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What is the dream in a dream woman?

What is the dream in a dream girl or woman?

The most frequent interpretation of such a dream — you expect an early illness. It will not be superfluous to consult a doctor, be examined and pass tests. But this is only a general interpretation among many others.

For example, in some dream books, the menstruation dreams of losing a loved one, to the imminent unhappiness, the consequences of which will drastically affect your life. Why dream monthly woman?

What is the dream in a dream woman?

To understand, you need to remember everything, even the smallest details of sleep. Everyone knows that dreams are most clearly remembered immediately after awakening. And in the evening you can forget it.

Therefore, if you are interested in interpreting a dream as faithfully as possible, write down the plot of the dream in the smallest detail as soon as you wake up. And then go to the dream book in search of accurate interpretation.

Popular interpretations

The following interpretations of such a female dream are given in the dream books:

  • If in a dream you expect the onset of critical days, but you can not wait, wait in real life difficulties, failures. You will seek help, but you will be denied even the closest people. This is an occasion to think — perhaps you yourself act dishonestly and dishonestly, so there are no people willing to support
  • If a man dreams of such a dream, He is clamped sexually, possibly a virgin. There are some complexes and fears. You need the help of a qualified psychologist to learn how to relax and live a full sex life. Or try to get rid of prejudice
  • If a pregnant woman dreams of monthly, this is an auspicious sign. The fruit is healthy, expectant mother too. Expect the appearance of a healthy and cheerful baby in due time. Childbirth will be quick, simple, and the child will be distinguished by excellent health.
  • If in a dream the clothes are soiled, you feel awkward, then in real life, soon feel something like this, but on a larger scale. You will be in a situation that makes you feel shame and guilt.
  • In some dream books monthly, dreamed of a man, foreshadow rapid losses. He may lose his job, lose a large amount of money, go into debt or credit. But the loss does not necessarily touch the material part of life. Sleep can prophesy and fast parting. It will be the man who is to blame, so an unpleasant situation can be avoided by monitoring your behavior
  • An unpleasant dream in which you see a dirty gasket promises trouble. Most likely, you are extremely curious, like to pry into other people’s affairs, to learn the dirty details of the personal life of others. Stop it! This behavior will not bring to good. If you do not stop shaking someone else’s dirty laundry, you will be alone forever. Sleep is a sign of fate that it’s time to take up your own personal life.

Sometimes the meaning of sleep can be completely simple. Perhaps you started menstruating while you were sleeping, and your body gave the signal to wake up and take action.

But if it is not, think about why it was you who had so many unpleasant dreams.

What is the dream in a dream woman?

Private interpretation

There are other interpretations of such a dream. For example:

  • In French dream book states that you will meet with distant relatives. It is possible that you have never seen these people in your life, but they will come to visit. At first you will not be pleased, but in the end the meeting will bring only positive emotions.
  • Author dreamy longo states: menstruation dreams of obstacles, difficulties that soon will have to overcome. They will touch most of their personal lives — something or someone wants to interfere with your happiness. Do not give up — the outcome of events will depend on your correct or incorrect actions.
  • Dream Miller warns: dreamed periods — a sign that you can not leave the house in the next day. Beware of rides on cars and public transport, take care of yourself
  • Freud considered, that if a girl dreams of menstruation, in real life she is inclined to be late. On dates, meeting with friends, to the beginning of the working day. Such behavior speaks of disorder and disrespect towards others. So think and try to be more responsible.

Adverse predictions do not always come true, but they can be a reason to think, reconfigure themselves and their behavior on the desired wave.

What is the dream in a dream woman?

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