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What dreams that you are talking on the phone on the dream books of Miller, Winter

How to understand the dream in which you spoke on the phone

Telephones are familiar to people well, if they are a hundred years old, but have already become one of the most familiar objects of our everyday life. Some people even more often communicate “through the pipe” than live — it is not surprising that in our dreams we often see phones.

But why dream that we are calling someone, and in general, does a mobile phone or a landline phone consider a dream book to be a good sign?

What dreams that you are talking on the phone on the dream books of Miller, Winter

The overall interpretation of this «sociable» dream

  • Most often, the interpreters say: people can talk on the phone in a dream, who at some point seem unhappy and lonely to themselves. And your subconscious wants to assure: it is not! There are relatives around you who will be happy to support and help!
  • If at work you often communicate with people, such a dream can say: you are tired of it and you just want to be alone. So why not arrange a «hermit-style weekend» by turning off the telephone and going somewhere in the countryside?
  • Hear someone else’s conversation — to glory. Of course, you are unlikely to become a Hollywood star, but it may well be the best employee of the month. The main thing is not to be lazy and not to wait for the glory to chase after you.
  • If you have heard the loud conversation of old ladies, this sign assures: you will soon hear amazing news.

What emotions caused this dream?

  • Why dream that you are talking on the phone calmly, peacefully? Your life enters a period of white stripe. Rest, calm, happiness — that’s what awaits you.
  • Was the conversation very loud? This is not a good sign, promising «nerves». A rather exciting stage of life is waiting for you — however, optimism and healthy “pofigism” will help to survive it with minimal losses.
  • Was the conversation unpleasant? You will be in a stressful situation. Fortunately, it will not cause grief, but just some kind of problem that can be solved over time. So brace yourself and do not fall into depression — soon everything will come to its senses.

Who was your interlocutor?

What dreams that you are talking on the phone on the dream books of Miller, Winter

  • You yourself. Such a dream assures: you are an introvert, that is, a very closed personality. The subconscious mind hints: it’s time to use your phone for its intended purpose by calling someone from friends or relatives.
  • Your mother. In real life, she is very worried about you — so she “phoned” your subconscious mind. Or maybe you have not talked for a long time, and should call her in the «real»?
  • Your girlfriend. Such a dream says: if you do not engage in relationships with your beloved, they can fall apart. For example, is your boyfriend (husband) not offended because you are not listening to him, but to the opinion of girlfriends?
  • Animal. Such a sign promises anxiety or fear in the near future. As soon as these emotions begin to roll, try to use all your logic. It is possible that soberly looking at things, you will understand that there is nothing to fear.
  • A friend, a close person, with whom you talked heart to heart in a dream: life will be peaceful and calm, and if you have something at the moment, all problems will soon be a thing of the past.
  • Your favorite. A dream promises that your dream will come true soon. And besides, this sign can be deciphered as follows: you love this person very much.
  • Spouse. You called him, but someone else’s voice sounded in the receiver? A dream says your real relationship is stalled.
  • The former (in the dream of a woman or girl). This sign has two interpretations. First: soon you will see with this man. Second: you really miss your ex-lover.
  • Stranger (in a female dream). You do not have enough attention of the representatives of the stronger sex. It may well be that you are all looking for this attention, but your defiant behavior only repels men.
  • A good person to whom you in real life have positive feelings (say, a friend, or some person you respect). A dream says: you will soon become good buddies.
  • Was it a star, or maybe a famous politician (both living now and long dead)? Your life will be filled with loud events. You will definitely not be bored!
  • The deceased, whom you did not know in real life, just in a dream were absolutely sure that this man was dead. What exactly was the mystic interlocutor talking about? These words would be nice to remember, because the dead in our dreams often give very valuable advice.
  • Your late relative (who died in real life). Often, such interlocutors come to dreams to warn about something important. For example, to say that we are making an irreparable mistake.
  • Was it your dead grandmother? Soon you will reveal someone’s secret.

Deciphering sleep from world-famous books

What dreams that you are talking on the phone on the dream books of Miller, Winter

At the end, we suggest finding out the currenting of a famous psychologist, as well as a Russian couple of researchers who have studied ancient predictions all their lives. Will they surprise you?

Dream Miller

  1. See that you are talking on the phone — to communicate with people whose language is like a broomstick. Their eloquent speeches will completely “crush” your brains.
  2. If the dreamer is a woman, the dream means: one of the girlfriends is sincerely jealous of you.
  3. Barely audible, blurred conversation is a bad sign for lovers. It is possible that you are threatened by the separation. And the blame for everything will not be your sin or mistake, but someone’s dirty gossip.
  4. If you dial up to a person for a long time, it means that in fact you are very dependent on him (even if you don’t want to admit to yourself).

Dreams of Dmitriy and Nadezhda Zima

  1. As this dream book assures us, people who are languishing on the sensation of remoteness of an event, which is still not occurring, can talk on the phone in a dream.
  2. If your interlocutor was a close person, in real life your relationship will be cooled by mutual misunderstanding.
  3. You could not talk, because either the battery of the village, or the connection was bad, or someone interrupted the conversation? And who exactly did you call? The dream warns: if you do not want this person to be forever out of your life, urgently strengthen your friendship with him.
  4. If you chatted with a stranger in a friendly way, the dream says: some people will interfere with the implementation of your plans.

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