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What is the dream about the clothes of Miller’s dream, Danilova

Clothes, rags, monatki: what does the dream in which you saw clothes mean

In the dream, we see excerpts from ordinary life; Naturally, we are almost always dressed there, but very rarely we remember exactly what. But suddenly it crashes into memory that it was just a red dress, or you wandered all night long around a fashion brand store … How does the dream book see our robes, and in general, what does clothes of any kind dream about?

What is the dream about the clothes of Miller’s dream, Danilova

The overall interpretation of this «wardrobe» sleep

The clothes we dream of mean our inner world: self-esteem, individuality, self-identity. Very often, they even lift the veil in our future!

What was she like?

  • New (say, hung in a store): you will be successful and not poor, but to get these life benefits you need to use all your stubbornness and hard work.
  • With patches: detractors are very dreaming of making you some kind of dirty trick. Be vigilant, and avoid evil people.
  • Torn: this dream promises change. A streak of luck will begin in your life — but, again, you have to sweat for it.
  • Dirty, stained: it is a «rake», carefully laid destiny in your way. If you have a strong nervous system, you can easily get around them. The main thing — do not be distracted by empty and minor problems!
  • Childish: such clothes in a dream symbolize your inner immaturity. The subconscious mind is angry: it’s time to grow up not only in the passport, otherwise you will not build any career!

Color of things

  • To see clothes of white color — fortunately (including family clothes), harmony in life.
  • Black things dream of people regretting their past mistake. You did something or said something wrong, and now your conscience gnaws with frantic force. Correct the deed, apologize, or at least draw conclusions for the future, and live happily.
  • Clothes of red color are a sign of passionate nature, which often walks along the razor’s edge. Of course, it is not necessary to abandon the interesting life, but the self-preservation instinct has not been canceled!
  • Pink: for a carefree, easy and fun life.
  • Blue: you are completely exhausted, both physically and mentally.
  • Blue: you are a successful person, both in friendship and at work.
  • Yellow: you are an intriguer and a cheat.
  • Green dreams of happiness, as well as wealth.
  • If things were multicolored, you can do childish, silly deeds. Before uchudit, think well whether to do it.

What is the dream about the clothes of Miller’s dream, Danilova

Material is important too

  • Why dream of silk clothes? To wealth and high social status.
  • Velvet clothes have a similar interpretation: soon your life will be filled with luxury.
  • If things were decorated with beads, beads, ribbons and (or) embroidery, it means: love is about to enter your life. This wonderful feeling will make you better than you are now.
  • If the things were embroidered with gold, decorated with stones, it means future happiness, respect for others (not only your family), as well as positive changes in your life.

Your actions in a dream

  • Did you try on, choose, buy new clothes? This is about change. Their influence on your life depends on the emotions that clothes caused in a dream. For example, if it turned out to be ugly, it did not fit the figure — the changes can be unpleasant.
  • Trying on a dress or trousers, not intending to buy — to uniquely positive changes. You will sparkle with new ideas, and nothing will interfere with their implementation.
  • Did you wear something? If it was beautiful clothes in good condition, sleep means: you will be successful. Fashionable things say: you climb the career ladder thanks to extraordinary ideas. If the clothes were bad or frankly not your size, the dream warns: “tie” with some kind of affection that destroys you.
  • You wore wet clothes: once you ruin your reputation, you can pay for your whole life. Therefore, watch your own actions well.
  • If the dreamer-woman saw herself in a man’s dress, it means that the gentlemen will fall to her feet and put them in piles. Conversely, a man who dreamed of himself wearing a dress or skirt promises a dream: problems await you at work.
  • If you wore a lot of clothes at the same time (like cabbage), it means: you want to insulate yourself from some kind of problem. The same interpretation has a dream in which you were looking for clothes.
  • Did you clean soiled clothes? Sleep promises that your black bar will finally change to white.
  • Deduction of the spot — to eradicate from your life some kind of problem.
  • A person who is trying to get rid of past problems or memories that poison his present life can wash clothes in a dream. You will succeed if in a dream you manage to wash a thing.
  • The clothes on you are torn (or you tore it yourself): something will surprise you a lot.
  • Sewing a patch on a thing means: you may suffer because of gossip. And not strangers, but those who themselves distribute. Do not do this!
  • Did you undress in a dream? Soon it will be time to change your life, and you will cope with it perfectly.
  • Or maybe you were completely naked, without clothes? The subconscious mind warns that you often like to splurge people. Be open and honest, with your “crown” on your head you just push people away!

And how do wise interpreters believe?

What is the dream about the clothes of Miller’s dream, Danilova

You have learned a rather complete interpretation of the dreams in which the clothes appear. It remains to learn more and quotes from the «highly specialized» books written by a psychologist and sexologist.

Dream Miller

  1. The clothes were in good condition, but unfashionable: despite the luckiness, you get important ideas out of your sight.
  2. Abandon unfashionable things — to a complete change of your personality. You will change your friends, your habits, tastes, even fall in love with a new person.
  3. To see a guy or grandfather in great suits, delightfully sitting on the figure: you are destined to unpleasant affairs.
  4. If a dream woman was delighted with other people’s clothes, her lover would be jealous of her.
  5. Losing something from clothes — to the problems of financial or love plan.
  6. To see another woman in mourning (for example, in a crimson dress, with a black veil): in real life, a lady who you think is worse than yourself will bypass you, and this will make you very angry with people.
  7. Cotton clothes (especially comfortable, lightweight): to failure.

Erotic dream book Danilova

  1. As this dream book is sure, fashionable-cut clothing, beautiful and bright, which you or another person wore in a dream, says: you go to bed with a partner because of a thin calculation. And if it was you who played the mod, it means your calculation.
  2. If things have been torn or stained, the dream says: because you like to blurt out too much, you can thoroughly ruin your reputation.

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