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What dreams tiger: interpretation of the dream for women and men

According to the dream books, a tiger in a dream can be a foreboding of good luck or an omen of great danger. Interpretation depends on the behavior of the animal, the actions of the sleeper, the emotional coloring of the dream.

You also need to pay attention to how many tigers dreamed of, where they were and what color they were. For the final interpretation of sleep, it is important to remember the size of the predator and whether it looked healthy or was emaciated and sick.

If a tiger dreams of being aggressive towards the dreamer, such a dream cannot be called auspicious. General interpretations:

  • Sign of loss of control and unfair accusations.
  • Collision with a cunning and insidious opponent.
  • Despondency, fatigue, internal struggle with oneself.
  • The danger threatening the sleeper in reality.
  • The upcoming joy that will turn into a great disaster.

Interpretation of specific plots about attacking tiger:

  • The predator pursues a man, had to flee from an angry tiger — a meeting with a powerful and strong rival in love relationships or the emergence of a business rival who is superior to the sleeper in everything.
  • The attack of a huge tiger, which was fatal for the dreamer, will be a crushing blow, and the sleeper will not be able to resist them.
  • If a tiger has bitten a man, but he managed to escape from the beast — the enemies will fairly ruin his life, but soon everything will return to normal.

If in a dream a person is afraid of a predator who attacks, then he is not confident in his own abilities and cannot cope with the troubles that have fallen on his head alone. He needs friendly support and help from his relatives.

What dreams tiger: interpretation of the dream for women and men

If a dream dreamer killed a tiger, the plot in most cases foreshadows positive events:

  • Positive sign, foreshadowing wealth and all sorts of honors.
  • The dreamer will succeed in his career as well as in his personal life.
  • Killing a predator promises a triumphant victory over enemies.
  • Extreme success in all endeavors.
  • Getting an inheritance or winning in gambling.
  • Foretelling a happy fate.

What dreams tiger: interpretation of the dream for women and men

I dreamed of a calm tiger in a cage — the dreamer would be able to put down the vigilance of his enemies. If an animal, put on a chain, behaves aggressively, growls and wants to get rid of the shackles, the sleeper will be able to outwit his enemies.

Tame a predator — skillfully manipulate others and force them to act in their own interests.

To feed the good big tiger, who lives in the house as a pet, — to the improvement of social status and a significant improvement in the financial situation.

What dreams tiger: interpretation of the dream for women and men

If you dreamed of a lot of tigers in a zoo, the dreamer is completely safe. Being surrounded by predators who want to tear a person into pieces — the sleeper is surrounded by hypocrites and traitors who do not disdain anything for their own profit.

The color of the dream tiger is important for the ultimate interpretation of the dream:

  • White — incredible luck in all areas of life.
  • The black — monstrous injustice, false accusations in the direction of a sleeping person.
  • Fiery red — Good luck in the relationship with the opposite sex, no money problems.

To see a quiet tigress with tiger cubs in the zoo — the fears of a sleeping person are in vain. Nothing threatens his well-being. After such a night story, you can safely make plans and not worry that they will break at the most inopportune moment.

This is a good period for concluding large deals and signing business contracts, purchasing real estate and traveling abroad with your family.

Aggressive behavior of the tigress and her kids — the enemies soon become more active, the dreamer needs to be on the alert.

Interpretation of scenes in which the dreamer happened to observe the tiger and other animals:

  • See the tiger and the bear in the wild — these are images of enemies that combine such qualities as strength and dexterity, cunning and frenzy, cunning and power.
  • I dreamed of a homemade, handmade beast that rests, sleeps — to peace, liberation from negativity and complete relaxation.
  • If the dreamer sees himself in a dream in the image of a predator — Soon we will have to fight for our place in the sun.
  • I dreamed of a tiger with prey in the teeth — the efforts and efforts of a sleeping person will not be in vain. The bosses will issue an extraordinary award or increase their positions.
  • See the fighting tigers — become an unwitting witness to an unpleasant incident.

Traveling on a wild beast — find the answer to a question that has long tormented the sleeper. To hunt for a predator — a dreamer in the coming days will get acquainted with an amazing man who will completely change his outlook.

To see the tiger skin — the dreamer expects refined pleasures and an unforgettable pastime. Hear the tiger roar, but not to see the animal itself — to the rapid rise of the career ladder.

Depending on the personality of the person who dreamed of a predator, the meaning of a tiger dream changes:

  • For pregnant — difficult period of motherhood. A future child from an early age will show independence and stubbornness.
  • For unmarried girls — acquaintance with a self-sufficient and brave man who can protect against all ills.
  • Married women should be expected after sleeping on the tiger of family scandals motivated by jealousy.
  • Unmarried guys such a dream promises friendship with a wise and rich man.
  • Married men the dream of the tiger foreshadows conflicts with the beloved and the machinations of competitors in working affairs.

What do different dream books say about dreams in which a tiger appears:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
MillerThe sleeper will be able to confuse people who are unfriendly disposed towards him
WangiHard times are coming
ModernFailures will haunt the sleeper in all endeavors.
FreudSymbol of sexual excitability and violent behavior in bed
TsvetkovaWarning of upcoming trouble
IslamicUnpleasant conversations with cruel and selfish people
AmericanThis predator is a symbol of energy, power, physical strength and speed
FamilyEnemies are plotting against a sleeping man
AstromeridianAn unfavorable symbol, foreshadowing failure and indicating the unrealizability of dreams
PsychologicalThis animal personifies the temperament of a sleeping person.

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