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What dreams that guy with another?

Why dream that my boyfriend is on the other?

Dreams of treason are capable of spoiling the mood, unbalancing and pushing into thought the suspicions of their second half. However, if such dream is fraught with such a dream, the dream books will help to understand. Perhaps knowing the meaning of sleep will save you from unnecessary negative emotions.

Let’s see what dreams that your boyfriend is with another!

The relationship of sleep on treason with real experiences

Most dream-dreamers who are not lucky enough to see such a dream have moral instability, self-doubt, and anxiety in real life. Thus, the dream of a guy with another girl seems to be a kind of projection of the experiences of reality.

Accordingly, as a panacea for unwanted dreams, you can call the release of your thoughts from everything bad, especially if you are prone to self-twisting and samoedstvo, without having a good reason to do so.

Interpretation of different dream books

Interpretation of dreams may differ even within the same dream book. The details of the dream are of decisive importance.

Miller. In case you saw the ex-boyfriend with the girl, this may indicate excessive naivety, dissatisfaction with your fate.

Eastern dream book. It advises not to ignore any hints on such incidents in real life.

Wang. This author does not associate the interpretation of sleep with the personal life of the dreamer.

Such a dream may symbolize trouble in the educational process or in the professional arena.

If the guy was going to go to the other or left, but changed his mind — the obstacles will be on your shoulder.

Dream Dream Thelomena. If you see a guy walking with a rival, then this is a reflection of the underestimation of his own «I».

A nayawa in your relationship does not suit him intimate life, or he has little secrets from you.

What dreams that guy with another?

Esoteric dream book. Dreams in which your boyfriend behaves, causing you jealousy, denote the unimportant state of affairs in reality.

But you will expect unexpected support from the side, although you are able to cope with failures and your own strength.

Navi Communication, hugs, kisses in a dream of your boyfriend with another girl promise dramatic changes in life.

Longo A dream of betraying you really means concern about the implementation of a similar situation in life.

The author recommends starting a frank conversation with your chosen one.

Loff The author is convinced that such a dream with opposite accuracy is evidence of the faithfulness of the chosen one.

Medea. This dream book focuses on the details of sleep: if a guy kisses or an intimate relationship is present — then in fact the author advises to look at the beloved, it is possible that thoughts of infidelity visit him.

Nostradamus. If a guy kisses with another darling, then in real life we ​​should expect positive changes.

Moon dream. A dream in which a guy openly meets with someone else means in reality a lack of confidence in his own abilities.

A kiss with another lady promises a strong relationship with her lover.

Hugs signify distrust of the guy on your part.

Intimate relationships — a guide to action, so that you begin to devote more time to yourself.

If you dream about how your lover keeps his relationship with another lady secret, then in reality he is faithful to you.

What dreams that guy with another?

If a young man lives with another girl, and he meets you, then such a dream does not bode well, most likely you will have long loneliness.

If you tell me that you intend to leave, then in reality something does not suit him in your relationship.

Dream dream wanderer. To dream to betray your boyfriend promises a happy true love.

Modern dream book. The event foreshadows the betrayal of a person whom you trust, as well as possible shame and financial loss.

To avoid such troubles, a sleep book is recommended to keep cool at work and not get close to colleagues.

As in most cases, the interpretation of dreams occurs differently in the interpreters. Negative options should not cause excessive frustration, because fate can prepare you a surprise — true love.

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