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What dreams that you want to kill?

What dreams that you want to kill in a dream?

What dreams that you want to kill? In real life, this event brings a lot of negative emotions, fear and experience. However, psychologists and esotericists claim that experiencing the bad in a dream is considered a good sign.

You have experienced a nightmare in a dream that is not realized in real life. In essence, this is the correction of karma.

What dreams that you want to kill?

General interpretation of sleep

Interpreters of dreams believe that killing in a dream symbolizes unresolved problems in life, a whole tangle of problems. The subconscious mind warns us to immediately deal with the circumstances, until they reach the apogee and cause harm to the dreamer’s life.

Moreover, the dreamer is able to independently unravel the tangle of problems that he has created.

Often a person stubbornly does not notice the accumulated negative in his life and does not want to restore order in his fate. The subconscious mind warns through figurative pictures: it’s time to take hold of the head and settle conflicts. If in a dream it was possible to avoid death at the hands of a tyrant, then the person will cope with the circumstances.

Otherwise, he is in serious trouble.

Avoid death in a dream

What does it mean if the dreamer managed to escape the killer’s hands and escape? This portends longevity: death has receded. But also this dream can warn about the presence of hidden enemies who envy you or want to «sit down» in the workplace.

In some interpreters, this episode of a dream is interpreted as future adverse financial problems and serious illness.

If trying to kill with a knife — the dreamer has an internal insoluble conflict that interferes with normal life. You need to understand yourself, to balance your soul and mind.

If a dream is taken hostage — This is a sign of the activity of hidden enemies who are waiting for a chance to harm the dreamer. Among them may be competitors for work / business or neighbors.

For young girls The attempt on life has a romantic meaning — a meeting with a new fan. The attack of the wild beast has the interpretation of the emergence of a new friend and ally.

Relative in the role of the killer — an attempt to establish relations with you, which have deteriorated. If a stranger appeared in the image of the killer, this indicates a strong business rival.

What dreams that you want to kill?

Interpretation of various dream books

Dream Miller defines the attempted murder as the incompetence of the dreamer’s actions. You need to be more attentive to others, relatives and friends.

Do not chop off the shoulder, go to compromises, forgive the shortcomings of other people. If you want to destroy, then you hurt people.

Dream Vanga treats the dream differently. An attempt with a knife or pistol warns of impending difficulties in life. The upcoming challenges will be so strong that you will literally have to fight for survival.

If in a dream you witnessed a murder, it means that envious people appeared in your circle.

Nostradamus defines sleep with attempt from the most positive side. The pursuit of a murderer in a dream means good changes in fate and the most bright prospects.

If relatives are killed, it means that everything will be all right with their health and well-being.

Household reasons

Psychologists and doctors explain the death and attempt on life in a dream in their own way. They believe that everything has an explanation from a physiological (natural) point of view. Thus, death in a dream is a consequence:

  • overeating at night;
  • unventilated premises;
  • tobacco / alcohol abuse;
  • taking certain medications;
  • sleep on an uncomfortable pillow / mattress or in an uncomfortable position;
  • informational brain reloading.

What if an attempt was made (or even death) in a dream? No need to panic.

In the tarot deck there is an ominous Arcane Death, but he never foretells real death. A reminder of death causes a storm of negative emotions in a person and is an impetus to spiritual work on oneself. Death reminds:

  • reconsider your attitude towards your close ones;
  • change your environment;
  • get rid of the unnecessary in life;
  • change your job;
  • change yourself.

For radical changes in life to occur, something must “die”: habit, affection, dissatisfaction with life or yourself. Death is the beginning of the new, the unknown and the mysterious.

If the subconscious showed the image of death in a dream, there is a good reason to think about your life.

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