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What dreams to kill a rat on various dream books

I dreamed of killing a rat: interpretation of various dream books

Dreams reflect our subconscious. The brain analyzes the smallest and most unnoticeable details of everyday life in a dream, and with the help of images gives us possible scenarios.

Why dream of a rat? Dream interpretation will tell you what you need to prepare.

What does it mean to kill a rat in a dream? General interpretation

A rat is an animal to which the majority of people are disgusted. This rodent inspires disgust, and our consciousness instinctively refers its image to enemies.

They carry pathogens of various diseases, including the most dangerous.

They destroy food supplies. Rats tried to exterminate in all possible ways: poisoned with poison, rat traps were made, cats were bred.

Rats were devoted to fairy tales, where they would certainly play the role of a villain. Not surprising, in this regard, and the interpretation of sleep in different dream books.

They all associate this dream with dangers, unpleasant people and the struggle for survival and resources.

To correctly decode a dream, you need to remember it in detail. Size, color of an animal, who it dreamed about and how it behaved in a dream matter. Was it a cub or an adult animal, one or more.

What answers do the interpreters offer us?

What dreams to kill a rat on various dream books

If in a dream the dreamer killed a rodent, soon the sleeper will be able to see the traitor in his best friend. If in a dream you killed a few small rats — reveal a conspiracy, preparing against you.

Cubs rats drowned? This means that you will find and stop betrayal in your family.

What dreams of dead animals? The interpreter warns us of difficulties, but promises the support of relatives. Kill in a dream sick sdyhaающих rats, defeat the disease at the very beginning.

If you save a cat from rodents in your dream, in your life protect your friend from gossips and slander.

The way to deal with animals is also important. They killed themselves — soon you will find out who your fierce enemy is, who is preparing a trap for you and is making fun of you behind your back. In the dream you saw the whole process?

You need to be extremely careful in statements, so as not to provoke a scandal. and do not lose your reputation in the circle of colleagues.

In the night story, you only tried to kill the animal, but did it run away? Nayavu find out the good news.

If in a dream you were in an unfamiliar house, and you were attacked by a whole flock, you need in real life to avoid visiting crowded places in the near future, to be selective in communication.

What dreams to kill a rat on various dream books

Seeing such a dream for a woman — unpleasant moments in life touch the family. An unmarried girl should be attentive to her friends, among them there can be a possible rival.

For a married woman, this dream predicts infidelity of the husband and discord in the family, but if in a dream she killed a rat or a rat, victory over the opponent is guaranteed.

For a man, a rat killed by them in a dream promises material benefits.

Miller’s Rat

If you dreamed of a rat — be prepared for a conflict with business partners or neighbors. Conflict can end in physical injury.

If you managed to grab a rat — you will manage to defeat your enemies, whom you will despise. Did you kill the rat?

Win in any business with any obstacles.

Rat, interpretation in the Tsvetkov dream book

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova offers to prepare for the misfortunes, losses, will shed tears. Killed an animal?

Good luck is waiting for you. Is the rat big?

Great luck.

Dream interpretation Hasse

You will be surrounded by enemies, and the fight against them will be long and not easy.

Rat in the English Dream Book

The dreamed rat means grief and trouble from numerous enemies. If you have a girlfriend and you love her, get ready to fight for your happiness.

A dream foreshadows an influential and persistent rival. The same dream warns about a fake buddy who can betray you.

French dream book

Warns you to be very careful: numerous enemies are preparing you for snares and traps.

Modern dream book about the Rat

If you have seen runaway rats — this is a warning and you need to leave for a short time and live in another place. Rat nibbled something?

Cook food for the future.

At the same time, a rat dreamed from Friday to Saturday promises a good deal with material benefits for you. A rat attacking and biting you by the legs can dream in the run-up to prospects without boundaries: success, you will rise to a very high level in a social position, become a very wealthy person.

Dream astromeridian

He believes that the rats dream of people who are dissatisfied with the structure of the world and their place in it. Many rats — wait for betrayal.

If you are hounding rats in a dream — you will succeed. If you have seen how rats bite other people, they will have problems. Was the dreamed animal white?

Wait for betrayal from a friend. Huge problems await those who saw the big and the black, but if you kill her, wait for mercy from fate: you will defeat all enemies.

In his dream book warns of impending illness or violence. Killing a rat in a dream is a good sign.

You will overcome all troubles and destroy all your enemies.

Female dream book

If the rat dreams of a woman, quarrels with a neighbor or colleague can not be avoided. Do not give in to provocations, try to avoid conflict situations.

They grabbed the rat by the tail or killed it — you will be on top.

Psychologist Meneghetti

He treats what you see in a dream like this: rats bring damage to a person. In this regard, it is an image of the invader and the consumer and is a symbol of destruction and destruction.

This is a symbol of fear of loss of loved ones, property. This may express a female aggressive beginning, self-submission, negative impact of the mother.

What dreams to kill a rat on various dream books

Dreaming nostradamus

Nostradamus in his dream book explains the dreaming rat:

This animal can be perceived as a symbol of fertility, good luck, death

  • If you see in a dream a lot of rats that destroy crops — a frivolous attitude towards pests can lead to an ecological catastrophe.
  • An unusual beautiful white rat, riding in a carriage, means for difficult negotiations with the neighboring northern country.
  • The dream also warns about the deceptive appearance of the interlocutor with whom you are planning, the negotiations and his character are only seemingly soft and not inclined to consensus.
  • Dreamed of a pair of rats that walk and act like humans? This means that in 2020 a ban will be announced on the destruction of living beings.
  • Have you had a dream about a ship that is run by rats? The planet will experience a flood in 2066, after which a period of prosperity will begin.
  • If in a dream the rats were preparing to attack — there will be aggression from the UK.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century warns us

Catching rats in a dream — to danger, illness, hunger, threats, news about a bad friend. To catch a rat is a great success.

Seeing that you kill this animal is a great danger.

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