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What is the dream about the mother of Miller, Vanga, Freud’s dream books?

What does the dream in which you see mom mean

It would seem that a dream about mom should have only positive meaning. But experts in the interpretation of dreams argue that this is not always the case.

Want to understand why mom dreams? You should take into account many factors, remember all the details of sleep, and only then turn to the dream book.

What is the dream about the mother of Miller, Vanga, Freud's dream books?

Many experts believe: Mom is a kind, loving person, so her image makes good sense for the dreamer. This means that you are happy, you feel safe, you have the strength to develop.

If in a dream you are visited by a deceased mother, then this is a sign that you need to remember her in reality, to go to a cemetery or to church.

For a young girl, a dream in which she communicates with her mother speaks of a quick marriage. Mama is in a bad mood, she reproaches you for something — it means that in reality you are tormented by remorse of conscience because of some business.

What does Miller’s dream book promise?

From the point of view of the most famous dream specialist, a dream in which you see your mother in a calm, positive mood reflects harmony in your own family. Perhaps you are waiting for a happy, cloudless period, all conflicts will be left behind. Mom in this case symbolizes your relationship with the world in general, your general condition.

Also here you can expect good relations at work, financial income and good luck in business.

If a young man or girl who does not yet have their own families, had a similar dream, then it means that they are open to the world, their state is now smooth and harmonious, the relations with everyone are friendly.

It is quite another thing if your mother has already died, and you see her in a dream, even in the best of moods. This dream warns that you are in for a big trouble.

If in a dream your mom is crying, then it warns you about possible health problems.

Vanga’s opinion

The famous seer also believed that the dream, where you watch your mother, who feels good, is in good spirits, speaks of success in business, relationships, and finances. If a dream about a mother is a woman’s dream, then this is a sign that she is waiting for happiness and full realization in family life.

You can also see your mother as a young woman with a child. This suggests that you spend little time on your own family, your attitude to the world is still childish in many ways.

Mom cries — a bad sign, a dream speaks of unhappiness and big experiences.

If you dream that your mother (in reality, alive and healthy) is dying, this indicates the occurrence of a black band. There may be problems in many areas of life.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

Freud believed that such a dream should be interpreted as simply as possible: if this image was visited in me by a young man or girl, this means that they do not yet have their own opinion about life and are largely dependent on their mother.

Freud also said that for a young man such a dream can be a reflection of the Oedipus complex (early attraction to the mother). In general, the dream does not bode well, he says about the lack of independence, the inability to build their own family because of the strong influence of the mother.

Your personal relationships will fall apart due to your own failure.

What is the dream about the mother of Miller, Vanga, Freud's dream books?

Dream interpretation Hasse

The famous medium Hasse believed that the image of the dead mother foreshadows that you will live a long life, you will be as happy as possible. Are you talking about something with your mother with interest? Wait for information about secret enemies.

If you see that mom is sick, then this may portend serious problems in many areas of life at once. Nursing mother — a favorable period, success in business.

What is the dream about the mother of Miller, Vanga, Freud's dream books?

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