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What is the dream about the skirt of the dream books of Grishin, Freud

Summer or winter, fashionable or old — what does it mean if you dream of a skirt

As a rule, such dreams are seen by women, therefore the dream book has a lot of interpretations — after all, the miniskirt is noticeably different from maxi, and denim — from corduroy. But why dream of a skirt, if the dreamer is a man?

What is the dream about the skirt of the dream books of Grishin

The overall interpretation of this «stylish» sleep

  • The place that covers this element of clothing, quite unambiguously hints: dreams with a skirt often have an erotic context. Although of course, the style and type of fabric is also important.
  • To see the skirt on the doll: for the holiday, during which the table will simply “break”.
  • She was on a dog of room breed: life will throw you a “rake”.
  • Wore your favorite skirt: together you will go on a cruise or a journey.
  • This item of clothing was worn by a stranger: in a woman’s dream, such a sign promises a very unusual pastime, or acquaintance with an extraordinary person.
  • If the dreamer has seen himself in a skirt, this is a sign: he pays too much attention to gender distinction.

What was she like?

  • With a hole, and you wore it: an old friend will offer you something very «tasty».
  • Velveteen, old: at work, you will surpass all.
  • Denim: you make good money by implementing a couple of your fresh ideas.
  • Red and also white snow peas: you will spend the evening very happily.
  • Too tight, small on you: great sleep! You will be rewarded at work, or maybe someone from your family has prepared a gift for you.
  • Too big, flying off with you when walking: this is also a great dream, promising you success in the implementation of all your plans.

Long (maxi)

  • You wore it. Black maxi: you beat all your fears. White: you are destined to a fun life. Red: loved left you, and now you are waiting for his return. Color: Watch out for diseases. With frills: you are destined to a long journey, which will brighten up a person you know.
  • You took it off, going to bed: life will change so that you will be surprised. And everything will happen very quickly.
  • You took off your pants and put on a long skirt: you will ride to places that you love very much.
  • A beautiful, long skirt in a dream, in which you go to visit, says: you need to prepare for a conversation with the «powerful of this world.»
  • You performed on the stage in such an outfit: a dispute, a conflict will start at your work. «Dove of Peace» will be you.
  • See maxi on a stranger: you will not get sick and even lose a good mood.
  • On a mannequin: your beloved distant relatives, with whom you have not seen for a long time, will send news of themselves.
  • You gave this skirt to a friend: her health worries you.
  • You received this item as a gift: something memorable will happen in your personal life soon.

Short (mini)

  • What was its color? Red: you have hidden erotic dreams. Black: you can «throw», that is, betray or deceive. White: you have a fan. Green or blue: your loved one is faithful to you.
  • What did you do wearing that skirt? Come off on the dance floor: you are a very confident person who does not see any obstacles in front of you. They undressed in front of their beloved: in your head — not “tricks”, and the future is a job interview.
  • You undressed, and … Hang a skirt on a chair: get ready for a peaceful evening with your family. Put on a shelf in the closet: a loved one confesses his feelings to you, and in a very unusual way.
  • You threw it away: you have to defend your right to your own opinion.
  • They gave it to you (as it should be, in a bright package, or even a box with a ribbon): the information you are interested in will become known to you.
  • She was worn by your girlfriend: you are well wrapped with your comrades. Stranger, beautiful: you will be nostalgic, recalling his very first cavalry.
  • If you tried to pull the mini over the pants, the dream says: you will be very wealthy, the money will come to you with enviable regularity.

What did you do in your dream?

What is the dream about the skirt of the dream books of Grishin, Freud

  • Smeared skirt: you hope a guy in love with you.
  • Why dream of a skirt that you wash? Soon you will change your mind about someone close.
  • You stroked it: a business partner or colleague will present something to you.
  • Trying on a new skirt in the fitting shop: darling jealous of you. If you measure someone else’s skirt, you will be involved in a quarrel.
  • You bought it: this dream promises a holiday and other cool events. If the purchase was unsuccessful, think well before you do something.
  • We washed the floor with a skirt (and it was new): get ready to spend a lot of time, discussing something with your loved one for a long time. It may be that this sincere conversation will change something in your relationship.
  • They slept without taking off their skirts: in a family, the most important thing for you is the convenience of a loved one.
  • Chose what to leave the house — in a skirt or in pants: you are happy in marriage.
  • You forgot to wear a skirt and went outside in some tights or panties: you will soon be on a happy holiday.
  • You lost it while walking: you throw money at some sort of nonsense.
  • If you tore these clothes apart, say, by hooking a cloth over a nail, then in real life you will fall in love with a guy who has been crazy for a long time.
  • Sewed a skirt: you want to change your life. Everything will turn out if you correctly calculate your own capabilities. Do not refuse outside help.

What do famous books write?

At the end we offer to get acquainted with two interesting works. The first was created in the 20th century, but the basis for it was the records and studies created by many generations of the ancestors of the author from Russia.

The second book is the result of many years of psychotherapeutic practice of the famous American doctor.

Noble Dream Grishin

What is the dream about the skirt of the dream books of Grishin, Freud

  1. The skirt was new: get the letter.
  2. Old: ugly and false gossip will go about you.
  3. Dirty: a lot of household chores fall on you. Such a dream can promise an unequal marriage for a young girl.
  4. According to this dream book, the skirt on a man in a female dream dreams of a new romance, love.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

  1. If a woman dreamed that she was wearing a skirt, it means: maybe soon you will sleep with another lady, or just seriously get carried away with a special gender.
  2. The same story in a man’s dream: a dreamer secretly dreams of being a woman to figure out what it is.
  3. If in a dream you sewed a skirt, the subconscious mind warns you are hiding your feelings from everyone too much. Open to the world, and become much happier.

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