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What is the dream about the cake in Tsvetkov and Miller’s dream books?

I dreamed of a cake — detailed image interpretation by dream books

What is the dream of the cake? The dream books rarely give positive interpretations to this image, even if the dream seemed very bright and pleasant to you.

No one will argue that such a vision is quite unusual and needs detailed analysis. In order to give the most accurate interpretation of the cake in a dream, you need to remember all the details of the vision, collect them into one image, analyze it carefully, and only then look for information in the interpreters.

Dream Interpretation: Pie — the basic interpretation of the dream

The cake has long been considered a symbol of home peace and material well-being. But even such an image often carries unfavorable interpretations.

To prevent all the misfortunes of fate, it is necessary to analyze the dream and look at the interpretation of the symbol in the snoot to be ready for any life turns.

What is the dream about the cake in Tsvetkov and Miller’s dream books?

To see a cake in a dream

If you saw the cake, but do not interact with it, then you should not wait for unfavorable news. On the contrary, it is a very good sign. In the near future you will receive a very promising job offer, which you should not refuse.

And in the family there will be no additional troubles that could bring discomfort to the dreamer.

Eat cake

The plot in which you tried the cake means that you will soon encounter a problem in business. But you can easily overcome these obstacles, for which you will be pleasantly rewarded.

You will also get a lot of experience that will help you quickly realize your plans.

Appearance, filling and taste

  • A round cake is an unfavorable symbol. Perhaps you will soon have to divide your workplace. You can also know the bitterness of the loss of a loved one. You will have an unfavorable period for serious transactions and court cases;
  • Dried cake You will face a serious quarrel with loved ones, which will bring great disappointment in people. Also, someone from your environment is plotting behind your back. One should be extremely attentive in order not to allow ill-wishers and enemies to realize their dirty plans;
  • Burnt cake. This image suggests that soon you will get a good opportunity to realize your desires, but this opportunity will be missed;
  • A big and sweet cake is an auspicious symbol. Such a dream carries family well-being and financial prosperity. The image is enhanced if you ate a cake that you just got out of the oven;
  • But apple pie does not carry anything good. Such a dream suggests that lately you have been too relaxed. If you do not be stricter to yourself, then you will lose everything that you have been building for so long. Also, bad habits will soon cause great harm to health, if you do not change your lifestyle;
  • Cabbage pie — to loneliness. Single people for a long time will not be able to find a soul mate. And those who have already found their loved one, will soon be forced to temporarily part with him. But this separation will only benefit the beloved, as you will be able to gain strength and rest from the routine. Your relationship will break out again with greater force;
  • Pie with meat filling. Dream Interpretation warns that there is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” in your surroundings, which envies your position and status. It is worth looking at all the people with whom you communicate, and to identify such a character before he starts to put his dirty plans into action. Also avoid conflicts with family and friends;
  • Fish Pie is a symbol of well-being and unexpected enrichment.


  • Cutting the cake — to the financial problems in the family. If you see that this is done by someone you know, then money problems are waiting for this character;
  • Throw away the pie. Dream books claim that you can avoid serious problems and the intrigues of your enemies only if you remain vigilant. It is also worth being extremely attentive in working affairs, because even the smallest mistake can cause great harm to your reputation as a specialist and destroy everything that you have built for so long;
  • Baking pies is an auspicious symbol. This image marks the successful completion of business and financial success;
  • Buying a Pie — To Unexpected Profit. If you competently use this gift of fate, and not to waste it, then your family will enjoy a comfortable life. Also worth taking care of the health of their loved ones;
  • Accepted as a gift. To give a more accurate interpretation of this image, it is necessary to recall the identity of the one who gave the cake. If it was your enemy, it means that in reality he will soon begin to act in order to knock you off the intended course. If the cake was presented by a friend or relative, then you are waiting for an unexpected profit or increase at work. The same meaning has a dream where you are treated to a piece of cake.

What is the dream about the cake in Tsvetkov and Miller’s dream books?

Deciphering the image of authoritative snolovatelyam

Dream Miller

  • Bake pies. Single people will soon be able to have a good time with a member of the opposite sex. Perhaps you will begin a romantic relationship that will have pleasant prospects for the future;
  • To feel a pleasant smell is an auspicious symbol. This image marks the end of the black line, the time will come for new discoveries and victories;
  • Two cakes — to a happy and comfortable family life.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

  • To eat pies — to the guests. Perhaps you will soon be visited by distant relatives;
  • But baking pies — to financial problems. For some time, it is worth refraining from expensive purchases and senseless waste.

What is the dream about the cake in Tsvetkov and Miller’s dream books?

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