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What dreams that friend is pregnant?

What dreams that friend is pregnant?

Pregnancy in a dream is a symbol of a new life, the personification of the birth of new ideas. This dream is not literally understood. The future baby and the woman at demolitions allegorically indicate the meaning of the dream.

What dreams that friend is pregnant? Consider the popular interpretation of dream books, esotericists, astrologers and psychologists.

What dreams that friend is pregnant?

What can pregnancy mean in a dream?

If a girl who is expecting a baby is familiar to you in real life, sleep can have the following meanings:

  • Pregnant friend, girlfriend, sister, mother or daughter. Perhaps the dream is prophetic — the girl will really get pregnant soon or is already expecting a baby, but so far she has no idea
  • If a pregnant not familiar, and you, it speaks of a subconscious desire to become a mother. You are trying to have a baby, but it does not work. Or your partner is not yet ready to continue the race. Try not to dwell on this desire, take care of yourself, your life. Soon you will become pregnant. But only if you let go of it and relax.
  • Dreamed pregnant acquaintance? Auspicious sign — soon you will smile good luck. If a future baby — boy, wait for a sudden replenishment of the budget. If a girl — expect stress, but enjoyable. There will be an unexpected, but very important and joyful event, from which you will be in a happy shock.
  • In a dream pregnant friend? Try to remember if she often repeats in your conversations that she wants a baby. If a friend constantly insists in real life about her desire to become a mother, sleep does not mean anything. This brain subconsciously relieves stress and irritation that this topic causes
  • Dreamed pregnant girl who is awaiting replenishment? Expect on the path of life a series of small obstacles that will interfere with the achievement of goals. However, you will cope with troubles and overcome all difficulties, after which pleasant chores will wait for you

What matters is what emotions the heroes of the dream experienced and in what situation the events developed. Try to remember the plot of the dream in great detail, but rather write it down immediately after waking up.

This will help to make a more accurate interpretation.

What dreams that friend is pregnant?

Interpretation of emotions

Remember the emotions with which the acquaintance in a dream reported her interesting position:

  • Smiled and rejoiced. A favorable sign, but not for you, but for a “pregnant” acquaintance. In her life will soon happen events that radically change life for the better. The girl will either change her job to a more worthy one, or will meet a man who will become her mate and will play a huge role in destiny. Relations with him will be long-term, will lead to marriage and childbirth
  • Was unhappy, upset, worried, reported pregnancy with regret. This is a bad sign for you — wait for problems in matters of the heart. You have a long loneliness or a series of fleeting novels, none of which will lead to a serious relationship. Think — maybe you are too frivolous? Or, on the contrary, are you trying not to let anyone into your heart?
  • Very bad, if in a dream pregnant familiar was going to have an abortion. Such a dream promises very serious difficulties and negative, cardinal changes in your personal life. Perhaps you will learn about the betrayal or deceit of your beloved, he will abandon you, betray, do not support in a difficult situation. Be on your guard — you are the cause of such behavior. It may be worth changing your behavior, becoming more affectionate and understanding, less likely to make scandals.

It is possible to interpret a “pregnant” dream taking into account other circumstances.

What dreams that friend is pregnant?

Other interpretations

Remember the details of sleep. Something from this would be in them:

  • You dreamed not one, but immediately several pregnant. Fine! In all endeavors you will be lucky. The more women in the position, the more lucky
  • Absurd dream in which pregnant man, promises gossip and gossip. You will be subject to defamatory discussion. Run the rumors of your foe, which you did not know
  • If a distant relative is pregnant, with which you almost do not communicate, soon coming together. You suddenly have common interests, friendship will bring great pleasure.
  • Have seen pregnant old lady? A beautiful sign — wait for the speedy fulfillment of your most cherished desires, of which you were sure
  • If in reality your friend is pregnant, but you dream that you are in the same term, — to approaching this girl. Soon you will become close friends and carry close friendships throughout life

In most cases, a dream with a pregnancy promises only favorable events, good luck and wish fulfillment!

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