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What dreams that described in a dream — the interpretation of the dream book Hasse and Lofa

Dab in your dream, interpretation of the dream according to circumstances

You had a very unpleasant dream, which could not leave imprints on your soul. But what to expect from life in the future after such a dream?

So what’s the dream, if the girl described in a dream?

It is quite possible that you simply should take a break from a too active stormy life; nevertheless, such a dream can be interpreted as relief, relief from all problems of the dreamer.

What dreams that described in a dream - the interpretation of the dream book Hasse and Lofa

Interpretation of a dream on separate plots — to be registered in a toilet, at home, or to see embarrassment of another person

So, the dreamer needs to tune in the desired fashion and present a picture of sleep in front of him. Yes, a very awkward dream, but remembering all the details of the plot is necessary.

You will succeed, it is only necessary to abstract from the scene of action and go directly to the linear narration, what went first and foremost, and what was last.

If you managed to put together this difficult puzzle of a dream, then we have the opportunity to begin this fascinating interpretation. We will provide the reader with all the necessary information for interpreting a dream with such a plot; you only need to listen to your subconscious:

  • You dreamed that you described in public. In this case, you need to check your environment for the presence of parasites that poison your life. They interfere in it and set their own rules, or brazenly devour your energy. Such energy vampires are not needed by anyone, you need to listen to your subconsciousness as soon as possible and begin to eliminate such people from your precious life;
  • You had to wet yourself in a state of comfort, on an expensive bed or on any other expensive furniture. If you felt your sensation during the dream and you were comfortable, then you had a dream that predicts a life of luxury and a supportive attitude of people towards your person. Also promises deliverance from all the burdens and problems;
  • It turned out that you slightly soaked the entire bed. Describing in bed is not a bad sign, the subconscious only hints to see that it is necessary to engage in self-development, to obtain the necessary professional skills to improve their lives, read some interesting book or watch a good movie;
  • The bed was extremely wet. A dream with such a plot can be interpreted as a quick illness that will knock down the reader and confuse all plans. It is necessary to do prevention as soon as possible, and only in this case there is an opportunity to reduce the consequences and go about your business further;
  • Not the worst situation, you have described in the toilet. You may be surprised, but these dreams are perceived by the majority of dream books extremely positively — a lucrative deal or an increase in material well-being awaits you, in any case, your standard of living will increase markedly as a result of an event after a given dream;
  • You have described in the toilet, after removing the pants. A similar vision is interpreted in a somewhat different way — a romantic journey is soon waiting for you, the results of which depend only on the dreamer himself, a marriage or a strong, long friendship with a person of the opposite sex is possible;
  • You saw the embarrassment of another person. It is likely that you will encounter unforeseen problems in the workplace, you may be betrayed or deceived by friends, colleagues or even the closest people. It is necessary, as in most cases with bad dreams, to immediately look at your surroundings and do everything possible;
  • Publicly wetted underwear. In the near future, you will encounter problems or even misfortunes, and the subconscious directly declares to you that if something happens, you will not be able to stand not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones. It is worth listening to this extremely informative message and begin to change for the better, to overcome fears;
  • You saw someone’s confusion. Soon you will have a lot of fun, you will find a source of inspiration and you can start your life all over again, without prejudice and silly stereotypes that have always prevented you from living. Or just have a good time on vacation, on a business trip, in general, a good weekend is one hundred percent guaranteed;
  • You child pissed himself in a dream in a dream. For a young mother, such a situation is always an emotional burden, and in this case the interpretation of the dream cannot calm you down — dreams with a similar plot predict the appearance of additional excitement, and patients should not look forward to recovery;
  • It was absolutely your will. Yes, if you were to do it in a public place and you didn’t refuse, then this is a perfectly normal dream, treated very positively — all problems will go away, “the mountain will fall from its shoulders”, all agony and torment will seem completely imaginary if you have had such an extravagant dream ;

This dream cannot be left unattended. In the overwhelming majority of cases, sub-reading is trying to convey to the dreamer the problems of his body, you just need to visit a doctor and deal with this problem.

Much better timely prevention than the huge problems after setting the diagnosis.

What dreams that described in a dream - the interpretation of the dream book Hasse and Lofa

The interpretation of the vision of famous personalities and their dream books — Flowers, Miller, Loff and others will interpret your dream in detail

  • According to the dream book of Lofa. Loff is categorical — they interfere in your life, brazenly confuse all the cards and use your achievements for their vile purposes;
  • Flowers. In Tsvetkov’s dream book, the interpretation is of a slightly different nature — in the near future you will meet a terrible past man, or a conman, a fraudster, any of whom can easily turn the top of your daily life activity;
  • Somnolog Hasse. A man warns you will get sick, the disease will not give rest, will confuse all plans and make your life lean for some period of time. You should not despair and panic, all diseases will pass and all wounds will heal, but, complements Hasse, you will have a chance to engage in self-development and step forward in your personal qualities;
  • Modern dream book. If you plunge into a modern dream book, the interpretation is not at all rosy — you are waiting for the loss of a loved one or an infectious disease, depression and resentment, possibly a betrayal by a friend, colleague, or just a friend;
  • Esoteric dream book. Dream interpretation foreshadows the dreamer to exit from a calm state — you will seize a strong depression, which can turn into anger. It is recommended to lay out everything that is in your soul, your family and friends, it will become much easier.

What dreams that described in a dream - the interpretation of the dream book Hasse and Lofa

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