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What is the dream drunk on the dream of Miller, Longo, Kananita

Dreamed of a drunk — the nuances of interpretation of popular dream books

If a person in a dream sees himself or someone else drunk — this is a warning about the possible negative consequences of frivolous acts. Also alcohol intoxication symbolizes lack of control, uncontrollability, spontaneity.

But there are other symbolic meanings of such dreams. To understand why a drunk person dreams, you need to look into the dream book and check with him the details of the dream that you had before you sleep.

General interpretation

If in a night vision a young girl saw herself drunk — this dream warns her about the danger of being subjected to public censure or compromising herself in front of her partner and close people. It is necessary to move away from the opinions of other people, listening only to inner feelings.

If such a dream was seen by a married lady — in reality she would have to fight with strong emotions. In order to prevent family scandals and abuse, it is necessary to control yourself and not to make conflicts with the household in empty places.

What is the dream drunk on the dream of Miller, Longo, Kananita

A man who, in a dream, sees himself drunk, in reality may fear problems with a partner in a romantic relationship. There is a risk that her frivolous disposition will lead to events that could ruin a man’s reputation.

Night vision, in which the dreamer was driving drunk behind the wheel of a car, warns him of the troubles that can stand in the way of achieving the goal. If in a dream a sleeping person was a passenger of a car driven by a drunk driver, this omen is not the most pleasant.

The execution of the plans and ideas of the dreamer will depend on the whims of people from the outside.

Drunk friend or relative

The general interpretation of the dream, in which a drunken friend or relative appeared, is: a person who was dreaming into a state of intoxication in reality was somehow guilty before the dreamer, or he would soon get sick.

  • A dream in which a drunken mother dreamed, if she uses a lot of alcohol in reality, speaks of the dreamer’s inner concern for her health. If in real life the mother drinks no more than on holidays, in this case the dream speaks of the dreamer’s spinelessness. He cannot say no and allows others to push around with him.
  • The dream, in which the drunk father appeared, speaks about the wrong views of a sleeping person on the circumstances created. The dream symbolizes the search for your own, eternal values.
  • If a night vision with a drunken father dreamed of a person running a big business, he should think about how honest his partners are. If at one time the dreamer placed his friends in leadership positions, then it is worthwhile to carefully control their actions. Their rash acts can undermine both the reputation of the company and the dreamer himself.
  • A young man who saw in a dream a drunk deceased father, in reality, should rely only on himself, not expecting help from others.
  • If a drunk dad met a married woman in a dream — a dream warns about conflicts in a marriage that can be avoided by keeping the barbs and criticism of her spouse with you.
  • If the late drunk father dreamed of an unmarried girl, he is not satisfied with her behavior or does not approve of the choice of a partner in romantic relationships, the groom.

What is the dream drunk on the dream of Miller, Longo, Kananita

Other interpretations

There are other interpretations that explain what a drunk person foretells in a dream, referring to other details of a dream the night before. If a drunk stranger dreamed of a sleeping person, a dream foreshadows fears, doubts, uncertainty and anxiety.

In reality, they will have little relation, since they are rooted in the fantasy of the dreamer, and their main reason is a lack of understanding of the situation.

To remedy the situation is simple — just soberly assess it. With an objective view of the world, it will become clear that most of the anxieties are artificial problems.

If a male stranger in a state of intoxication dreams of a young girl — this is a warning about the need to wisely choose the beloved. A partner may not be so honest.

The dream in which the drunk chief was seen symbolizes dissatisfaction with the leadership in real life. There are only two ways out — to change jobs or to accept the boss as he is.

Night vision, in which several drunk people appeared, warns about problems and conflicts with other people in reality. It is worth looking at the environment — it may be possible to detect malicious people, envious, and self-serving flatterers.

What is the dream drunk on the dream of Miller, Longo, Kananita

Dream Miller

According to the interpretation that this dream book opens, a drunk person appears in a dream as a symbol of frivolous attitude towards colleagues. In order not to lose work and not let yourself be substituted, it is worth critically evaluating flattery in the work team.

If a young girl sees a dream in which she is not sober — in reality she will commit an act of which she will regret. If the dreamer is a man or a woman of mature age, a dream, on the contrary, speaks of frivolity, which will not allow any decisions to be regretted.

Dreamy longo

A dream in which a sleeping person became intoxicated after drinking very little symbolizes too serious an attitude towards insignificant things in reality. This may apply to romantic relationships.

A dream in which the dreamer was sober, but behaved like a drunkard, speaks of the intention of others to use it for personal gain.

Dream Cananita

Night vision, in which the dreamer himself was not sober, dreams of the disease. A drunken stranger who appeared in a dream — to an unpleasant meeting or the need to attend the celebration without any desire.

A lot of drunk people — to the epidemic.

If you dreamed of a drunk person with whom the dreamer was familiar with reality, then this person is in danger of becoming seriously ill.

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