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What dreams tears on dream books Miller, Freud, Vanga, Longo

Tears were dreamed — options for decoding by dream books

Sometimes, experiencing a strong emotional shock, a person involuntarily begins to cry, especially for women. Why tears dream, we learn in the popular dream books.

General interpretation

Tears in a dream express the real state of stress of the dreamer. Sometimes we are not aware of how much accumulated positive or negative energy, which seeks to create an emotional revolution and spill out.

At the subconscious level, the sleeper receives a certain impulse, indicating the need for a quick discharge and resolution of the situation.

What dreams tears on dream books Miller, Freud, Vanga, Longo

For those who are distinguished by their high performance, this will be a sure sign that you have sat up in your previous job and do not see any further development path. It’s time to move to a new level, show more initiative and independence, openly demonstrate your professionalism, insist on your point of view.

Only decisiveness and stubbornness can move you up the career ladder.

A young lady crying with hot tears in her sleep means being very disappointed in a member of the opposite sex. Your lover does not seek a serious relationship and a family and will convince him of this bad behavior. Do not despair, be positive.

More in warm companies. Your social circle should not be close, but necessarily cheerful and friendly.

A man feel the tears of joy on his cheeks — a sign that you should not sit back. It is time for brilliant victories. Lovers in this period should have the courage and take the first step.

Confess your feelings, and you will feel much better, even if you do not expect reciprocity.

What dreams tears on dream books Miller, Freud, Vanga, Longo

An unmarried lady dreamed of letting a tear — once again meet on her way a person who does not want an alliance with her, married or already in official relations with another. The dreamer should descend from heaven to earth.

The time to dream of a prince has already been lost, it is time to be realized. A good period to get carried away by someone or something new.

Be more confident and dare.

Author’s dream books

Gustov Miller

A negative interpretation is presented to those who in their dreams cried, sobbed or saw someone’s tears. Such a scenario warns the dreamer of future obstacles, difficulties, and sorrows.

Unpleasant events can affect both the sphere of personal, family relations, and career. Do not be surprised at the betrayal or the beginning of the confrontation of those who were once betrayed and trusted you in everything.

It is possible to prevent the negative situation from worsening. To do this, do not insist on their views and think about the exclusivity of their experience. Everyone has their own way and solution to problems.

Learn to compromise and accept the opinions of others.

Women’s hysterics in dreams — a sign of the upcoming scandal or a major quarrel, which is formed from scratch. You are too suspicious and suspicious, so you risk being alone.

What dreams tears on dream books Miller, Freud, Vanga, Longo

For a man to see his own tears in his face in a dream is a sign that someone will amaze you with his commercialism, practicality and hypocrisy. A business person, in this case, is likely to be deceived by a business partner. And those who are just planning their business need to be prepared for a bank to refuse to provide a development loan.

This does not mean that you should abandon the implementation of ambitious plans. It’s just time to take a pause and think carefully about the next step on the way to the goal.

Watching the suffering and crying of a relative means that in the near future to take care of him, supporting and helping him in everything. These obligations can be burdensome for you and take a lot of your time.

But a loved one will surely repay you with love and devotion in the future.

There were tears of a stranger — expect news, the consequences of which can drastically change your fate and future prospects. The positivity of the prediction will depend on your own feelings in a dream at the sight of a stranger.

If this character has caused your pity and sympathy, you wanted to hug and calm him down — get ready for pleasant surprises that you deserve to fall on your head.

The more tears in a dream, the more benevolently promise to be events in reality. The dreamer will receive a share of inspiration and joy from his own positive creativity. This reflects his openness, generosity and sincerity to people.

Close ones highly appreciate and value this.

Buying a tear in the night vision can indicate your excessive integrity and restraint. You are not ready to make first contact, truce or acquaintance, you are afraid of competition and disapproval.

Perhaps the recipe for future success is your smile and sociability. Get beyond the four walls and recharge yourself with positive energy.

I dreamed how tears flow from my eyes and you cannot stop them, joy and happiness will fall on you like a snowball. The cause of your euphoria may be the birth of a future heir, promotion, housewarming in a house built with your own hands.

In any case, you will find a stream of abundance, goodness and prosperity.

Sigmund Freud

Tears in a dream personify male ejaculation in the process of conceiving a child. For a woman, such a vision may mean that she is tired of fleeting sexual relationships.

She wants to find a man who will become the father of her unborn child. At the sight of a worthy partner, she wants to have an intimate relationship with the only desire — to get pregnant.

For a man, such a dream is a symbol of complete satisfaction with its sexual activity. You do not strive for consistency, but always require complete commitment in bed from the second half.

Sex for you — the possibility of emotional discharge and relieve physical tension.

Yuri Longo

To wipe the tears in dreams to be people who are very susceptible and suspicious in real life. You are weak before the blows of fate, and in such moments always seek support from the side.

Depicting the offended and complaining of trouble is a habit. But this way of existence is very primitive for a full-fledged person. Learn how to deal with negative life circumstances and overcome difficulties on your own.

This will give you not only self-confidence, but also return the opportunity to feel happy.

To restrain your own crying — to be able to hide your feelings and emotions from others. You are not used to perplexing your loved ones with your problems.

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