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What is the dream about dream sister and how to understand the meaning of sleep

Dreamed sister: transcript by popular dream book

If you have no sister, even a second cousin, the appearance of an unknown sister in a dream is quite possible. The sister in your dream is yourself.

This is a projection of your real feelings, dreams, fears, hidden emotions.

Your relationship to your sister in a dream shows a true attitude towards yourself. Maybe you are full of love and tenderness, ready to surround her with care and help in solving problems.

Maybe the little sister is crying, and you play with her, distract her with toys, buy an elegant little dress and braid pigtails.

You strive to give the baby something that you yourself are deprived of and that you would like to receive for yourself — care, attention, love. This is not enough for you, you are dreaming of selfless care, gifts, beautiful things.

In the second variant, you experience irritation and indignation towards your sister in a dream. You do not like the arrogant manners of an intolerable girl, you would love to embed her.

That she is to blame for all your troubles. She mocks you and puts you in trouble.

Perhaps in a dream you expressed frankly what you think about her behavior.

In fact, you only demonstrate a true attitude towards yourself, which you yourself hide from yourself. Dissatisfaction with yourself at the initial stages is an excellent tool for motivation and increase in productivity, you have to work better and do more, because you cannot hide from the internal censor, you cannot deceive him.

The next stage of self-dissatisfaction and cruel internal censor is depression. Yes, you do not meet your own stringent standards, do not cope. Obviously, you are not as smart, talented, efficient as you would like.

Dissatisfaction with oneself develops into depression, apathy and, if not stopped on time, can even cause mental illnesses.

Most often, people hide dissatisfaction with themselves under the mask of a loved one in a dream. In order to understand what a sister dreams about, let us turn to the dream books compiled by leading psychologists and interpreters of dreams.

If the sister dreams too often — go to a good psychologist. The specialist will help to understand the complex inner experiences.

What is the dream about dream sister and how to understand the meaning of sleep

Basic values ​​of a sister in a dream

  • Your own sister in a dream is yourself. Regardless of whether you have a real sister. In the most striking cases, you will see your twin, about which they allegedly did not know for many years. Such a dream is a clear call for help that you need. It seems that you are in captivity from the demands of others, and your own misconceptions about what should be.
  • If the dream of her husband’s sister, you should be wary of a rival. Yes, this girl looks very cute and innocent, does not cause any suspicion. They are so close since childhood and share the secrets you like, how it affects your husband in your dream. Turn on a big alarming siren and reach for predatory smiles — it’s about time.
  • Death sister in a dream — with a real sister, everything is in order. You just cornered yourself and rehearsed the tragic scenarios. Perhaps you need to abandon the usual way of life and something to drastically change. Most likely, you consider yourself to be special, not like everyone else. Sometimes it seems to you that you are better than others, sometimes — which is much worse. This is normal. Surprisingly, everyone considers himself special and not so. In this we are all the same.
  • If your relative in a dream cries, complains — you are dissatisfied with yourself or you are not satisfied with the current situation. Tears — a sign of impotence. We need to overcome it and take control into our own hands.

What is the dream about dream sister and how to understand the meaning of sleep

What is the dream dreaming sister

  • Dream Miller connects the appearance of a sister in a dream with excessive care from relatives or loss of self-control. You continuously look at yourself from the side instead of a full life. Do not harass yourself and others nagging. This world is not perfect.
  • English dream book draws attention to the behavior of her sister in a dream. If she cries and experiences, it is quite possible that you cannot take a serious step. For example, do not know whether you should get married. Hugging with my sister in the English dream book — to the soon and serious quarrels in the family. But you can kiss her — in this case, the dream book promises complete well-being. Fighting with your sister, slapping her for something — do not try to compensate for the absence of a strict parent. Life is not a prison.
  • If your sister is in a dream in an abnormal condition — drunk or carrying nonsense, deliberate nonsense — you are confused and lie flat. Take a break, rest, try to remember who and what they said. Does not work? Perhaps other people will not remember either. Remove too colorful details from your stories about yourself and fictional details. Life will be easier.
  • A female dream book sees relatives as the need for support and help.

What is the dream about dream sister and how to understand the meaning of sleep


To see a sister in a dream is an interesting sign. Practically, you yourself came to an agreement. You are very lucky, because many have to spend years to understand themselves and learn to understand what you really feel.

And your sister in a dream — in full view. Try to study your projection, understand your real feelings.

Most likely, you yourself put a stick in the wheel.

If you scold your imaginary sister in a dream, it means that you are very dissatisfied with yourself and this is a deep feeling. Constant discontent with oneself is a destructive feeling. Learn to love yourself as it is, do something good for yourself.

Once self-control is so strong — try not the stick, but the carrot.

Give yourself a weekend, allow yourself to lie in bed any morning, break strict plans and do not be angry with yourself. You need to rest.

Do not hesitate to ask for help from close people. Based on the opinions expressed, it will be easier to form your own.

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