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What is the dream about the interpretation of basic values ​​and the dream books?

What does a shawl mean in a dream and what do shawls dream about

A scarf is a rectangular or triangular and ornate piece of fabric with interesting patterns, studying which you can tell a lot about the scarf’s owner. A scarf can be worn on the head as protection from the wind or under a hat — for warmth, a scarf thrown over shoulders acts as a jacket in the home. The scarf can be a symbol of homeliness, tenderness, femininity.

In a dream, a handkerchief means memory, loyalty. Consider the dream of a handkerchief for dream books.

What is the dream about the interpretation of basic values ​​and the dream books?

Basic Values

  • In antiquity, a scarf pattern could represent the wealth of a family or even maps of lands, unseen countries. Such a handkerchief was a sign of wealth, fortune.
  • The color of the scarf matters. Black shawl traditionally means mourning and closure. Not necessarily for a loved one. You may experience severe disappointment and some people will leave the circle of people with whom you communicate.
  • White shawl — to the bath, clean. Perhaps you go to a sanatorium or a recreation center. If a white handkerchief is on another person, he may be unwell.
  • Red, raspberry scarf — masquerade, entertainment.
  • Blue is for peace of mind, blue is unrequited love without reciprocity.
  • Green — something new awaits you.
  • Color scarves can mean the news of your girlfriend’s wedding.
  • Downy warm scarf that you put on your shoulders — to loneliness, waiting for good luck. The period is near when you will have to think about many things and rethink them completely. Following the period of calm, there will again be a period of activity. Now you should love silence and solitude. You can try to find yourself in the works.
  • Woolen scarf — to prosperity, success. Silk — to happy love.
  • Neckerchief — to career growth. You are confident and pleasant surprises await you.
  • Tie a handkerchief in a knot on the chest — false oaths of loyalty and devotion. You do too much to please and not disappoint others, say the words you expect from you. Do not be surprised if you are offended by the few who believed your promises.
  • To untie, to unwind a scarf in a dream — for spiritual release, readiness for new relations, openness.
  • If you put a handkerchief on your head, and he moves to the side, interferes with the review — you need to listen to the foolish advice of ill-wishers less. Perhaps they want to make you better and more convenient for themselves, but how comfortable is this role for you? A dream shows that narrowing the horizon causes an internal protest in you and restrictions are not beneficial.
  • Does your shawl wear another woman? “If she is radiant with happiness, you have in vain complained about fate or have boasted too much.” Someone is very jealous of you and is ready to successfully take your place. If misfortunes happen to a person, you managed to take the trouble away from yourself and your loved ones.
  • Receive a handkerchief as a gift — your friend or girlfriend, who presented the handkerchief, treat you patronizingly and are ready to provide support if required.
  • Spreading a handkerchief on the ground in order to place on it, like on a tablecloth, delicious picnic food — you are passionate about romance and are ready to neglect your interests for the sake of a beautiful development of relationships. Watch out. Perhaps your chosen one, luxuriously depicting a rich man, uses you and lives on generous donations of deceived women.
  • A handkerchief — to health problems, minor troubles. Do not forget to buy drugs for allergies, check the little things that you take with you on the road.

What is the dream about the interpretation of basic values ​​and the dream books?

Interpretations of authorities

  • Dream interpretation Tsvetkova promises happiness and prosperity, if in a dream you throw a bright colorful scarf on your head. Buying a beautiful handkerchief in a dream, planning to wear it on your head — to seek to hide from problems.
  • The dream book of Veles argues that to see a scarf in a dream is an exceptionally good sign, which means gifts, pleasant news, and changes for the better. Also Veles dream book treats a scarf on his head, tied under the chin, as a sign of humility.
  • According to the female dream book to find a handkerchief, neatly folded — to travel. If there are a lot of handkerchiefs and they lie in a pile — you should not touch them, this is a bait. Taking such a handkerchief, you will suffer remorse.

What is the dream about the interpretation of basic values ​​and the dream books?


To see a headscarf in a dream is a close relationship with the family, even if you try to deny it. Scarves, shawls mean prosperity, well-being. Small handkerchiefs mean good good news.

If you dreamed of a headscarf — pay more attention to home and family, write a letter if your family is far away. Good luck and the blessing of loved ones will protect you from any trouble and help you move forward.

What is the dream about the interpretation of basic values ​​and the dream books?

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