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What is Hasse’s dream book and how to use it

Dream interpretation Hasse: his description and main features

For quite a long time I had the same dream, which caused alarm and fear. I knew that recurring dreams carry important information and, as a rule, warn about an important event. To understand the meaning of what I saw, I had to reconsider many interpreters before I came across Hasse, the dream book, which helped me to “get to the bottom” of the truth.

In this article I will tell you what is so special about this dream book, and why he should be trusted.

What is Hasse’s dream book and how to use it

Meet Hasse and her story

The creator of the popular dream interpreter is called Madame or Miss Hasse, but the real name still remains a secret for her admirers. She is a medium and clairvoyant, but has long been active, and no one knows what she is doing at this time.

The seer was born in Poland, in the town of Milawa on March 25, 1954.

Hasse was an unusual child — even in early childhood, she discovered in herself amazing abilities that could not be explained. The girl accurately told about the events of the near future, which always came true. In addition, she could read the thoughts of strangers, which at first even scared her.

Having matured a little, Miss Hasse began to diligently develop her abilities, and soon she was called the strongest clairvoyant and medium of the country.

In an individual session to the diviner, there were long queues. Someone came to ask for advice, someone to find out their future, but there were also those who just wanted to touch such a unique person, who was practically elevated to the ranks of saints.

The popularity of Miss Hasse soon went beyond the country and was invited to Russia, where they offered to conduct large-scale performances with a demonstration of their own abilities.

After the revolution, the demand for clairvoyant became even more — people came to her for consolation, advice and answers to their questions. She gladly helped each person and did not leave anyone in trouble.

All citizens who applied, thanks to Hasse’s advice, solved their problems and got out of difficult life situations.

The medium made most of her predictions through dreams, because it was in them that she received important information from higher powers, and knew how to decipher it correctly. Miss Hasse was confident that everyone could predict their future if they did not ignore their dreams and learn to understand the true meaning of the signs sent.

These thoughts prompted her to write a dream book, which quickly gained immense popularity. When creating the collection, the prophet helped not only her abilities, she also sought the advice of the sages, and in many respects relied on their experience.

What is Hasse’s dream book and how to use it

Features of the interpreter of dreams

Unlike Nostradamus and Vanga, Miss Hasse always voiced clear and understandable predictions. They did not need additional decoding or drawing any parallels. A similar approach was implemented when writing a dream book.

The meanings of objects and plots are described in an accessible and simple language, without unnecessary abstruse terminology.

In order to understand what kind of information the higher forces are trying to convey to a person through a dream, one must try to remember all the details of the plot he has seen, because often they have a deep meaning. In her edition, Miss Hasse always attached great importance to the fantastic images to which she gave a completely logical and understandable explanation.

Another feature of the interpreter is that it is based on the theory of the importance of numbers, because Each of them carries important information that affects the value of dreams and the future of people. Clairvoyant argued that the degree of probability of night vision in real life will depend on the day on which the person saw it. She made a kind of table, which was included in the print edition, and looked as follows:

  1. Prophetic dream, which will bring positive changes in life
  2. It is not necessary to attach importance to such night visions.
  3. Soon, what he saw translated into reality.
  4. The dream will partially come true, but it will not happen soon.
  5. Expect favorable events.
  6. After some time, the dream will start to come true.
  7. Do not tell anyone the dream, otherwise it will not come true.
  8. Soon what you dream will come true.
  9. Prophetic dream that is about to come true.
  10. The dreamed plot will come true, but it will bring nothing good.
  11. A dream foreshadows joyful events that take place over 11 days.
  12. A pleasant surprise will happen very soon.
  13. There will be minor problems in life.
  14. Do not make big plans, you will fail.
  15. Soon the dream will come true.
  16. Sleep does not make sense, do not think about it.
  17. The dreamed plot promises the happiness that will come to you after 20 days.
  18. Get good financial returns or other wealth.
  19. Dreams warn of family troubles.
  20. Seen exactly come true in the coming days.
  21. Such dreams foreshadow joyful events that will happen 11 days later.
  22. There is a danger that can be avoided if the dream is correctly interpreted.
  23. The dream will come true very soon.
  24. Joyful events will soon come your life.
  25. Beware, someone wants to fool you.
  26. You will enjoy a fun pastime in the company of friends and relatives.
  27. Empty dreams, so do not pay attention to them.
  28. The plot of the dream come true during the month, and it is worth preparing for some difficulties.
  29. Do not worry, the plots dreamed on this day will not come true.
  30. On this day, ambiguous dreams, because they are with the same degree of probability prophetic or empty.
  31. Success and delight in love affairs that can be expected for 15 days.

It should be noted that in the first interpreters, Miss Hasse focused not on the dates of the month, but on the lunar days, but over time the collection was adapted to modern canons, and it became much easier for the reader to use it.

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