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What is the dream chase: interpretation of the dream

Becoming a witness to a chase in a dream is a reflection of the dreamer’s desire to keep everything under control. If in the realm of Morpheus it was necessary to run away from a murderer or a maniac, then in the near future there will be urgent matters, which will require a lot of strength and energy to solve.

Harassing a loved one is a sign that the sleeper is not paying enough attention to it in reality, which can later lead to a cooling of the relations between them.

Running away from the pursuit in a dream is a sign that in real life the dreamer will become a victim of an unfair accusation. The situation can be quickly resolved, and the guilty apologize to the sleeping person.

Dangerous pursuit with shooting, reminiscent of the plot of the movie — a reflection of a person’s need for attention and expression.

  • If the police are chasing the sleeping car, then in the near future he will face difficulties at work and in his personal life. To be caught by law enforcement officers is a danger warning. Caution should be exercised, it is not necessary to commit illegal actions and to participate in questionable transactions.
  • Running away from his pursuers at night under the cover of darkness is a reflection of the dreamer’s subconscious desire to hide from himself. You need to learn to enjoy life and become more open to the world and people.
  • Killing a person with a knife and hiding from his pursuers is a sign that the dreamer is disturbed by an intractable internal conflict that prevents him from living a normal life.
  • The chase on the water represents the sincere desire of the sleeper to achieve his goals in life and fulfill his cherished dream. Everything will surely come true, the main thing is not to give up and believe in yourself.

What is the dream chase: interpretation of the dream

Running in a dream for someone is a reflection of the dreamer’s excessive ambition. He must learn to set achievable goals instead of following ghostly dreams.

If the dreamer had to chase after a dangerous criminal, the dream book indicates his desire for self-improvement. He is engaged in his spiritual development and self-education, seeking to find harmony with himself and the world around him.

If a dream chase in the forest is a bad sign. The man got confused in himself and lost his bearings in life.

He needs wise counsel and the help of loved ones to cope with a difficult stage in life.

Chase the animals in your sleep:

  • A girl chasing a bear promises to meet a young man, next to whom she will find her happiness. For a man, a dream is the personification of an internal struggle, the outcome of which will affect his future life.
  • If the dreamer chased hares, then in reality he would have to play the role of a peacemaker and reconcile loved ones after a quarrel.
  • Running after a bull or a donkey is a warning about possible intrigues and conspiracies of detractors.
  • In the role of a hunter, chase prey — to overcome the difficulties on the way to a dream.

According to the dream book Vanga, to see the chase from the side — to a fun pastime in a friendly company. If in a dream the sleeper felt threatened, then in reality he should avoid confrontation with his competitors and detractors.

If the persecuted person attacked the dreamer, the dream book indicates that it is not worthwhile to celebrate your triumph prematurely, since unexpected circumstances of the event may soon be revealed.

Freud’s interpretation of the dream book: the chase indicates the dreamer’s aspiration to achieve the fulfillment of his dream. He cannot achieve his goal for a long time, which greatly disturbs him.

Alternative interpretation: danger looming over the dreamer. It is necessary to exercise caution and in no case do not lose vigilance.

The value of a dream in Miller’s dream book:

  • Hiding from the pursuers — to the health problems of someone from the close relatives of the sleeper.
  • Safely escape from the chase — a sign that the dreamer will overtake the problems that he can easily overcome.
  • To make every effort to catch up with the person is a reflection of the sleeper’s willingness to take any measures to achieve the goals set. Dream Interpretation warns that dreams, for the sake of which will have to go to dishonest deeds, will not bring happiness.
  • Failing to overtake the pursued — in reality will have to experience irritation and discontent with themselves.

According to the dream book of Lofa, the pursuit of a person with whom the sleeper is familiar with personifies his desire to protect and protect him. Alternative interpretation: to seek to catch up with a friend — a warning about the danger that threatens him.

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