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What dreams to money

What dreams to money

Every dream is fraught with mystery, which cannot be solved by force. Everything that we see in a dream says something, warns or gives a sign. There are special monetary dreams that predict quick profit and financial success.

If you see yourself rich in a dream, this does not mean that you are lucky with money. As a rule, in monetary dreams, a person sees objects and phenomena that are not at all in the financial sphere. What dreams foreshadow wealth and abundance?

Dreams predicting monetary gain

Feces. Strange as it may sound, feces take off for money. Do not be afraid of such dreams and do not consider them disgusting, because they predict an unexpected profit or an expensive gift.

See yourself pregnant in a dream — This is also a sign of material profit and wealth. That’s just this dream has one caveat — that dream really brought money, you need to make an effort.

Large fish also dream about money. This dream also foreshadows good deals and successful commercial activities.

If in a dream you saw yourself bearded or with a big belly, this is also a sign of quick profit. From the size of the abdomen, the length and thickness of the beard, you can determine how big the profit will be.

Fur coat — also a good dream, promising good luck in financial matters. If in a dream you try on a fur coat or put it on, then in reality you will find not only monetary luck, but also protection from enemies and envious people.

Harvesting, trees with ripe fruits, berries and mushrooms — Signs of abundance and wealth. Such dreams also foreshadow career success and good deals.

Frequently listen to your dreams and try to interpret them correctly. Then every dream will become for you a guide in solutions and an aid in solving problems. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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