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What is the dream about the dream of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov?

I dreamed a sword — interpreted by various dream-books

Samurai sword — katana exists not for the fact that someone is crippled or killed, but to protect themselves and their loved ones. In Japan, it is forbidden to have a weapon, but a sword is not a weapon — it is a work of art.

Why dream of a sword, we learn in proven dream books.

Who will come to us with a sword, by the sword will perish

According to legend, rarely, who manages to master the art of forging a Japanese sword, which will take seven years. With the mastery of the secret knowledge and skills of making the student comes wisdom, the gift of foresight, insight, courage, enlightenment.

The sword personifies power, strength, intellect, justice, vigilance. This is a good sign for those who courageously seek to defend the rights of the offended, the weak, the dispossessed, for whom truth and honor are above pride, vanity and wealth.

What is the dream about the dream of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov?

The mythological meaning of the sword has a double meaning, as if opposing life and death. On the one hand, it is a symbol of vitality, and on the other, an attribute of the god of war against the infidels, as well as against his own evil.

In Christianity, this weapon means the passions of the Lord, torment and suffering. It is also a tool of the Archangel Michael and is used by many saints.

According to the Bible, cherubs with fiery swords are guarded by the gates of heaven.

To a dreamer, such a plot can bring both well-being, endowing with the brightest qualities, and promise defeat, destroying his faith and hope for the best. A good interpretation applies to those who see this dangerous weapon in their hands or are watching the duel from the side.

The sword, turned in your direction, warns of a series of difficult tests that are aimed at educating and tempering character. The sooner you learn to cope with difficulties, the sooner events will take a favorable character.

The brilliance of the blade is like the sparkling of the female soul.

For the young person to see this dangerous weapon on the eve of the wedding threatens to breakdown relations, a major quarrel with his beloved and disappointment. I dreamed of fighting with someone for the future spouse — in reality there will be a rival that will cause you wild jealousy and a desire to destroy the wilderness.

To draw out a sword to a married woman is to experience rampant passion on the side, which will lead to conflict with her spouse and family discord. To avoid the temptation, try to spend more time with your loved one, showing tenderness and care, it will give the opportunity to discover new facets of your relationship.

A swordfish in a girl’s dream means imaginary friends, slippery and dodgy. They are trying to get closer to you as close as possible so that at the right moment it is harder to hit.

It should be less trusting and frank with those in whom you are not sure.

Pulling the blade out of the scabbard — for a woman being a serious change. You have given your body time and resources to restore and are now ready for action, creating your own well-being.

The main thing is to move systematically, albeit in small steps, with the least expenditure of energy, but without stopping. At first glance, it will seem scary to discover hidden potential and new opportunities.

After all, in the usual stability was all clear and predictable. But for you there is no way back, only forward, to the female happiness!

What is the dream about the dream of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov?

In another interpretation, such a plot means the birth of a son who will be endowed with sound health, bravery and a kind heart. For pregnant women it is a sign of happy permission of childbirth and quick recovery.

For men, the sword created justice

To consider the blade on the wall of the director’s office — to hear complaints to your address about the failure of the terms of work or the futility and low profitability of the project that you accompany. In any case, you will have to come up with a reasonable justification and prove the validity of your actions.

Waving a sword in a dream — in reality, experience fear, insecurity and their vulnerability. They entered into a fight with someone, feeling their advantages over the enemy — to win in a fair competition for a large order that will bring profit and open up new prospects for business.

To go on a crusade in the whole ammunition — to plan a serious business trip, which promises the prospects of promotion, increase in salary and increase in family welfare.

I dreamed of becoming a guru in the manufacture of a samurai katana sword — to realize my true purpose in reality: why you were born, who you became, what goals and ideas you want to realize. There will come a moment of cleansing the mind of unnecessary passions, piling up old, useless beliefs, experiences and fears of the past.

Release the stagnant energy in the free swimming and feel the freedom.

What else foreshadows a sword for a man:

  • whet — to gain luck and joy;
  • kill the enemy — to overcome the difficulties, thanks to its cunning, ingenuity and resourcefulness;

What is the dream about the dream of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov?

  • steal — take the anger from another person to yourself;
  • hard to raise — to feel pity and compassion for someone who had previously been considered a detractor;
  • accept as a gift — receive important news or receive distinguished guests;
  • to see at the head of the bed — to experience love, happiness and well-being;
  • remove from the sheath — keep everything under control;
  • to travel with a blade — for material gain and prosperity in the family.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

The sword represents the male hyperactive beginning. Remove the blade from the scabbard in a dream — in reality, show passion and temperament in dealing with the opposite sex.

Intimacy for you is not just the satisfaction of carnal desires, it is communication with a girl in the language of love. To understand her, you are ready for a lot of sex.

You are not inherent in selfishness, you do not suffer from inflated self-conceit, you want to reveal all the secrets of the female soul.

Dreamed of losing the blade among the crowd — in reality, plunge into the chaos of feelings and thoughts. It is difficult for you to make a choice, it attracts the passion and lust of one beauty and at the same time attracts the modesty and meekness of another woman.

Time itself will judge with whom you stay in the end.

Gustov Miller

The girl dreams of a duel of contenders — in reality gives hope for reciprocity and shows sincere feelings to two fans at once. Such a situation can get out of control and harm your reputation and authority.

Such games can miss the real love and, not having time to gain, lose their happiness.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

To admire an expensive, skilfully created sword — to know reality, strength, independence, wisdom. There will be a desire, motivation, self-discipline to achieve their ideas and goals.

You will want to comprehend new knowledge, skills, plunge into what was previously alien and uninteresting.

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