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What dreams that hit the car: dream

What dreams that hit the car?

What dreams that hit the car? Such a dream is very unpleasant, after it they usually wake up in a bad and anxious mood.

But is it worth worrying? Let’s try to figure out how favorable or unfavorable is such a dream.

What dreams that hit the car: dream

What dreams that car knocks you?

Most often, such a dream predicts events related to work and career growth. But interpretations may be different: it all depends on the details of the plot, the events that occurred in a dream.

What dreams that hit the car: dream

We have collected the most popular predictions, look for the right one in our list:

  1. I dreamed that the car knocks you down. This means that in real life it is worth waiting for difficulties. Obstacles will affect working affairs: something will interfere with the completion of the started project. But you will not be to blame, but external circumstances.
  2. According to the Modern Dream Book, a traffic accident with human victims is dreaming of good news from old friends or distant relatives. Expect good news — you’ll love it.
  3. If you dream that you almost fell under the wheels of the car, but dodged at the last moment, this is a favorable sign. Your future life will flow smoothly and safely, and in the near future there will be a series of joyful events.
  4. The authors of some dream books believe that if a car knocks you in a dream, it is better to refrain from active work. Try not to leave home in the coming days — there is a risk to your life. This is especially true of people who regularly engage in active sports and recreation.
  5. There is also an opinion that such a dream is dreaming of a certain disease with which the dreamer will become infected. You pick up some kind of disease that you have to treat for a long time and persistently, but in the end everything will end well — you will recover and you will be able to return to work.
  6. Is it a dream that a car is not knocking you off, but of another person who is well known in real life? This means that this person lacks your attention. Try to surround him with care, be interested in affairs and offer your help.

These are the most common predictions, but there are others.

What dreams that hit the car: dream

Knocks down a car in a dream: what does it mean?

Here are the other interpretations. Choose the ones that suit you:

  1. The female dream book states that if a car knocks you down in a dream, it means that in real life you are experiencing a subconscious anxiety for your loved ones. Children are especially worried. But if in a dream the accident ends without human victims, there is no cause for concern, you can be calm
  2. According to the erotic dream book, a car accident can be interpreted in different ways. If you sat behind the wheel and shot down a man, then soon you will meet a pleasant man with whom you will begin a romantic relationship. And it will be what is called love at first sight
  3. If a car in a dream knocks you down, but you remain safe and sound, it also heralds a passionate love story in the future. You will meet your soul mate, and the relationship with this person will be filled with violent emotions and passion.
  4. Psychologists believe that a dream in which a car knocks you down indicates a premonition of some danger. You suspect that trouble may happen to you. There may be a reason, so be careful, careful and attentive.

See in the video what else traffic accidents can dream:

Other predictions

We reviewed the most popular interpretations that are outlined in most dream books. But there are less well-known predictions that are also reliable. For example:

  1. If a woman was driving a car during an accident, and a man dreams of a dream, the dreamer expects a pleasant acquaintance with a woman of the opposite sex. Perhaps the relationship will start, but you will have to try to win the favor of the chosen one
  2. If in a dream you are hit by a car, and you pounce on the driver with your fists, then in real life you will see many tedious troubles. There will be some problem that will have to be solved at the cost of incredible efforts.
  3. If you dream that a man was driving the car, it means that in real life someone is plotting against the dreamer. There is a foe who seeks to ruin your life. Look at others and try to understand who does not love you so much and why
  4. The value of sleep also depends on the time of day at which the accident occurred:
  5. If a car in a dream knocks you down at night or in the late evening, while the cause of the accident leaves, and you do not have time to make out his face, this is a favorable sign. The dream says that in real life there is a person who is secretly in love with you, who can not wait for your reciprocity.
  6. If the accident in the realm of Morpheus occurs during the day or early morning, wait for a serious conflict in the near future. You have a big quarrel with a loved one, from which there will be a very unpleasant residue on the soul. Try to avoid scandals and clarify the relationship.
  7. If you dream that a car in front of your eyes knocks down another person, try to remember who the victim was. If this is your friend from real life, then soon you will establish a strong and sincere friendship.
  8. If in a dream you feel severe pain after the accident and there is a lot of blood around you, this is an unfavorable sign. It is worth going to the doctor — your health is at risk. Perhaps the subconscious with the help of sleep signals that a serious disease has originated in your body.
  9. If in a dream you are driving a close friend or relative while driving a car, then in real life this person needs your help. Perhaps he will ask for a large amount of money in debt

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