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What dreams wasp — a lot

What dreams wasps by dream book

To find out what the wasps are dreaming about, read this article and select the appropriate interpretation. I analyzed the predictions of several dream books and compiled a list of the most universal, which I use myself.

Ancient dream book

In the people, it is not for nothing that there is an expression: “it stings like a wasp”, symbolizing an evil, harmful person, striving to cause something bad. There is also another — “wasp waist.”

Therefore, sleep with wasps often symbolizes one of these meanings.

What dreams wasp - a lot

Here are the interpretations of the Ancient Dream Book:

  1. A wasp can dream because of the experience that some person is trying to harm you, and you cannot resist. His negative remarks about you are insulting and frustrating.
  2. Wasp stung in a dream — in reality you will suffer from the wiles of the ill-wishers who are striving with all their might to hinder you and put sticks into the wheels. They can also begin to gossip to shake your reputation.
  3. Brush the wasp off your arm — in reality, you will have time to make the right decision that will save you from big trouble. Also, sleep can mean victory over an old enemy.
  4. Wasp hollow dreams to the location of the authorities. Your success and merit at work will be noticed by the management. So you should expect an increase in salary or promotion.
  5. Kill a wasp and bury it — you will make very important conclusions and understand how to proceed further if you let go in the past and start to look boldly into the future. You have a great chance to realize your potential and become an extremely successful person.
  6. If you are very much afraid of an insect in a dream, then in reality you need to be careful. Something bad is being prepared against you, you need to find out about the plans of the enemies and neutralize them.
  7. Wasp children dream of fun and pleasure, as well as gifts.
  8. A whole swarm of insects that are trying to sting you — to trouble in reality. Something out of the ordinary will happen, which is why you have to leave your work, home or partner. This is the complete destruction of the old life and the beginning of a new one.
  9. A cat that hunts for wasps dreams that you need to be constantly alert. There are many ill-wishers around you, and the slightest mistake can lead to big problems.
  10. Jump into the water. to be saved from the bite — soon you will find a solution to a problem that has been tormenting you for a long time and making it difficult to live peacefully. Take time to think, during which the subconscious and prompt the right answer.
  11. Brushing an insect from your nose to victory in a cause that is of great importance to you. Even if you had no idea what to do, soon the decision will come.
  12. Small, painful stinging wasps are dreaming as a warning. You should not be so sensitive to the words of people around you. They are trying not to hurt you, but to bring something important.

Dream Miller

The author of this dream book gives interpretation based on knowledge of the possibilities of the human subconscious.

What dreams wasp - a lot

Here are his predictions:

  1. The wasps symbolize the enemies that you fear the most. And fear is completely justified: they are really capable of seriously harming you, denigrating your reputation and preventing you from achieving your goals.
  2. Multicolored insects dream of unexpected expenses. You have to spend almost all the savings and remain in the end without funds. But it will pay off quickly, so you should not worry.
  3. Unusual wasps, which does not exist in real life, dream of a series of minor troubles with which you have to cope. They will affect, first of all, personal life. You may become more likely to quarrel with your loved one.
  4. A wasp that stung you painfully is a symbol of envy and anger directed at you by your rivals and competitors. But they are not able to seriously harm you, at this stage of life you are much stronger than them.
  5. Kill a wasp in a dream — to win the trial or to win over competitors. You will appear in the most favorable light, and the situation will be resolved in the best way.
  6. A swarm of small bees — to feelings about relationships. You have reason to worry — your loved one is not completely honest with you. This dream may herald a break of friendship or love affair.

Esoteric dream book

This dream book contains the most mysterious and even mystical interpretations.

What dreams wasp - a lot

  1. Wasp, seen in a dream, promises complexity in matters. Circumstances will be against you, so you have to make a lot of effort to get what you want. It is possible that damage has been put on you, so there are so many problems.
  2. Wasp biting your enemy — to victory over them. All the trumps you have — act, and you will be invincible.
  3. The wasp nest says that the dreamer is upset about something and does not see a solution to his problems. He should let go of the situation for a while, relax, and allow events to take their course.
  4. If a woman was bitten by a wasp in a dream, then soon she will have a rival who wishes to lead her lover away. She will not be able to do it, but she spoils the nerves pretty.
  5. If a man in a dream was attacked by a whole swarm of wasps, then in reality he will also face the attacks of those around him. Some of his offenses will be the subject of heated discussion, even the closest people can turn away from him. But if he draws the right conclusions from what happened, then everything will be quickly adjusted.

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  • In one of the interpretations, the wasp is a symbol of an enemy or an ill-wisher, an evil, caustic person who seeks to harm you.
  • In another sense, the stinging insect is the personification of the image of a beautiful girl, young and immaculate.
  • You need to analyze the entire dream to determine which events await you in the near future.

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