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What is dreaming about masturbation on dream-books and interpretations of basic values?

What does masturbation mean in a dream and how to treat interpretations correctly?

Masturbation or self-satisfaction of sexual needs is quite a rare dream plot. Erotic dreams dream very often, quite often people complement the erotic vision with real masturbation.

But to see masturbation in a dream is not an erotic dream, because it means aversion to man, detachment, possibly cruelty. We will understand the values ​​for what dreams of masturbation, according to the dream book.

What is dreaming about masturbation on dream-books and interpretations of basic values?

Basic Values

The main meaning of a dream is sadness and disappointment. A person you are good at or in love with will disappoint you with his consumer attitude and primitive thinking.

Do not try to hold the fleeting feeling, it will lead to even greater disappointments.

  • If in a dream you see how a familiar person engages in self-satisfaction, you can safely say that he is unpleasant to you. Perhaps a person is notable for demonstrative behavior, annoying, you suspect hidden vices.
  • If a girl is engaged in masturbation, you are not confident in yourself, doubt your own attractiveness, and at the same time a very low opinion of the girl from sleep.
  • Someone from the family is engaged in an onanism in your dream — it seems that a family scandal is brewing. It can only be warned by completely changing the environment or moving.
  • A husband or lover is engaged in self-gratification — treason is likely, a cooling of relations that cannot be corrected.
  • Own masturbation is usually a dream in a ridiculous or unexpected context. For example, you are caught doing this in your own home, at work, in the middle of a party. Such a dream indicates fear of dishonor, real or imaginary mistakes, secrets that you would not like to disclose. But at the same time you really want to share with all the most incredible gossip for yourself. In this case, it would be right to turn to a good psychologist and try to correct self-esteem.
  • If in a dream you see a masturbating crowd — this is a religious ceremony, regardless of the concession.
  • A dream in which you are punished for self-gratification indicates a possible childhood trauma. You did not necessarily punish you for a child’s masturbation, spanked and made you hold your hands over the blanket. Sometimes the usual children’s horror stories and horrible stories can make a serious impression and transform into nightmares. The slaps and harsh punishments of children for innocent manifestations of sexuality usually have an effect on BDSM. Some people enjoy the thrill of sex with pleasure.
  • Peeping in a dream means that for some time you are suspended from active activities. Now you are interested in watching, watching, looking at. Do not be too far from society in real life, but do not trust others. There is a high probability that in the future they will disappoint you.

What is dreaming about masturbation on dream-books and interpretations of basic values?

Interpretations of authorities

  • A female dream book treats masturbation in a dream, like boredom, loneliness and clumsy attempts to have fun. Maybe sleep refers to the initial manifestations of depression. You need to shake things up, take care of yourself, find a suitable physical activity. A stadium, a gym, a swimming pool, a climbing club or a tourist club with a good atmosphere and nice people is what you need.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation considers masturbation in a dream as a sign of his own helplessness. If you dream that you are engaged in the satisfaction of sexual needs, it is strange that in a dream the partner or some desired object does not appear. Detachment and emotional coldness make it difficult to enjoy life. Indeed, some great people refuse emotional communication for amazing discoveries. Maybe in order to somehow justify your coldness, you will have to seriously engage in physics or mathematics. But better try to cheer. It is unlikely that you will find the love of all life for the evening, but it’s worth a try.
  • Eastern dream interpretation interprets self-satisfaction in a dream, as a temporary collapse. For raising the vitality, the dream book recommends several dozens of different exotic dishes — bovine eggs, dried animal penises, regular spicy eggs and noodles in strong broth with roots. According to an Eastern dream book, a sticky and viscous cold sweat in a dream should come out of the patient’s chest. For this and used spicy dishes. Along with the sticky sweat goes away and sadness.

What is dreaming about masturbation on dream-books and interpretations of basic values?


To dream of masturbation — a sign of fatigue. The dream clearly makes it clear that you should stop pulling at your soul in the hope of squeezing some pleasure out of it. Gain strength, relax, make it a rule to walk in beautiful places, pay attention to healthy and satisfying food, do not shy away from healthy entertainment — listen to music, go to the theater or to the cinema, communicate with people.

In the near future, do not close and close relationships.

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