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What is the dream about the dream-hat Grishin, Vanga

Hat, Fedor, cap: why dream of this stylish accessory

What does a hat dream about: a dream wants to say that you have “missed” something, or vice versa, is this a sign that your business will be “in the hat”? How does the dream book look at this sign?

What is the dream about the dream-hat Grishin, Vanga

The general interpretation of such a «fashionable» dream

  • The most common explanation for this dream is a good sign that promises you unexpected, but pleasant changes in your life, as well as the appearance of positive news.
  • What is the dream hat your girlfriend was wearing? This woman or girl will have a significant role in shaping your destiny.
  • If this headgear was worn by a dog, a cat, a horse and another animal, this is a sign: a curious adventure awaits you. If you have the opportunity to go on vacation, do not ignore it, you will have a great rest and have fun.
  • If this accessory was “worn” by a doll, the dream spells out minor problems.

What was this headdress like?

  • Thatched. Some kind of unexpected meeting will amaze you. It may well be that soon you will encounter on the street an old acquaintance, or even a man whom you once loved.
  • Uniform, military cut. To see a hat of such a pattern is not bad, but not a good dream either. He promises you a boring job that takes a lot of your time. Do not be discouraged and diligently complete it to the end, for which you are worthy of reward, or even increase the salary.
  • Wide brimmed. You can change your own life by showing yourself from the best side. So drop the modesty and go for it!
  • Black. Your favorite (favorite) can betray you. It may well be that we are talking about treason.
  • Strange, unusual shape. Your fate will change dramatically.
  • Old, washed or faded: caution — you can get sick.
  • With a hole: some kind of misunderstanding will settle among your relatives.
  • Wet, shapeless. You have a black streak in terms of money. Think well what you are buying, avoid “thrashing” money. And have patience: this strip of economy is not eternal, soon you will stand firmly on your feet again.
  • Decorated. By pen: your labor achievements will interest your superiors, and maybe another person who is ready to offer you a good job. Embroidery: expect a curious offer. Stones, and they were precious: wait for important news.
  • It was a baby cap or cap. Sleep promises happiness, longevity. If you still have no children, this may be a sign of the imminent appearance of the firstborn. If you are young parents, this dream says: your child will live a happy and rich life.

What did you do in your dream?

What is the dream about the dream-hat Grishin, Vanga

  • Bought a hat: get ready to take a walk on a holiday or celebrate a celebration.
  • The hat in the dream you were trying on says: you have to force yourself to make a difficult decision.
  • It is important to take into account whether you liked your own reflection seen in the mirror during the fitting. If so, all new business will bring maximum profit; if not, it is better to be a conservative for a while and not make any major changes.
  • If a dreamer woman sees how she wears or tries on a man’s hat, the dream says: man’s work will fall on her. Maybe you will have to repair something in the house with a hammer in your hands, or will you go to buy a new «rubber» on the car?
  • Received this accessory as a gift: soon you can get a sign from your particular stranger concerned. Or maybe there is already a person near you who is genuinely interested in you? Look around and do not be afraid of new acquaintances — one of them can bring you love.
  • Did you yourself give a fedora hat? To whom? If your girlfriend is a great sign: your friend is real, loyal and faithful. If in real life you are in a quarrel, urgently run to put up — it’s such a sin to throw such friends over!
  • You threw the hat away: you will soon have to get rid of the person who will get you with his close attention and unwanted love.
  • If you stomped a headdress with your feet, this is a bad dream. He warns: you should wait for betrayal from a relative, close friend, and even beloved (beloved).
  • To twirl a hat on a head is a bad dream, it speaks about your future illness.
  • If you tossed up your hat (hat) upwards, this is the opposite, a positive sign: joy awaits you.

Nobody wore a hat?

  • She lay on the shop window? Do not count on the help of friends, relatives or colleagues. You have to strive for your personal help alone.
  • The hat was stolen by the wind: because of problems at work, you will not be able to create a career.
  • You have seen her on a high shelf: you will achieve everything that you have aimed at.

And what did famous books write?

What is the dream about the dream-hat Grishin, Vanga

Both of these works were created long ago. In those days, hats were very fashionable, and it was very difficult to find a lady or a man who would not wear such a hat at least once.

Surely both interpreters of «hat» dreams were told not once, but hundreds, so these quotes can be considered the most professional in terms of interpreting dreams about such accessories.

Noble Dream Grishin

  1. In general, a hat is a sign of positive change. Sometimes she means a girl (boyfriend) to whom the power of love draws you.
  2. Was she straw? And this is a sign of so-so: either you are wasting your time for some kind of work for nothing, or you have fallen in love in vain — you do not have this feeling of happiness.
  3. Hat soaked rain? Sleep warns: get ready for not the richest life!
  4. Did you try it on? Soon you can move to another apartment (house). The dream in which your headgear fell into the mud has the same meaning.
  5. Have you lost her? You can be deceived. Do not believe the liars!
  6. Has this accessory stolen the wind? You can “splash” a way to make good money.
  7. You were looking for her, shopping, bushes, home: get ready for an unsuccessful trip, from where you return in a bad mood.

Dream Vanga

  1. According to this dream book, a hat, and even with a feather, is a warning: you will soon get into an atypical situation. It will not necessarily be positive, but it will teach you a lot.
  2. Was the hat with a veil? Such a dream says: you respect yourself. If in a dream you wore such a hat, it means that soon you will be taken to an event that is beneficial to you.
  3. The hat with the brim (very wide) says: you will be shamelessly carried, and it is a sin not to take advantage of it. You can invest in some company, start your own business.
  4. See a lot of hats: you can change your life, and get many opportunities at once. Choose which one you prefer!
  5. Did you try on this accessory? Soon you, as an epic hero, find yourself at a crossroads. The advice of a serious person will help to understand which decision will be the most correct.
  6. Losing a hat (or if it was stolen) is a bad sign. You may break the agreement, promising you a great benefit.

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