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What is the dream about dream caps and interpretations of basic values?

The value of hats in a dream by various authoritative dream books

A hat is an important item of clothing in the northern and middle latitudes. For a long time, a man with his head uncovered was perceived extremely frivolously.

A cap, cap, baseball cap, hat, bowler hat, earflap, treuh — a headdress form can tell a lot about the owner. In a dream hat can play a crucial role.

Consider what a hat in a dream means and what it dreams about in the dream books.

What is the dream about dream caps and interpretations of basic values?

Basic Values

  • The main meaning of the cap is the head, the personality of the person. Derivatives follow from this meaning — to throw in the dirt — to be humiliated, to trample — to wriggle, to demonstrate fury, it burns on a thief — the one who is guilty will reveal himself.
  • Losing in a dream means losing your head in the literal or figurative sense — from love or success to lose the ability to reason sensibly and control actions. The second meaning is cunning, if you dropped the headdress in a dream on purpose, aware of the possible loss. In this case, you are planning to pretend that you have lost all consideration in order to confuse the envious and zaverbetnikov.
  • Wear a new hat, measure hats — you will find new friends and a curious society. Perhaps try yourself in a new role. Trying on someone else’s is unjust to judge a person, trying to try yourself on his role, believing that you would have coped with the tasks much better. Make your own life and solve your problems. Do not solve other people’s problems in the vague hope that someone will answer yours.
  • New headgear on the head — to a possible change of leadership.
  • Acquire a new hat — try to follow the thoughts of others.

What is the dream about dream caps and interpretations of basic values?

The form of a headdress issues a claim for the estate and occupation

  • A high hat — a person who wears a similar headdress in your sleep, is unsure of himself, but at the same time has a great opinion about himself. The domineering and intolerable character, the tendency to intimidation and senseless threats have created a protective cocoon, people try not to stand aside and not associate with a brawler who perceives such behavior as cowardice, and inflamed even more.
  • The official cap, field cap with the coat of arms, cockade, other symbolism — a man in the service, a symbol of power, military, police. The identity of such a person is less important than its function.
  • Bulk fur demonstrates an important position in society. Fur out should demonstrate a powerful thought process. But the demonstration is usually used in an ironic way — a person who considers himself very intelligent and important.
  • Small knitted cap — secrecy, isolation from the outside world. The volume hood lowered over the face has the same meaning.
  • Chef’s cap. You would like to become the god of the kitchen, give orders to the army of cooks and cooks, prepare delicious dishes.
  • Hat from Hogwarts in a dream — you would like to be born in the wizarding world and, preferably, a wizard. Eliminating the injustice of this world and fighting evil, waving a magic wand — that would be wonderful. Unfortunately, in the real world, things are not so simple, but sometimes it’s nice to dream.
  • A fancy hat, a comic fan cap — for ostentatious militancy, jokes, fun, coarse sensual humor in the company of like-minded people.
  • If the hat is old, worn — this is a good sign. You are confident and long occupied your position. For example, a wiped earflap of the most unpresentable type in a dream always means a huge profit.
  • New hat gives uncertainty, you are not familiar with the new role. Ragged — fears that you can not cope, the role is already outdated and has lost relevance. Holes and tears mean doubts.
  • If there are only holes left from the cap, the strings have come off, it will not protect from the rain — your data is outdated and you understand it. A luxurious hat, a torn lined top hat betrays a crook. Torn lining with a presentable appearance — you are trying to give what you want for the real, to deceive others.

What is the dream about dream caps and interpretations of basic values?

Interpretations of authorities

  • Dream Vanga claims that the way you treat your hat, shows your attitude to yourself. Headgear demonstrates what kind of attitude from others you are waiting for. Little black hat — would you like to look like a secretive and elusive superman? Big Fur — you are applying for the role of an intellectual and a sophisticated beauty. Funny childish, with ears, horns — you doubt your belonging to society and prefer to look different, not like everyone else. Intricate mating — a claim to a particular train of thought, a creative mindset.
  • A female dream book interprets a new hat as a new promising acquaintance. Measure, choose — to look closely to the people around them. Wear someone else’s — gossip. Throw hats — to give impracticable and humorous promises, fooling.
  • Dream interpretation Velez interprets the hat in a dream, as the charges on the road. The trip promises to be brief and successful. Feathers on the hat — bragging, boasting. If the hat is hunting or in a dream you are going fishing, your bikes and hunting stories will be a success.
  • The dream book of the Wanderer regards a hat with earflaps as a sign of good profit. New knitted — you may change your views on a number of important issues.

What is the dream about dream caps and interpretations of basic values?


A cap in a dream betrays your deepest hopes for the idea of ​​your own person. Headgear is how you would like to see yourself.

Actions with a cap are fears and concerns. Losing, stomping, choosing — all this means that you are not quite sure of yourself and that your position in your own eyes looks dubious.

Sleep has a positive meaning as a warning. Draw conclusions and avoid unpleasant situations.

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