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What dreams that you swear on dream books Vanga, Freud

Quarrel, swearing in a dream — how it will affect your life

Vigilantes are usually condemned. But why dream about a situation in which you yourself were shouting, scolding, calling names, waving hands — in general, you were far from reliable?

How does the dream book look at the fact that you had a fight in a dream with a close person, a stranger, or even a dead man?

What dreams that you swear on dream books Vanga, Freud

General interpretation of your emotional dream

  • As a rule, both psychologists and esoteric people agree that swearing in a dream with close people is a bad sign, leading to a cooling of relations with them or a real quarrel. If you quarrel with a stranger, this is a neutral dream.
  • If you know a person with whom you swore in a dream, but are not really in a good relationship, a dream may mean that you are constantly looking for ways to re-establish the relationship, to solve the problem between you.
  • If the dreamer is a woman, the transcript of the dream depends on her marital status. Yes, if she is not married, this sign can promise her problems at work (most likely, associated with discord with someone from the team), and if “ringed”, sleep to problems with her spouse.
  • If you often dream of squabbles and disputes, this is just a projection of real life, the “fragments” of which fall into your dreams. One of two things: either you yourself are too emotional personality, not holding back your words and experiences, or your life is now filled with sheer stresses.
  • If in a dream you were hoarsely arguing with your ex, it says: you still subconsciously did not let this person go.

Was it a person close to you?

  • Did you see that you were arguing with your own mother? You are very attached to her. The dream says: problems will soon begin to blame yourself.
  • Was it your father? Sleep warns: soberly evaluate exactly what man decided to love. Maybe there is a flaw in it, which you now in the heat of passion do not notice? First love will pass, and you may cry because of it.
  • Was it your favorite? This mark has two interpretations. First: spend the money on something bad. Second: in a dream, you tell your loved one everything that you do not want to make trouble with in reality. Because of this, in real life you have an even, peaceful relationship.
  • Was it your spouse? In this case, everything depends on the emotions experienced in the dream. If they were positive (you did not swear seriously, or later reconciled), the dream promises good health. If you are very worried (maybe even woke up in tears), this is a sign of future problems in the family.
  • Did you fight with the child? You feel that the child is about to begin a transitional age with all its “charms”. But there’s nothing to be done — you just have to go through these couple of years!
  • Why dream of arguing with your own sister — to the disappointment that someone could cause your treachery. To prevent this from happening, always keep your word, and if you see that not everything depends on you, then do not make any promises, much less oaths.
  • If in a dream you “grappled” with your girlfriend, this sign can speak about lack of agreement, which spoils your real relationship. If it was just an acquaintance, the dream may say that your enemies have conceived something against you — as for the heroine of your sleep, then she will be lucky with something.
  • Opponent in the dispute was a mother-in-law? What to do: it means you are really unlucky, you do not agree with your relative characters. Less pay attention to her cavils, and if there is an opportunity — try to disperse to different houses.
  • In general, the abuse with relatives says: when the problems begin, you will have to solve them in splendid isolation.

Was it a rather strange interlocutor?

What dreams that you swear on dream books Vanga, Freud

  • Why do you dream that you are fighting with someone whom you cannot stand in real life? Maybe it was the enemy, foe, or just a bored type? Good sign: in the «real» your conflict will be settled, you either reconcile, or go away and no longer intersect.
  • Was it a stranger? The work that you are about to begin will be more than successful.
  • Was it a dead man? In general, such a dream says: when dealing with relatives, be as tactful as possible, otherwise you cannot avoid many conflicts.
  • If the hero of the dream was a deceased friend or relative with whom you were close, it should be understood as follows: you still have not let go of him, occasionally experiencing inside yourself the words unsaid to him.

Opponent himself unleashed a dispute with you?

  • You were scolded by a woman: without thinking properly, you made a mistake, and now you have to “rake” a whole bunch of problems because of this.
  • The debater was your mom: wait for problems, troubles.
  • Your ex scolded you: this man still has not forgotten you, and it is quite possible that he misses you a lot.
  • It was a stranger: you are angry with yourself because of some wrong act or word that was said in a temper.
  • You listened to sharp criticism from the deceased: you are doing something wrong. Most likely, you behave badly in relation to relatives (or maybe friends, colleagues).

And what did famous authors write?

At the end we offer quotes from two books that are worth more than your attention. Their authors are a visionary respected in our country, as well as a psychoanalyst whose views set the tone for an entire era.

What did they say about dreams with disputes and swearing?

Dream Vanga

What dreams that you swear on dream books Vanga, Freud

  1. As this dream book assures us, swearing at someone is a sign that you will soon be very upset (maybe even because of a trifle).
  2. Someone argued with you, scolding you: a dream promises a lot of silly fuss, hassle. He can also warn about the appearance of a foe who, however, cannot harm you.
  3. You argued with your boss: in real life, you feel that he is acting unfairly, and you want to defend your opinion. However, this dispute should not be transferred to life — you are not an angel either, therefore you partially deserve such criticism, and even if you start arguing, just do not speak in the best light.
  4. It was a stranger: a dream to get acquainted with a bright personality.
  5. Your friend: Get ready for a business trip.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

  1. Any aggression taken off by us is the embodiment of sex.
  2. Did someone scold you? So, he secretly (and perhaps openly) wants you. It is possible that he will soon declare his desires.
  3. You yourself rushed at someone with reproaches? Subconsciousness hints: your sex life is too poor or it does not exist at all, and you feel strong carnal discomfort about this.

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