch was broken — a sign of your careless actions in a bad environment.
  • The loss of hours in a dream for a woman indicates that the roots of grief lie in family difficulties.
  • Kidnapping your watch in a dream predicts an attempt on your honor and good name. Be wary of your detractors.
  • Hear the fight hours in a dream — a symbol of bad news.
  • To hand the watch to someone as a present broadcasts obstacles in life.

Bible dream book azar

An empty pastime is broadcasting a dream with a clock.

Dream Vanga

  • Antique watches hint you to think about the past years, your actions. What leave behind as an inheritance.
  • The clock on the wall tells you about the carelessness of your life, do not waste time in vain.
  • Wristwatches report on the approach of serious phenomena in your life.
  • A watch without a dial announces an impending disaster. It can be avoided only by seeking the help of divine powers.

The dream interpretation medium Hasse

  • To see a pocket watch is to normalize matrimonial life.
  • Gold watches — close people can rob you.
  • Hours which do not go, broadcast about waste of time, death of the distant acquaintance.
  • Give the clock — to self-deception.
  • Seen a big clock with a fight, reminded that time is money.
  • Smashed the clock in a dream — wait for an unpleasant case.

Dreaming nostradamus

  • The clock on the wall warns you will repent for your actions in the future.
  • Seen wristwatches report a lack of time to translate into reality their plans.
  • The ticking of the clock to hear — informs you that a loved one needs your support.

Esoteric dream book

  • Lost or dropped the clock — tells about your lost time.
  • The clock on the wall speaks of an important period for you and your family circle. Be careful in everything.

Noble Dreambook N. Grishina

  • To hear the battle of tower clocks — the time of your test is not far off, an important event in society is coming.
  • Watching wristwatches is a waste of time.
  • Break the clock — to the loss, lose — to be late.
  • The loud ticking of the clock symbolizes the anxious anticipation of an event that is about to occur in the near future.

What is the dream in the dream of dreams of Miller, Freud

Interpretations from other sources

  1. You have received a watch as a gift — in reality a valuable gift or a pleasant acquaintance is waiting for you.
  2. An electronic clock in a dream warns of a likely quarrel in the family or conflict with friends.
  3. Many hours dream of well-being, income.

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