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What dreams that you are vacuuming on Miller’s dream books, modern, American

Why do you vacuum in your dream — how to decipher correctly

A very small percentage of people truly love to clean the house. And, having seen a vacuum cleaner in your own dream, you can be very surprised — why dream of such cleaning?

How does the dream book look at a similar situation?

What dreams that you are vacuuming on Miller's dream books, modern, American

The general interpretation of such a «cleaning» sleep

  • As a rule, most interpreters explain how to clean the house simply: you need to restore order both in your own actions and in your thoughts. If in a dream you tried to clean up not your own, but someone else’s house, the dream says: you shouldn’t turn on the “bad mother-in-law” mode. Solve your own affairs, and leave the lives of others alone.
  • As for the vacuum cleaner, this sign says: you are too closed in your own life, having cut your own social circle to a minimum.
  • What dreams you are vacuuming? Sleep warns about future general cleaning — both the usual (you throw out all unnecessary things from the apartment) and the soul.
  • Collecting garbage that guests (your family, office workers …) have trampled in dirty shoes can be people who dream of clearing their souls from internal torments.
  • See others being vacuumed: your life will change soon. But this is not the best news: since you do not have the strongest character, some more “powerful” person will subordinate you to his will.
  • You saw a dust bag (say, took it out of a vacuum cleaner, or maybe washed it, shook it out, threw it away): this is a great dream, it promises the end of the black strip in your life.
  • If you were just preparing to clean in a dream, having gone to buy a vacuum cleaner, the dream says: you are in a difficult situation and are looking for a way out of it. Well, and if you bought it, it means that you will receive a new source of income that will help you achieve financial independence.

Where did you go?

  • If you dream vacuuming an entire apartment in a dream, it means: you are throwing out too much money for unnecessary trifles.
  • Was it a huge empty room? Whatever the difficulty facing you, do not call your friends or relatives — you can handle it yourself.
  • Did you clean the office? If there was a lot of dust, your career will go up well.
  • Was it your real friend’s house (apartment)? Sleep says that in fact you know this person is not as good as you used to think.
  • Did you clean the house of other people, wanting to thank the owners for such an act? This dream — to the appearance in your life of a strong patron who will help you.
  • You were forced to clean the house of strangers? Soon you can quarrel with your neighbors, if you do not hold back in the statements.
  • Have you dreamed that you clean houses and offices, working as a cleaner? This dream promises that your business idea will give excellent results.

What exactly did you clean?

What dreams that you are vacuuming on Miller's dream books, modern, American

  • To get the house out of dust — to put in order the «mess» in his own head. In general, dust is a sign of loneliness of a person entangled in himself.
  • Was it a dusty mat? You are tired of keeping other people’s secrets.
  • However, this dream has another interpretation. Vacuuming a carpet in a dream is to cleanse your own life from non-important things. Quite possibly, these actions will substantially clear your reputation.
  • Furniture: let new people into your life, as well as events. Do not live in the «aquarium».
  • Curtains, walls, ceiling: to a serious spiritual «cleaning», which will end successfully.

How was the vacuum cleaner?

  • New, working, that is, not broken: some stranger will try to deceive you. Be carefull!
  • Modern, tricked, with many functions: thanks to your own efforts, your life will be filled with positive changes. The main thing is not to “save”, showing the best that is inside you.
  • Unusual: your problems will soon end, and for this you do not even have to do something.
  • Weak, barely humming: it will be very difficult for you to cope with impending difficulties. Feel free to call on the help of friends, relatives or colleagues.
  • The vacuum cleaner could not cope because there was a lot of dust in the room: you urgently need to streamline your affairs.
  • Old, shabby: you have to spend a lot on something. If in a dream you got a device that you haven’t used for a hundred years, it means: you will have impressive but pleasant expenses. For example, you will have a great weekend, sowing with friends in a bar or going somewhere to visit.
  • Broken: Prepare for loss or disappointment.

And who is the dreamer?

  • The man. If you vacuum in a dream, it means: the work that you are doing at the moment will end surprisingly well.
  • Woman: congratulations, you have a wonderful family — happy, full.

Did you use a vacuum cleaner for other purposes?

  • Pull the fruit from the apple tree growing near your window with a vacuum cleaner — to an interesting act, which you will greatly surprise both your relatives or friends, and enemies.
  • If in a dream you tried to get clothes that fell from your balcony, it means: you will be able to beat your competitors not with the help of war, but with the help of cooperation or friendship.

The interpretation of individual, most popular books

What dreams that you are vacuuming on Miller's dream books, modern, American

Since a vacuum cleaner is a modern invention, the author is far from every dream book with this symbol. However, modern «sleepy» works are well aware of what he dreams of!

Dream Miller

Soon you will be faced with an important life choice. Be as careful as possible not to be mistaken with the decision!

Try to think not as “heart” as your mind.

Modern dream book

The person who cleaned with a vacuum cleaner in a dream should be ready for important actions on his personal «front». Do not postpone everything for later, but do not get confused — your future depends on your actions.

American dream book

According to this dream book, a person who is highly recommended to “clean up” in his life, and first of all — “throw out” everything unimportant, if not necessary, can vacuum in his dream.

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