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What dreams that you walk on water on the dream books of Miller, Daniel

Dreamed a walk on the water: decoding on popular dream books

For some, a walk on water is associated with religion, for someone — with autumn romance, and for someone — with a wonderful film “The Diamond Arm”. But in a dream, we rarely remember associations — a dream just comes and takes us into its magical world.

We can only thumb through the dream book, figuring out what dreams of walking on the sea or puddles. And really, to what?

What dreams that you walk on water on the dream books of Miller, Daniel

General interpretation of this amazing dream

  • If you do not go into details, this dream is good. A white band is officially launched in your life … But this is provided, then you walked around in clear, transparent water.
  • Often such a dream says: his “master” has an excellent, sociable character, thanks to which he gets along well with both friends and strangers. In addition, it is a clean, bright person.
  • To see that you walk on water, and in a dream you were not surprised, as if this is a usual thing for you: a dream promises an exciting journey that you will remember for a long time with joy.
  • Did you go barefoot? Great sleep! Fate already «packs» a pleasant gift for you. Maybe this is a dream come true, or the surrender of your worst enemy.
  • Did you walk in shoes, even though she was soaked during a walk? You may have problems, and because of them you can do stupid. So no matter how hard it is, think well before you do something!
  • Look at the «adventures» of the water of another person: something will pleasantly surprise you.
  • Do not run or walk, but just stand on top of the water: a dream foreshadows trouble.
  • You walked over the water, suddenly it opened up under your feet and you began to sink: you are in very serious danger. Take care of your life!

What was the water under your feet?

  • Dirty. You face a dispute with a loved one, or in your family will begin squabbles. The second interpretation of muddy or dirty water: in real life, something is hidden from you.
  • Clean, transparent. Sleep promises success, and even things that have long since caused you no optimism will end well.
  • Cold (especially if you were walking barefoot): sleep manifests your state of mind. You are too unemotional, cold with family. Second interpretation: do not take risks, and if the temptation is very strong, at least think carefully about the whole thing to the smallest details.
  • Hot, pleasantly warm. Your dream, even cherished, can finally come true.
  • Did you go and the cold water warmed up under your feet? If a person shuns you, you can bring him closer and make your relationship stronger.
  • Walking on the water in a dream, which was formed from melting snow or ice: whatever the situation in your life, you will find how to wrap it to your advantage.
  • To walk on the water, covered with thin ice: your feelings for someone cool down — or maybe it already almost stopped loving you?
  • Did you go through the puddles formed in your apartment due to flooding? In any case, a dream to talk. If the water is clean, it will be just a nice friendly chatter. If dirty, they will gossip about you.
  • If there is a lot of water in a room (apartment, house), and it comes all the time: you will have to struggle for a long time with difficulties.

What was the reservoir?

What dreams that you walk on water on the dream books of Miller, Daniel

  • Why do you dream that you walk on the water of the sea surf, on the river beach? That is, in your dream there was nothing biblical or magical — just a pleasant walk? The fact that you have entered so deeply depends on the number of difficulties that will prevent you from completing your work or the fulfillment of your dream. You walked ankle-deep; tasks for you will be thrown by easy tasks; on the neck — fasten, it will not be easy.
  • You ran along the same beach, splashing water: you are a very emotional person, and you are not ashamed of crying in front of unfamiliar «spectators». Your subconscious suggests: it is worth being restrained, not only strangers, but also some of “yours” are beginning to be considered cranks.
  • Have you crossed the reservoir (river, trickle) ford? Was it possible to moisten a maximum of the knee? You are very lucky — fate took away a dangerous threat from you.
  • You walked to the waist, and then to the neck? The strength of the current is important here. If you move the river quickly, you will be able to complete your plans. If you have unsuccessfully fought with the power of nature, but you could not move a single step, do not start new cases, they will stretch for a very long time.
  • The pond was very shallow — not even a river, and so, a stream with a puddle? You will be invited to an uninteresting company. To «zakosit» and not go, you say the patient (the patient).
  • In the dream of a girl or a young woman, wander in a lake whose water was dirty: her conscience gnaws at her bad, rash acts.
  • You looked from the side at the children who were walking along the brilliant sea beach: a dream for personal happiness.
  • Did you walk over the top of the water pool? What was the water like? If clean, good sleep, he promises you success and profit. Turbid: you can get sick, so try not to eat shawarma and not soak your feet. Dirty: do not talk too much if you don’t want a crowd of gossip to gather around you.
  • You walked on the sea — the waves rose to the very clouds, a storm raged, and you even what? Perhaps you stumbled several times, but did not plunge into the evil abyss? So, in real life, you with honor endure all the blows of fate.

Interpretation of author’s dream books

What dreams that you walk on water on the dream books of Miller, Daniel

Folk interpretation promises many dreamers walking along the water. What will the dream books say with the «name»?

Dream Miller

  1. You ford the river and the water was clear? Joy will fill your life, even if small, but pleasant.
  2. Did you wander in dirty water? It is a disease.
  3. Have you seen the «flock» of kids running around the water? You are very lucky, both in personal affairs and at work.
  4. If a girl walks on clean, but foamed water — a dream to fulfill her most cherished desire.

Medieval dreaming Daniel

  1. According to this dream book, walking on water — to get rid of the danger.
  2. Was the sea (river, other body of water) restless? Your life will be exciting, it will include a charge or fear.

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