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What dreams that you gave a ring for dream books

What does a dream in which they gave you a ring?

What is the dream of this jewelry gift? Almost any dream book interprets what they see as a sign of commitment that you will soon assume.

But also the details of sleep (who gave, whether there was a pebble on the jewelery and what was it, whether the offer of a hand and heart followed the gift) are also important.

General interpretation of such a dream

  • Most often, dreams of this kind are visited by women. But if you are a man, why dream: gave a ring, and yes even a gold one? The interpretation of a dream is good: you will soon meet a person who will be a great friend to you.
  • Such a dream can be interpreted in two more ways. First (for an unmarried guy): you would not mind if some lovely person “ringed” you. Second, you are afraid of taking on obligations, and not only in terms of relationships, but also workers.
  • Was the ring made of another metal? If made of silver, then it is not a good dream. It means grief in the future.
  • Donor of the ring are you yourself? Who do you offer a brilliant decoration? Such a dream means that you dream of taking possession of the heart of this person and you will be faithful to him.

What dreams that you gave a ring for dream books

The ring was a wedding ring?

  • If such a dream was seen by a young girl, he promises her harmony in relations with her beloved, as well as the loyalty of this guy.
  • Such a gift dreamed of a married lady? Besides, the decoration was very beautiful, brightly shining? This is good: soon the problem, which you have almost forgotten, will be successfully resolved.
  • Did you just see a shamelessly beautiful engagement ring that was presented to you? A person who dreams of seducing you «winds» around you in real life.
  • You were called to marry, and you said yes? Not the most favorable dream: the business that you are doing now, something will hinder development.
  • You made an offer, but you rejected it? And then the opposite: everything you do will bring long-awaited results.

Deciphering a pebble on a ringlet

What dreams that you gave a ring for dream books

  1. As the dream book says, they presented a ring with a stone — it means that it will be easy for you to meet and keep up a conversation with strangers. This dream will especially please a person who settles for a new workplace or goes to study far from home.
  2. Such a dream has another interpretation, but only if it was seen by a woman. Dream «with a stone» notes the enchantress, around whom there are always admirers of her beauty.
  3. Sometimes dreams of this kind warn: after a while you will get a surprise.

By type of stone:

  1. Brilliant: your wedding will be truly luxurious.
  2. Emerald: you will receive a blessing.
  3. Ruby: Soon you will feel a secret power. This refers not to «superhero» abilities, like those of a comic book hero, but something real. For example, a person who loves you will be ready for everything for you, and you will find out about it.
  4. Pearls: you will have to shed tears.
  5. Onyx, agate, obsidian and other stones of black color: losses and bad luck are waiting for you.

You lit up with decorations?

  • Let’s say you accepted as a gift not one, but two little rings, and the same? Such a dream says: you understand your life situation perfectly and you are not going to change anything in it.
  • You were given not only a ring, but also earrings to it? This is to success in your personal life, and first of all — to the full understanding of your couple, as well as material well-being.
  • If you carry a child, sleep will have a different interpretation: you will have a girl.
  • A ring plus a bracelet (or bracelets)? If this is a dream of a young girl, even a high school student, a dream will mean the likelihood of a very early marriage.
  • If in a dream these things were given by your boyfriend, it means that he is already ready to introduce you to his mom and dad, so get ready for your first family visit.

What dreams that you gave a ring for dream books

  • Husband: you may have a baby. Sometimes such a dream means something else: you and your spouse will start a common business, and this will be a great solution, because it will bring you many benefits.
  • Husband, but the ring is small / large? Spouse something does not suit your marriage.
  • Favorite, and not only presented, but put on the hand: in real life, he will not betray. Your common interests can be a guarantee of strong love for many years.
  • Former: Your subconscious mind wants to remind you of the promise you made to this person a long time ago.
  • Former, and the ring was, as they say, a very “designer”, catchy, fantasy shape or intricately decorated: in a short time you can make a good business proposal, but you will only have a skeptical smirk, so you refuse. And in vain!
  • The guy from your environment, that is, familiar to you personally: he is a good friend. If trouble comes, you can go to him for help — he will not refuse.
  • Unknown guy or man: in your surroundings there is a person who would like to become close to you. Perhaps this is the guy you keep in the “frendzone,” or a terse colleague. The second interpretation of this dream: your fate will change an unexpected incident.
  • Dead: a dream foreshadows happiness and wealth.
  • Sister (in the dream of a woman): your opponent’s figure will soon loom on your horizon.

What does Dr. Miller think?

The world-famous interpreter has only one opinion about this dream, and it concerns young girls, especially those who are gathered in marriage. Miller says: if you saw that you were given a ring in a dream, it means that your future spouse will be faithful to you in all circumstances.

Finally, remember: such a dream with a jeweler or a saleswoman of gold and silver products differs many times from a similar dream dreamed up by a young girl! Than?

You can interpret and interpret the dreams of an ordinary person according to dream books. And if the dream came as an «add-on» to work, do not give it any importance — most likely, other night visions will be prophetic to you …

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