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What is the dream about drunk on the dream books of Vanga, Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

Drinking in a dream — especially the interpretation of the popular dream books

Feast — it is always a reason to gather with family or friends, drink a delicious wine for a pleasant chat with relatives. But if at such a party alcohol is heavily abused, the party may end in a quarrel or fight guests.

What a dream is drunk, we learn in the famous dream books.

General interpretation

Drinking in a dream is a symbol of a serene and carefree life. There will be many reasons for joy and fun.

But for this, the dream should make you happy with the richness and decoration of the table, delicious and delicious dishes. If the guests at the same time look very respectable and rich — expect the stability of high income and constant wealth.

A dream in which it was necessary to observe alcoholics and rowdies, to separate them and calm them down — to complete destabilization in the future. There will be days when it will be difficult for you to control, influence unexpected and difficult situations.

What is the dream about drunk on the dream books of Vanga, Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

Author’s dream books

A soothsayer pays attention to the abundance of the table in a dream at such a gathering as booze. If a picture of dishes, abundance of dishes, pickles, fruits and overseas delicacies appeared, then the sleeper should not worry about the future.

His further fate will be full of joy, fun, abundance and wealth.

But if you dreamed of watching the guests turn the event into a simple drinking party, they begin to swear and uncivilizedly express themselves against their neighbors, who are sitting next to them — such a vision does not promise pleasant events. On the contrary, it may be a sign that your prosperity will not go to you soon.

Pay attention to the health of old parents or the behavior of children. Happiness can be prevented by complete disobedience of offspring, their indifference and indifference to the requests of parents.

Young lady booze in a dream — a sign of warning. If people at the gathering behave inadequately, and you can’t do anything about it — events will occur that you cannot control.

If during this period you experience light feelings of love towards someone, then this person will easily disappoint you with his behavior. He will show you the true face.

I saw my own wedding, which turned into a booze — a dream warns you not to agree to a marriage proposal from someone who does not inspire confidence in you. For businessmen, such a scenario indicates that the future transaction is unprofitable.

To avoid ruin, do not sign long-term contracts that require you to fulfill monetary obligations.

What is the dream about drunk on the dream books of Vanga, Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

An empty holiday table is a symbol of impending poverty. Especially now need to pay attention to their financial situation.

Expensive purchases during this period will not be beneficial, but will only aggravate the situation in the future.

Gustov Miller

Cooking treats for guests, setting the table for a holiday means keeping everything under control. Stability and comfort will delight these days.

Buy a lot of alcohol at the banquet — to have the desire to please, thank or respect someone.

Sit with relatives, and you are worried that they will get drunk — you are used to keeping everything under the strict guidelines, you cannot relax even in moments of relaxation and fun. You have a very developed gift of foresight, and you can easily avoid an unpleasant situation by feeling the danger in advance.

Mentally sit in a company where you feel comfortable and well behind a glass of vodka — a dream indicates pleasant moments in the near future. You do not have to prove something to someone, but you can be yourself.

A good opportunity will fall for frank conversations and confessions.

What is the dream about drunk on the dream books of Vanga, Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

Spontaneous drinking without tablecloths and dressing — to the desire to gain independence and independence from older friends, parents or leadership. But the path to self-sufficiency will not be easy and thorny.

Dirty tablecloth in a dream — a sign of disobedience, upholding their opinions. You of those who are fighting for universal equality, justice, do not submit to despotic authorities.

Sigmund Freud

A woman to observe how a man fries meat for the future feast — to her increased excitability and desire to have sex with a loved one. A man such a plot indicates his high temperament, active sexual position.

To treat several women at the table with their own cooking is to have a desire to share their sexual energy with many beautiful girls. You do not seek monogamy and want to get as much experience in this area of ​​life as possible.

Dreamed of watching a picture after drinking: empty bottles and dirty plates on the table — it is time to rethink their sex life. Frequent sex with unfamiliar people, alcohol abuse can destroy your right to be happy, healthy and successful.

The man began to see how a young lady invited him to an empty table — do not expect reciprocity and easy accessibility from this person. She will keep with you very coldly and with restraint until she is convinced of the sincerity of your good intentions.

Strengthen the intimate sensations want those who dream of sitting down to a deliciously laid table. Felt the smell of delicious food — you are experiencing sexual hunger.

Perhaps long abstinence, the absence of a permanent sexual partner led you to the fact that you are ready to make love with the first person you meet. Give in to the senses, but make sure your communication is secure.

David loff

You see yourself among those invited to a chic banquet that is paid for by someone else’s bills — to an easy and carefree life where you don’t have to think about your daily bread. But this position may not last long, if in a dream you are expected to have a good toast and a gift.

So for all you have to pay the bills, but this moment will come later.

Watching the fun and drunkenness of other people, condemning them from the outside — it means feeling undervalued by colleagues, relatives. You are not trying to draw their attention because their society is alien to you.

The moment when life will require some search for yourself, your purpose. Chances of changing jobs, moving from family, relatives are great.

Late for a holiday in a dream — this vision is able to warn of excessive haste in business, empty bustle or negligent attitude towards their own duties. This may affect the deterioration of your authority among companions.

You will be less trusted in business and not serious about your business.

Invited to drink in an expensive restaurant — expect promising offers. For single women, this is a chance to find a worthy partner in life.

Under such a scenario, business people should think about future successful investments of their own capital.

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