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What is the dream coat on the dream books Miller, Medea, Prozorov

Coats in dreams — deciphering the symbol, interpretation and meaning

Even wardrobe items, appearing in our night visions, have their own interpretation and sacred symbolic meaning. Often they can personify a person’s character, habits and lifestyle.

To understand what the coat dreams about, it is worth comparing the details of the dreaming dream with what the dream book tells us. So you can get an individual forecast that can help in planning future cases.

General interpretation

A dream in which a man dressed in a coat appeared symbolizes the security of a sleeping person in an upcoming risky business. Perhaps he is under the protection of an influential friend or other strong patron with high incomes.

If the coat in the dream observed by the dreamer beat too large, not suitable in size, this is a bad sign. He portends life difficulties and obstacles, which will be very difficult to overcome with our own efforts.

If a stranger was seen in such clothes — it’s worth preparing for new romantic adventures.

What is the dream coat on the dream books Miller, Medea, Prozorov

A new coat, seen in a dream, foreshadows the possibility of long-term plans for a sleeping person, and it will also soon turn out to deal with protracted business commitments. If you had a chance to try it on — sleep promises changes associated with the workplace. Perhaps it will increase or even change work.

Also, changes can affect lifestyle.

There is another interpretation of such a dream — in accordance with it, the person who saw him is successful, he is able to make the right decisions even in the most difficult situations, and he is also endowed with a flexible mind and ingenuity.

A bad omen is an old coat. It foreshadows the need, humiliation, for businessmen — the burning out of business, the deterioration of material welfare.

If you dreamed of a dirty coat — it is worth refraining from participating in questionable events, as it will subsequently be difficult to clear your reputation. A long coat speaks of skeletons in the dreamer’s closet — and he does not want to share these secrets with anyone.

Interpretation by color

If you dream of a coat in a dream, the interpretation of this image will depend on the color of the wardrobe item.

  • The white coat foreshadows a very pleasant acquaintance, which will bring to life the dreamer many pleasant moments and positive emotions. Perhaps there will be real feelings for someone from the circle of friends.
  • The one who dreams of a blue coat, in reality, probably controls the implementation of some work, a project. Malicious people are trying to thwart the plans of a sleeping person, but despite their efforts, the dreamer is waiting for success.
  • Auspicious — black coat. It heralds the receipt of a worthy reward for courage, diligence, hard work, the Dreamer is like a peacemaker — he is always with those who need him, when necessary. Also for a man such a dream promises profit.
  • A green coat is an unusual omen. It foreshadows significant life changes that can affect important areas. This may be a change of workplace, occupation or even moving to another city. But do not worry, because the changes will be pleasant.
  • A pink coat is not the most auspicious sign. He personifies getting the dreamer into a difficult and unusual situation, which is caused by his naivety and reverie. It’s bad if this piece of clothing was also old and scratched — in this case it’s worth learning how to make decisions on your own as soon as possible and take a sober look at reality.
  • A red coat is a warning: it is worth being alert not to fall into the prepared trap.
  • Yellow wardrobe foreshadows deterioration of reputation due to rumors and gossip.

What is the dream coat on the dream books Miller, Medea, Prozorov

Interpretation on other details

Not the most auspicious sign — night vision, in which the relationship partner or friend was in a black coat. After such a dream, there is a chance that this person will say goodbye to the dreamer, but later will regret this decision.

A beautiful, luxurious coat of unusual appearance, foreshadows the improvement of social status, the growth of influence and reputation, authority.

If a sleeping man in his night vision put on someone else’s or unsuitable in size, uncomfortable coat, then trouble is expected soon. Put on your own coat — prepare for the trip.

If the dreamer in his night vision tried on a comfortable and warm coat — he will have success in all his endeavors, a comfortable and pleasant life. Not the most auspicious sign — a dream in which a sleeping man had a chance to lose his coat. After such a dream, it is worth remembering the past and analyzing the mistakes that have been made that led to losses.

It is better to do this as soon as possible so that the situation does not happen again.

Dream Miller

According to the interpretation provided by the dream book, the coat is not the best symbol: it portends a deterioration of the situation due to the stubbornness of the dreamer. If this item of wardrobe in the dream had to be borrowed — the mistakes of others will affect the sleeping person. To be in a dream in a strange coat — to a complex and confusing situation.

To solve it, you should ask for help from your friends.

An unfavorable omen is a dream in which there was a ragged coat on the dreamer. It foreshadows sorrow sorrow.

Dream Medea

The coat can personify as the image of a person, his style and appearance, and serve as a subject of protection from surrounding influences or as a symbol of keeping secrets and secrets. If the dreamer in his night vision was wearing a coat, being indoors, he would be able to keep the secret.

If a sleeping person puts on someone else’s coat, in real life, even in case of financial difficulties, he manages to keep a smart face. Tearing a coat — to minor troubles and unfortunate circumstances.

What is the dream coat on the dream books Miller, Medea, Prozorov

Dream interpretation of Simeon Prozorov

If in the night vision it was possible to acquire a new quality coat, the dreamer expects an improvement in social status, recognition of those around him. If such a piece of clothing also had a chance to wear — enjoy all the blessings of life.

A well-worn coat, in patches and seams, suggests that in the future you will have to learn to rejoice in the little.

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